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  1. Can't wait to see you selling the refurbished ones:)
  2. Why does the handle shape matter? Thinking if i can find just any other 52mm portafilter instead. Anyway, found an amazing site for La Pavoni, or any other machine servicing:) https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/SearchResults.aspx?Search=la+pavoni
  3. Haha, don't have the money for the other heat exchangers!
  4. What are you using to measure the temperature? Is it easy to measure?
  5. Thanks for the help! How long have you been using the La Pavoni for, and any reasons making you wanting to upgrade?
  6. Thank you! Seems a bit pricey, but considering a Pavoni and will definitely need one when I get it!
  7. ah how would I know if its a twin element or not? But definitely sounds like a good time to warmup for me! Have you measured what temperature it reaches at the point of the hiss?
  8. I totally understand how you feel! It's always the issue of buying something we like without having to make the 'wrong' choice!
  9. Hey folks, Am thinking between getting a Gaggia Classic and install PID on it, or getting a La Pavoni and just work with what a beauty it already is. Anybody here with experience with both? I have heard that the La Pavoni compared to a Gaggia without PID would be better, but what about with the PID? I am just planning to make 1-3(usually 2) drinks at a time, milk based. Anybody got any insight to help me on this? Would appreciate any advice, thanks!
  10. Looks like something i'd totally want to go for on a trip!
  11. just wondering, what is the warmup time of the La Pav on average, does it tell you when it is ready? (i have heard to listen for a hissing sound)
  12. Really loved watching your journey so far! Considering getting a La Pavoni to use with Helor, a hand grinder as well:)
  13. Thanks for the reply! Since it's about market rate I'll just wait and look around:)
  14. Hey guys, There's a Vibiemme Domobar Super 2B going for sale in my country, at 1000 pounds for a 4 year old machine. Just wondering what are the market rates for these machines? Looks in great condition! Regards, Ryan
  15. I see, anybody uses the Lelit Glenda? It says professional group but it seems to mean 58mm portafilter instead of the PID that I want. Which does it actually have?
  16. Alright, thanks! Will keep that into consideration for my purchase!
  17. Sorry accidentally double posted on mobile.
  18. Do you guys usually make milk based drinks with a Lelit? How's the experience like?
  19. I see, thanks for the reply! Not too sure about being able to find one easily here in Singapore..
  20. He said it damaged it during cleaning, if that is true, would more likely just be a spoilt switch problem yeah?
  21. From what I know, it has PID together with it yeah? Did you manage to find a bottomless portafilter for it though? Also, i know that most tampers are 58mm, did you manage to find one for it as well?
  22. Hi guys, found this spoilt Gaggia Classic on this second hand marketplace in my country. Seller claims it wouldnt turn on now only because of a spoilt switch. Anyone had such a problem before and knows how to fix this? He's willing to let it go for about 50 pounds.
  23. Just stumbled upon cold brew tea recipes, anybody here an expert at this?
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