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  1. Mine's just arrived as well. Waft of vanilla upon opening the bag, brewed it in French press using Hoffman's method. Early days but I taste some orange in the cup. Thanks to everyone involved it's a yummy one ☺️
  2. It's just been discounted by a £100. Seems like a bargain https://www.osmiowater.co.uk/zip-portable-reverse-osmosis-system.html
  3. dovy

    Has Bean Ana Sora

    I picked up a bag at Has Beans' cupping earlier this week and been having beautiful v60s. Just pulled a first shot as espresso, it's amazing ? 18->40 in 45 perfectly balanced rich shot. Will be ordering a kilo bag soon
  4. I look forward to having this coffee but I feel like I have to put my two pennies' worth on the push of "organic" here. I'll share an article of a better-articulated science communicator than me, Steven Novella: https://theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php/more-evidence-organic-farming-is-bad/
  5. dovy

    Question re Next Q

    Sounds good to me!
  6. Took me a little while to dial in, now enjoying it at 18->45g in 28s. I'm getting cocoa nibs and some persimmon in the aftertaste. Thank you everyone involved for organising this
  7. Hi everyone, I find myself having filter coffee most of the time I'm after a coffee. I currently have a Rhinowares hand grinder but I'm not satisfied with the grind quality. Which hand grinder would give me most uniform grounds at filter/aeropress courseness? I'm eyeing kinu m47 right now but maybe there are other grinders I should consider? Comandante also looks good and is a bit cheaper, anyone had a chance to compare these two? P.s. I do like grinding coffee by hand for filter but if there are some electric ones giving more uniform grounds at similar price point I'm all ears! Thanks, Dovy
  8. Well, no espresso for me ? at least not with my current grinder (sage smart grinder pro). 18->~36g in 13s with the grinder at its tightest, giving me a sink shot ? Not the end of the world I'll just stick with v60s
  9. I've just opened this coffee now and it's lovely. Only tried it on v60 so far, I get fruit jam and some nuttiness in the cup. Reminds me of a Peruvian I had earlier this year. I'll update when I have it as an espresso ☕
  10. Haha it's from Next I'm an absolute fan of dachshunds and I'm getting one myself soon [emoji894] Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  11. My first LSOL ? and a reusable coffee cup as a bonus! Looking forward to tasting it ☕
  12. On the same topic, is there a full list of advertisers/sponsors somewhere?
  13. I'll put my two pennies in too, separate grinders for different uses is a way to go. I tried using one for both filter and espressos but that meant I couldn't achieve any consistency in neither of drinks.
  14. Sorry about this but I'm taking myself off the list as I got myself on the LSOL subscription now. 1. Filthynines 2. nickdems 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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