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  1. Where can I buy a spare solenoid valve from?
  2. Hi.Dave I think it would be a good idea to post instructions to do this with photos. Don.
  3. I just looked at postage £8.45.!!
  4. https://www.caffelab.com/barista/5313-wormhole-ring.html
  5. Has anyone had any experience with the Wormhole magnetic coffee catcher 53/58mm manufacturer in Australia on sale in the EU for £16 gbp? According to marketing info fits 53 or 58mm portafilter.
  6. Thank you,I bought my machine from Harts of Stur,will give them a call tomorrow.
  7. Hi,how about a dedicated technical maintenance section.(already covered my mistake)
  8. Hello good evening,anyone know if Sage warranty is transferable?
  9. I have a Sage Barista Express,already looking at upgrading,there is so much information to take in on different machines and processes I am in a quandary,I think I will pay B B a visit for some advice.
  10. I would do a fair bit of research before committing to a purchase of a new machine to make really sure that is what you want,buy once and be happy,
  11. Have Sage sorted out your problems?it sounds very much like water getting into the control electronics,especially if it is tripping out a mains RCD.
  12. I am on my second machine,first machine failed in one week and was replaced.the steam wand stopped working.so probably now I am being over critical.
  13. Hi Iris the serial number is the model number which is on the underside of the machine ie BES870UK/A, the batch number will start PDC printed in white and four numbers stamped very faintly into the black plastic. I had problems registering the machine myself, didn't have a clue where this information was had to phone Sage, The batch number is the the identifier of the machine,strange way of doing the serial number.
  14. The baseline temperature would have to be measured at the the thermoblock as there would be heat loss via conduction and that would not be linear it would be proportional to many factors.anyway nice talking.
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