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  1. Is that where you put the toad stool?
  2. Pablosammy


    Late reply, but what water are you using? If you use low conductivity water from an RO filter, for example, the level probe might not be able to detect the water level.
  3. Hmm... new toys are always tempting!
  4. OK, I ordered one from the theespressoshop and found it to be cheaply made - lots of sharp edges, machining marks and flaking chrome. Looking at the product picture on BB, it looks as though that one will have a similar finish. I'd really like one that matches the high quality finish of the Rocket part, as it is quite a prominent part, but I'm getting frustrated finding one... 😕
  5. I find the beans used heavily dictate how much static there is. Most have none for me, but some get quite 'clingy'. I'm not sure what the variable is.
  6. Ahhh, it was your video! The penny has dropped. I must say it was beautifully shot, thanks for the guide.
  7. Thanks Dave. I was just about to post that I'd seen a different video without the key, so it does appear to be version specific. Mind at rest again.
  8. I've just deep cleaned by Niche, and waxed all the wooden parts and it's looking as good as new again! When disassembling, I noticed the last part of the grinding mechanism - the three pronged blade, for wont of a better description - was a bit different to the video I was watching. In the video, this part was keyed to the burrs that sit on top of it by means of this bump (see pic if I'm not making sense), but mine is just flat. Was this a design revision at some point, or does mine have a manufacturing defect? There is nothing stopping this part from freely rotating except for the press
  9. Thanks guys. theespressoshop appear to do one as well, I'll ring around and ask directly. Cheers for your help.
  10. Well, I took my Appartamento group head apart today and have found a crack beginning to propagate around the top of my ceramic mushroom. Stupidly, I've refitted it - I fully expect it to have broken off when I next try and disassemble it. Has anyone replaced theirs with a chrome brass mushroom? I don't want to pay the best part of £100 for a ceramic replacement only for it to break again. Will a generic E61 mushroom fit, and does anyone know where is best to get one?
  11. Cheers Dave. The softener is a Patmore block salt softener, and the salt blocks are replaced whenever they're nearly done. It regenerates the resins on a mechanical timer, so it's out of my control. It is over ten years old, but I'm led to believe the resins should last longer than that.
  12. After a couple of years of light service (maybe a couple of espressos a day, with plenty of days off) I decided to take my Rocket Appartamento group head apart. I exclusively use ion exchange softened, and subsequently Brita filtered water (I live in Suffolk with very hard water). I back flush chemically every couple of months, and have never put descaler through the machine. I was surprised how many deposits I found inside. The first picture below is straight down the top of the group head with the ceramic mushroom removed. I've also noticed that the ceramic is cracked at the top
  13. All sorted. The cam and pins were dry, but there was no noticeble wear so it looks like I caught it before any excessive damage occurred. Feels much smoother now, but I need to get a bigger spanner to disassemble the rest!
  14. I'm in Suffolk, near Woodbridge. Bella Barista is a couple of hours away from me, so is an option if I decide to get a pro to do it! Any recommendations for somewhere more local would be appreciated though.
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