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  1. Updates: Decided to return the old machine, but the old one got stuck in customs for a really long time.


    Option is to now request for return of the machine, allowing me to get the machine at a discounted price (half price from the actual). Was thinking i could call for the return, then buy a pressure gauge and try to fix it myself. Just wondering if this is a wise idea.


    One question is what could this be if it is not a pressure valve problem that would be solved with turning of the screw?

  2. Ot's possible the portafilter isn't locked in quite far enough or possibly a bit of dirt (coffee grounds) stopping a good seal?


    Most probably locked quite enough, how do i check for the dirt? Does following this tutorial for changing the gasket, and then check for any coffee grounds suffice?



    Thinking if there might be dirt due to choking the machine too many times.

  3. Hey guys its me again, haven't really been brewing. And haven't gotten around to changing the gasket. Just wondering if this is really a gasket problem since it is a new machine.


    Here is another video of the extraction:


    I have been looking around, and seems like the only explanation is that. However, is it possible that the gasket is not working well when the machine is new?



  4. Any suggestions what I could use to prevent my beans from flying out? Can only roast about 50g of greens at a time because any more and it would fly out. Am using a severin 1200w popper which has side vents!

  5. ^ agree the only way to be sure whats going on is to fit a pressure gauge - its also possible to fit a temporary one on the steam arm with a rubber hose and a couple of circlips, but you might as well go the whole way and get a proper one as you will keep wondering if the pressure is right even after you have adjusted it.


    Thanks for the help everyone! Will likely exchange it and get the pressure gauge for the next one:)

  6. I’ve adjusted the pressure on my machine which I bought from CoffeeChap esrlier on. I came up with my own apparatus for measuring the pressure. I also documented it in the “La Pav” thread.


    Edit: here, post #39




    Thank you so much for your help! From what I understand, seems like you just turned the screw a slight bit to adjust. Is this what coffeechap meant by "turning it anti-clockwise to open it up?". Or is that another part?

  7. This could be as simple as the pressure stat in the base has been set incorrectly, if this is the case the next safety mechanism on the machine as with older La Pavoni is the pressure release valve where the steam is exiting the machine. You could try turning the adjustment down on the pressure stat in the base of the machine, you will need a small electricians flat head screw driver, there is an adjustment screw on the stat that you need to turn anti-clockwise to open it up.


    This is a post 2000 model, but i see. Any rough gauge on how much to turn it by, or just go by feel?

  8. Ahhh thank you so much! Last question as he's a bit scared to spoil the new machine.


    From what I have read it seems like steam will stop coming out of the valve when its ready, so does that mean that the continuous steam coming out is normal while it is getting ready?


    Video 1: Boiling after 4 minutes



    Video 2: Boiling after 7 minutes



    Hopefully this is normal as well? Sorry to trouble you guys!

  9. Thanks for the quick replies guys! The lever is raised if im not wrong for the second video. He was just asking if the water flow is too fast without the portafilter.


    He is using a Kinu grinder! I will let him know and will post if i need more help! Thank you!


    Edit: another question! Is the boiler supposed to continue boiling as there is steam coming out of the valve? Is there supposed to be the pstat coming to stop this?

  10. Hey everyone! A friend of mine just got a new La Pavoni Europiccola. Tried using the machine and it looks like this!


    Anybody have any idea whats wrong and how to fix this?


    Video 1:

    - Is this the pressure valve not being tightened properly as I have been reading around?


    Video 2:

    - Is this water flow too fast? Or is this normal without a portafilter?


    Thanks in advance!


  11. Fill the tank to the full mark with a descaler of your choice, personally I use Citric acid, 25g to 1 litre of water. Turn on the machine, no need to get it hot and run 300ml through the grouphead into a container. As the SS boiler is only 200ml this is enough to get descaler into everywhere flushing out the plain water.

    Turn off and leave for 30 minutes. While this is descaling remove the shower screen with a posi driver, remove the brass valve holder with a flat blade driver, remove the ball and spring, clean them, do not refit.

    After 30 mins, run another 300ml through the steam wand, turn off and wait 20 minutes. After this run the rest of the descaler through until the tank is almost empty. Turn off and remove the tank, clean it and fill with clean water.

    Turn on and flush the clean water through the grouphead and wand until almost empty. Refit the spring and ball, brass holder and shower screen. Fill the tank, give the group a flush through and you're ready to go.


    I use water with a pH of 7, but I still descale every 3 months


    Ah thank you so much for the help! Just another question, anybody knows what is wrong with this machine?




  12. I'm in the same boat, love the idea of a leaver setup and they can be found around the same price as the Gaggia and then adding the PID. Im leaning towards the Gaggia atm with the PID I think I'll get a better consistency? Plus no one else will ever make me a coffee if I get the leaver style machine.


    Yeah but isn't the Pavoni such a beauty? Haha, leaning more towards a Pavoni currently.

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