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  1. Would someone be kind enough to forward the code please, thanks
  2. Have spoken with customer services and the response was “we’ve been told not to price match Black Friday” Coffeechap, perhaps I’ve misunderstood your post but the thread subject matter is based on the irrelevance of Black Friday.
  3. I have just taken this from the Lakeland Price Match FAQ, with no omissions. I'm not certain where amongst the fairly clear criteria does it make mention of not price matching sale or clearance items. I would also mention that it was extremely difficult to establish when Lakeland considered Black Friday to be over, but after round 20 minutes they finally confirmed it as Tuesday. Now is that midnight Monday or midnight Tuesday, I don't know. At Lakeland we want to make sure you're getting unbeatable value, that's why we consistently check competitor prices. If you find the exact same product elsewhere, we will match and you'll also have the peace of mind that comes with our 3 year satisfaction guarantee. We're happy to price match based on the following criteria. We'll match our competitor's current UK store or website price. The competitor's item must be brand new, identical to ours, and offered on the same terms (make, model, colour, any accessories or gifts) We and the competitor must have stock ready for delivery. We must be able to verify the competitor's price and stock position. We'll match the price of an item; not delivery charges or other services
  4. Well if they do, it’s a) well hidden, b) does not form part of the unequivocal statement within Reasons to Love Lakeland, and c) is not known to their staff. If a company wishes to advertise a price match within a self promotion headline they have a responsibility to make Ts & Ca clear; even an asterisk to give some hint that all is not what it seems would be helpful
  5. So, today I sought to take advantage of the Lakeland price match guarantee against online and high street competitors prices; well that was until they decided that they were not prepared to honour this pledge because of Black Friday. I have checked all the Ts & Cs and there's nothing excluding dates/times, so if there is anyone from Lakeland who frequents this forum would you be kind enough to clarify this "price promise", eg dates of such exclusions, etc.
  6. Hello Iris, not selling myself but Costco have some Black Friday deals on as below:- Melitta Solo Pure Black Bean to Cup E950-222 £249.99 and Melitta Barista T Smart Silver (or Black) Bean to Cup F83/0-101 (F83/0-102) £599.89. The website says that the published prices are for members and online subscribers only and it seems online subscription is £15. There's also mention of £15 off orders over £100 but Ts&Cs apply.
  7. Grinder received, thanks
  8. Hi, can you PM tracking details, thanks
  9. Great. Will confirm when received
  10. OK. I'm happy to go ahead at £185 as long as the insurance sufficiently covers the cost of the grinder should it be lost or damaged in transit. If you can check that it's covered for both loss and damage (some exclude damage I understand), then let me know and we can sort it from there.
  11. Hi, does that shipping cost include for insurance of the grinder?
  12. A little far away for collection, would you do £180 inc delivery?
  13. Hi Tony, do you still have the warranty. Where are you based?
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