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  1. All done thanks! Caffeine fan confirmed receipt of the gauge yesterday. 1: MrLatte2: goodcoffeemadcity
  2. Hi, sorry for the delay on this, now have the deep sided socket, will attempt it this weekend. Thanks.
  3. It is leaning a little bit to the side it pours more from, will correct this and update the thread. Thanks!
  4. Noticed with my gaggia (2006) the portafilter always pours significantly more from one side, initially thought it might be due to level of worktop, maybe portafilter not sitting right in the grouphead. But then noticed the grouphead was pouring more water from one side, saw a video some time back explaining their should be four streams from the grouphead, but I’m getting 5, 3 to the left. Is there something I should be checking for? I’ve cleaned the screen and grouphead which seemed to have negligible effect. Have attached video below….any advice would be appreciated.
  5. thanks for the advice both, will try getting a deep sided socket and warm the machine up next time..don't think an adjustable spanner was ever up to the job! I'm away with family over the weekend but will try to get this matter concluded asap
  6. HI all, I have the guage, thanks to 2cups. Turns out the OPV nut is too tight to open, feel like I might break the thing! Planning to get a proper socket set and give it another go, hopefully all done by this time next week.
  7. Thank you @Snowley for a very pleasant transaction, everything looks great!!!
  8. If this is still available happy to take at asked @Snowley
  9. Hi, would you be able to split the 2? Interested in the gaggia but only recently purchased a grinder.
  10. Thanks again Hot Metal, seller says it's perfect working condition, only purchased in April, he's since upgraded and will give details re - warranty. All sounds good, hopefully pick up tonight. Then on to the beans.....
  11. Ready Player One - has a bit of a hunger games / District 9 feel to it, good film, some original concepts, sometimes the feeling you've seen it all before
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