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  1. The bit at the bottom like scarring between the base and tha side?
  2. Mine has arrived and is grinding beautifully - Just wondered is everyone's cup. Like this down the bottom?
  3. Likewise November delivery stated and contribution locked but nothing yet
  4. Likewise although that feels a long way off with bags of beans going out of date
  5. Been a while with no update - hopefully we will hear something soon
  6. Yeah Niche posted an update yesterday Update 45 Unfortunately we have now run out of grind cups and we are waiting on new ones to arrive from our new supplier. We have built up a large stock of grinders so we will be able to fulfill your orders once we have received them. Trust us when we say we are just as frustrated as you are because we are desperate to get you your grinders, but quality is our top priority. We really appreciate your patience and we will keep you updated on the progress.
  7. Reigniting this thread I am certainly going to try the timings later - but what should i be doing with the wand - tearing on the surface for a few seconds then i'm not sure where to position it to get the spin going...I had it once but I have no idea how!! Classic with Silvia wand...
  8. 1278 here but was still told November so hopefully there's a big batch coming!!
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