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  1. Think they all exclude the esm models though.. Ive looked and seems the ones these fit go on vertically, the esm models fit horizontally and they have a float chamber right in front of the water outlet
  2. crowlies


    Actually, I had a moded tebe for 10+ years with a reasonable lapavoni grinder, entry level some might argue, but it could make a decent shot and I only normally drank one or 2 milk based drinks a day anyway. So recently it went wrong while I was on holiday, so the other half picked up a magnifica 4200 on marketplace for 60 quid, hardly used. I was sceptical, but I set it up as best I could and didn't expect a lot, but you know if you use fresh beans, only push single shot twice to get a decent double and then froth the milk without the panarella, it makes as good a coffee as I typically would get with my previous set up. I know its subjective and this is just my opinion, but for 60 or 80 quid I wouldn't write it off while you save up for a decent set up and you might find actually if you only want a milk based coffee it's good enough... I'm just saying it's horses for courses that's all Sent from my COL-L29 using Tapatalk
  3. Am I right in thinking that the float arrangement in this model makes a filter in the tank impossible? Is there a workaround or am I stuck with using a britafilter? Sent from my COL-L29 using Tapatalk
  4. Anyone know where i can get spares for my beloved tebe? The steam control screw sheered and I need a new steam control knob plus either a new steam control or a way of getting the darned screw out.. Sent from my COL-L29 using Tapatalk
  5. Is this sold now? Sent from my COL-L29 using Tapatalk
  6. Where can I get a replacement burr set for this model and a bean disperser (the conical part that sits on top) I read that some mazzer parts for the burrs may be compatible Thanks Simon
  7. anybody know where I can source replacements for the shower screen and centre screw? my screw has burred and I will need to replace it along with the shower screen.
  8. crowlies


    Many thanks all for the suggestions will try a few if them - I have a couple on the go from has bean - think I will prefer darker roast esp in milk Simon
  9. crowlies


    Wow that's given me a few options to try. Many thanks! I ordered the starter espresso kit from has bean -- thanks!
  10. crowlies


    For a number of years I had a monthly delivery from these people and it was generally very good. Then the orders went to bi-monthly then stopped. I suspect they may have stopped trading. Does anyone have any knowledge of them? Given my supply is dry any recommendations in the east Norfolk area? I am in reach of Norwich - I like a rich espresso blend for milk based drink generally Simon
  11. Just got one from my espresso, 20 quid delivered, arrived in 3 days - fitted this morning, took bout 10 mins. I removed the whole pipe assembly to do it. Only difficult part was having to bang the rancilio nut off over the lip of the pipe. Makes fantastic creamy milk - so glad i did this upgrade - why did i wait 8 years to do it??????? /Crowflies
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