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  1. Sounds to me like you're burning the milk, which changes the composition of the proteins and ruins the foam (and taste!). That is why properly made lattes aren't particularly hot compared to many other drinks - it's just a limitation of the process. You can do your best to keep the temperature up by preheating your cup properly.
  2. Did the Bella Barista home barista course last weekend. It was OK, although it's pretty basic and the 'hands on' time is minimal due to the amount of people in the session. If you have a basic knowledge of espresso making then you'll be past the level of that particular course in all honesty.
  3. The coffee machine at work dishes out utter pisswater, and charges 55p for the privilege. It makes nescafe feel luxurious.
  4. Pablosammy

    Rave Coffee

    Just got my first bag of Rave coffee and I have to say I'm mightily impressed. It'll certainly be earning a slot in my rotation.
  5. Hi all. I have a problem where my portafilter basket is getting stuck on the shower screen when clean. I go to grab the handle, and it comes away without the basket, and it's subsequently very difficult to remove due to access issues on the E61. Any tips or tricks to prevent this? It's a Rocket Appartamento with a VST ridgeless basket. I imagine I just need to make sure the handle isn't overtightened when empty - do most people leave it fairly loose when not in use?
  6. I use the hot water dispenser to melt the chocolate and make a small amount of paste in the bottom of the cup, then just use steamed milk with a stir half way through. I tried treating it like an espresso shot but it's too thick to use the exact same pouring technique.
  7. No worries, that's a bit close to the Amazon price for me so I'll go down that route. Thanks for the response though.
  8. Blue one sold, will take £15 for the black one if anyone fancies having a play...
  9. Bump... Both still for sale, open to offers
  10. For sale - one full set of genuine Mercedes 17” alloys with Bridgestone Blizzak winter tyres on, to fit a current generation C Class (W205, C205, A205 etc). They’ve transformed the way my car deals with winter conditions, and drastically improve handling and safety in cold ( The alloys are virtually immaculate, with no scuffs at all, and the tyres are nearly new with approximately 8mm tread all around – they’ve only done around 2k miles. They’re currently fitted to my C250D, and I confirm that they fit fine over AMG line brake calipers. Alloy size is 7.5Jx17 ET48.5, and the tyres are 225/50R17 MO Bridgestone Blizzaks. Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensors are fitted, as well as a set of Mercedes centre caps. I'm in Suffolk near Woodbridge and would prefer collection, but can arrange a courier at cost. Looking for £800 please (these are over £1,800 from a dealer).
  11. Consider it yours, I'm happy to hold it until then for you. Will take it to PM.
  12. I wouldn't say it would seal that well - the flip over mouth piece would be the weakness here I think, as there is no rubber grommet. Also, you might not get it into a bike bottle holder, it's fairly chunky!
  13. For sale - two Oomphs, from the Kickstarter campaign. They make excellent coffee in a self contained unit, very similar in taste to an Aeropress as the extraction method is very similar. Clean and flavourful. They're great for the workplace or, as I used it, for camping or caravanning. The black one has seen more use, and is an original Mk 1. It has some scratches and wear from being in my bag, but the internals and seals are in excellent condition. The blue one is a Mk 2, which saw some very incremental improvements. I can't tell much difference between them if I'm honest. It's in a newer condition than the black one, and has only been used a handful of times. Some pics... Currently £43 on Amazon. Looking for SOLD posted for the blue one, or SOLD for the black one, payment preferably by bank transfer or PayPal if you pay the fees. Also on ebay.
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