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    When do you know that you have to descale your gaggia classic and what’s the best way to do this
  2. I am now using the non pressurised basket on the gaggia classic but can someone advise if I should use the pin/frother thing or not with this basket or does it not matter.
  3. Ron i am doing all the items below thanks, do I need to use the pin frother thing with the non pressurised basket. Thanks again
  4. Don’t know if it is pressurised it’s called “perfect cream” filter for ground coffee tbans for all your advise seems ive got a few things to do, will go round to Thomson roasters in Giffnock tomorrow
  5. Thanks is the pressurised basket no use or will it be ok if I sort out the coffee or grinder
  6. I am a really newbie here and have invested in a gaggia classic and thought I would be making really nice coffee, however it’s been bland and disgusting. I am using pre ground from the supermarket like lavazza Rossa and the pressurised double basket, what am I doing wrong as my coffee is tasteless and really bad can another gaggia classic user help me out here. Thanks Tony
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