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  1. Would anybody have recommendations for coffee in Las Vegas? Also will be doing a road trip down from San Fran to LA along the coastal route so will appreciate any suggestions!
  2. Thank you! Let's hope somebody else can get it from you sooner! If I am getting it, would be in a few months:)
  3. Ahh!! What a bummer, just decided to go for another Pavoni and already in talks with others regarding it, so probably would not be able to get it so fast. Sorry about it! Thank you for the offer though!
  4. Ahh only know those two in the range, but sure! Would be home roasting for about 250g to a pound each time!
  5. Looking to get a second hand of one of these! Would need shipping to Colnbrook, Berkshire. Please let me know if you are willing to let one go! Regards, Ryan
  6. Make sure the vents are on the side and the air does not flow directly upwards though! not sure about this model?
  7. Alright! have a pressure gauge that is coming anyway, will try to get it returned then, might need some help then:) thanks!
  8. Updates: Decided to return the old machine, but the old one got stuck in customs for a really long time. Option is to now request for return of the machine, allowing me to get the machine at a discounted price (half price from the actual). Was thinking i could call for the return, then buy a pressure gauge and try to fix it myself. Just wondering if this is a wise idea. One question is what could this be if it is not a pressure valve problem that would be solved with turning of the screw?
  9. Most probably locked quite enough, how do i check for the dirt? Does following this tutorial for changing the gasket, and then check for any coffee grounds suffice? Thinking if there might be dirt due to choking the machine too many times.
  10. Hey guys its me again, haven't really been brewing. And haven't gotten around to changing the gasket. Just wondering if this is really a gasket problem since it is a new machine. Here is another video of the extraction: I have been looking around, and seems like the only explanation is that. However, is it possible that the gasket is not working well when the machine is new? Thanks!
  11. Any suggestions what I could use to prevent my beans from flying out? Can only roast about 50g of greens at a time because any more and it would fly out. Am using a severin 1200w popper which has side vents!
  12. Thanks for the help! Will update when its here, won't reach so quickly though:)
  13. Haha this seller makes it look so easy, just wondering if anybody had any experience using this set before over here! https://www.etsy.com/sg-en/listing/492244968/pressure-gauge-adapter-set-for-la-pavoni?ref=shop_home_active_3&crt=1 Probably will buy it and update you guys if nobody has tried:)
  14. Would love too but it costs like 1.5x the price.. Was thinking it would be the same with the pressure gauge installed right?
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