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  1. Either central Leeds or Armley, I could deliver it within 5 miles too. I may consider shipping if it doesn't sell within a week. Cheers
  2. I'm selling my sage smart grinder pro after upgrading to niche zero. It's about 2 years old and had 25-30kg of coffee through it. Collection only from Leeds for now, £120 please.
  3. I'm down to the last 100g so I'm definitely in favour of earlier reveal 😅
  4. Landed yesterday, thanks for organising this 😁 First try as v60 and its proper tasty. 30->500g in 3:50. Tea like body, think I'm getting cherry in the cup. Looking forward to trying it as espresso now. No clue about the origin but it drew down pretty quickly for the grind setting, I'll guess Myanmar. Dovy
  5. Mine arrived yesterday too, thanks for organising this folks. I've managed to try it both as espresso and v60, definitely prefer the filter. I'm getting some roasted barley smell both from beans and brewed coffee, followed by ripe red currants in the cup. Lovely coffee, thanks again. Dovy
  6. I am actually enjoying it as v60 more than as an espresso. I'm brewing 30->500g in 4:10-30, grind pretty coarse. As I said before I get brown sugar and some stone fruit. My guess is south America somewhere 😃 Looking forward to the next month's bean as I'm on the last 100g of this one! Dovy
  7. Just picked mine up from the depot, thanks for organising this folks! I completely ran out of other beans so I made an aeropress with these, I like it! Early impressions but it's definitely a washed one, I get brown sugar notes. Will report back if I can pick up any other notes with different brew methods working my way through the bag. Oh and btw these beans are some chunky units! Thanks again, Dovy
  8. Stopped for a coffee in Skipton at Steep&Filter on a bike ride this morning and had the nicest espresso(s) I had in weeks. They used Ethiopia Duromina roasted by North Star, think I'll be ordering a kilo soon to try recreate those amazing shots
  9. Thanks for organising this. Mine arrived yesterday and I just had it on the aeropress, very nice coffee. Can't put a finger on any tasting notes just yet but I think there will be some fancy fermentation process involved, I'll guess lactic fermentation
  10. Mine's just arrived as well. Waft of vanilla upon opening the bag, brewed it in French press using Hoffman's method. Early days but I taste some orange in the cup. Thanks to everyone involved it's a yummy one ☺️
  11. It's just been discounted by a £100. Seems like a bargain https://www.osmiowater.co.uk/zip-portable-reverse-osmosis-system.html
  12. dovy

    Has Bean Ana Sora

    I picked up a bag at Has Beans' cupping earlier this week and been having beautiful v60s. Just pulled a first shot as espresso, it's amazing ? 18->40 in 45 perfectly balanced rich shot. Will be ordering a kilo bag soon
  13. I look forward to having this coffee but I feel like I have to put my two pennies' worth on the push of "organic" here. I'll share an article of a better-articulated science communicator than me, Steven Novella: https://theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php/more-evidence-organic-farming-is-bad/
  14. dovy

    Question re Next Q

    Sounds good to me!
  15. Took me a little while to dial in, now enjoying it at 18->45g in 28s. I'm getting cocoa nibs and some persimmon in the aftertaste. Thank you everyone involved for organising this
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