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  1. Just got a couple more doses and finding it goes down smoothly using the Hoffman french press- simple but ideal for lazy starts to the day.
  2. Still resting mine, although I do feel a tad impatient- must resist as I dug in too early last month and it took ages to get anywhere close to a sweet spot (in fact still not there but fully enjoying every attempt!)
  3. Got mine too [emoji175]. Going to rest them whilst I finish my current bag, going to be hard to resist! So many thankyous to all involved for supplying and organising everything- it's become one of the few certainties is such chaotic times [emoji106][emoji322]
  4. Really having trouble getting any espresso tasting as good as the pour overs, can't believe how fine I've had to go to get 18g-40g in 17secs ! One more go at the finest bring I dare to go without locking it up then I may go back to the V60 or even have a play with the aeropress [emoji848]
  5. Tried a aeropress this morning and still a long way to go to get it right, interesting that others are finding a tighter grind is better so will play with the grinder settings and see what the morning's brew brings.
  6. Finally gave into a V60 and wow!!! 15g coffee - 250g coffee drained in 3.35mins using a steady pour every 29secs. I have absolutely no idea how to place the origin buy all I can say is WOW I can't wait to find the sweet spot on these beans [emoji106]
  7. What a pretty label it has, only the bottom seal seems to have split and as I've lifted the bag from the box they've all fallen out, times like these need a coffee ,[emoji6]
  8. Glad to say my beans are nicely resting on the worktop [emoji106] Gonna be hard to resist opening.. many thanks to all involved in keeping me well caffeinated- as my husband says "happy wife happy life" [emoji1787]
  9. this should drop on my doorstep just as i have run out of last months, so looking forward to a change of flavours - the first cup is always the best! what's the suggested resting time for this one?
  10. This coffee has been a great flavour bomb - I have had some great espressos and v60's, with it being very hard to get anything undrinkable. Im sure i had a Geisha from the same grower some time ago, and just shows the great quality achievable when a small farm really concentrates on a quality end product. What real treat this has been to drink and it has definitely got me looking out for specific regions and farms in the future. Many thanks to everyone involved in another great harvest choice
  11. Mine has just arrived- phew! Only 2 more doses left, that was close Sent from my Swift 2 X using Tapatalk
  12. This month's coffee has been great. I seem to prefer South American coffees so finding out it's from Columbia just reinforces my preference. Still struggling to identify flavours but know when I've brewed a great cup and know when I've got it not so great! It's been very hard to get it wrong this month but still finding the perfect cup quite elusive but every attempt has been very drinkable- have tried V60, aeropress, french press and espresso and all have been equally great tasting and left me wondering if I should break out the mokka pot (always struggled to get anything decent from it)
  13. Mine arrives safely today, just a few days testing then will dig in. It's great to get advice on the best way to use them, going finer always worries me but now I know what to expect- cheers to everyone involved Maybe the fast shot maybe a clue 🤔
  14. I started brewing this in the French press (Hoffman style) mostly because I was going away the day after I got it and thought it was the easiest solution- I had several fantastic wow brews! Now trying it as an espresso and having trouble getting as much flavour, gone pretty fine and still timing around 18/20 secs for 18g- 38/40g. Taste wise it's still a great cup but lacking the sweetness and fruity punch of the French press. May try v60 or AP tomorrow unless there are any other hints or tips on getting the best from, what is, an absolute banger? Sent from my Swift 2 X using Tapatalk
  15. Have mine this morning, just in time to ponder a v60 later [emoji106] Full packaging been placed in composter- fantastic that none of it goes to landfill. When decanting beans I thought what a great smell and can't wait to try, many thanks to all [emoji2956] Sent from my Swift 2 X using Tapatalk
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