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  1. Hello people, I'm hoping to get some expert advice (would be very thankful) to final sort my Faema E61 trouble. My knowledge is quite limited. I have 4 years Barista experience but no engineering or coffee machine internals knowledge. I've been learning about E61 as I go along. I had to restore and descale my Faema E61 recently and after putting it back together I'm having issues with the pump, compensation valve and setting pressure. When I pull a shot and run the group head there is a loud squeal that I can't seem to get rid of. I've read this could be lubrication as noise comes from spring. I never had this issue before I took apart. I've changed the regulator value on the pump and the compensation valve to change pressure and it doesn't stop the noise. Also when I tighten the comp valve fully, the tap on the bottom still flushes through the bottom of the valve when I push the lever and even when filling the boiler. It always does wherever the comp valve is adjusted. I don't remember it ever doing this and I go through a ton of water, which made me question this in the first place. When I read into it on forums it says it should be only dripping, is this even with the group open? I'm worried i've pump the pump back together incorrectly as it seems the water just flushing through the comp valve. It also takes a long time to fill the boiler when empty. The set up I am running currently is mobile (not connected to mains) just using the rotary pump (no flojet) with water canisters. I'm not currently running a filter (water is soft) and waiting for a pressure regulator to arrive. Some videos below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gjoPSXTAEI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQIpK9lGng4 Thanks in advance. Steve
  2. Anfim sent me a manual but figured it out in the end. I thought it was a de-clumper but it's classed as finger protection spout. It's rectangular shaped with looped ends where screws go through.
  3. I think I've figured out through some Korean video that the wire is a kind of clump crusher. Would just love to know how it goes back in!
  4. LOL Just figured out the burrs come off via a screw turn mechanism. No wonder there are no instructions as it's that easy. Well, I feel silly! It's great to actually figure out If anyone could point me in the direction of the internals and that wire it would be much appreciated!Cheers,Steve
  5. Hi people, I'm flabbergasted to find nothing online about taking the anfim scody II apart for cleaning. I was having trouble getting my espresso to taste nice and I bought the Anfim in very good used condition but I think it must have had robusta through or something as the stale coffee smelt so bad. Either that or it was really dark coffee. Anyway wanted to take it apart but haven't owned or used one before. I took out the three allen key bolts which I presumed took the lid off to get to the burrs but this actually lifts the whole internals of the grinder out. In the process of doing this a small rectangular wire which looks the same size of the shoot decided to become miss placed and I'm not sure of it's original placement. I can take photos but just thought if someone could refer me to a previous post or a webpage/video that can show the whole process that would be easier. Thanks in advance. Steve
  6. Hi Folks, really need some help and advice as I'm a novice and sh** seems to have hit the fan. I probably shouldn't have taken this on with so little experience but just don't have the money for engineers so had to take on myself. Firstly I started the job just to downgrade the element and after discussions with my friend (a qualified electrician) and members of the group, decided to just take out one of the bars on the original element. I'll post some pics of the wiring I did, just incase this is one of the causes. I took out the top 2 black wires from the element and put them in separate blank terminals (taped up) incase I was to reattached at a later date and replaced the heaver duty original cable with 3 core heat resistant wire. When I took out the element originally I found there was a lot of scale build up in the boiler so I purchased some Clean Boiler (Sulfamic acid based) as recommended by a member. So originally I thought i'd you the pump to fill the boiler and was having issues with it sucking up the water. Just presuming it was just a lack of pressure, I decided to take the element off and put the machine on it's side (recommended by another member here), which was fine but it did leak out of a few places (didn't seem to drench anything). So as it didn't quite fill up the pump was doing it's usual thing and not sucking up water so I thought I would pull the inlet hose through the machine and out the side so I could raise the water about the pump, which seems to work but started to click horrendously. Turned off the machine and tried reading up on clicking but lot's of people had conflicting ideas so went back to try once more and now the pump doesn't seem to be working and just clicking. So I'm stuck currently with a bolier full of cold Sulfamic Acid, not knowing whether it will descale and no working machine I'll post pics of electrics and video of the clicking. Would appreciate anyones help. Thanks in advance Steve I
  7. Cheers for the advice man. My electrician friend figured out the wiring bit recon I’ll still need to downrate element to 2700 as he says it’ll just be above 13 amp (JUST) with fluctuations.
  8. This is what I’m trying to figure out with a friend about 3 phase or single. We think that it can be wired for both. He seems to think motor is 3 phase but a guy who has a shop and had one of these said it isn’t. 🤷🏻*♂️ Ive taken some photos of stamp but will get some more of element tomorrow. Its 2010 model according to motor Cheers, steve
  9. Hello, Anyone have any experience of downgrading E61s? There doesn't seem to be any info online or youtube. Is it just a matter of changing heating element or is rewiring also required? Cheers, Steve
  10. Sorry to hear this man! This is my worry after spending the money. I just saw your reply on my thread about on demand for leisure battery. I wish I'd seen it before I bought my Anfim on demand! I think I may stick to working for a fixed premises the at least you can work from a fixed location and market people to come to you All the best in selling! Cheers, Steve
  11. Aye. I know what you're saying. If I had the money I'd rather have a gas machine in the van. Maybe best to look at a loan. I'd like to be flexible, which that set was hoping to be but maybe I could get a one group dual machine to start with then at least if I do indoor or weddings it's transportable. Obviously would have to look at numbers with a one group. Then if I do festivals or big events I could put the big machine in if I'm ready with a plug and play socket.
  12. The machine I currently have isn't dual fuel so would have to be looking at big petrol generator to in the back of the van with an exhaust running through the floor to get rid of fumes. Don't think I can justify buying another machine as just don't have the budget for that.
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