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  1. Hi Kez Can i ask where you got your new doge burrs from? I have the 83mm version, and am not 100% sure which burrs fit or if i can buy any old 83mm ones. Cheers
  2. Thanks guys. I'll try to have a looksee at it tonight
  3. Strangely enough its 130€. Do you know the rough cost for the conical burrs?
  4. Thanks El carajillo Is it possible to see from the photo above if it is a flat or conical burr?
  5. Morning all, Im on the lookout for my first real grinder, and i have spyed a used Doge 83 from 2014 reasonably local to me. I'm based in Germany so unfortunately it makes no sense in buying off the forum here. Am I correct in believing that this grinder has conical burrs? I will try to upload some pics later today. I know that the other Doge models have 54mm flat burrs which cost around 30 quid to replace, but I'm a bit worried about the cost of the conical ones. I can't find any prices for them. Are there any Gurus here that can shed some light? Much appreciated Brighty
  6. I'll take that off your hands for the asking price plus p&p if you are willing to ship to Germany?
  7. Seems like sage advice John, thanks.
  8. Hi Is this still up for sale? Thanks
  9. Hi All, As a newbie, i have no real idea of what flavor beans come from where. As far as my limited understanding goes, the different continents/countries have their own distinct flavours, but as always i could be mistaken... My question is this: Are there 'classic beans' that i should try, in order to cover all of the bases? My analagy would be with Scottish malts- A Laphroig for its smokiness, a Speyside for sweetness etc. Thanks for any pointers Brighty
  10. Hi Rolo, Would your friend be prepared to box it up and ship it to Germany by any chance? Regards Brighty
  11. brighty


    Hi John, Lots for me to mull over there. I like the idea of a lever machine, but are they the best place for a noobie to start? As for the grinder, it makes sense to get a decent one. I keep hearing about mazzer supers, mignons etc. but there are none for sale at the moment. There is a la spezial 12 which looks like a beefy beast, but i cant get it here to germany. The stuff on ebay here is super expensive compared to home. May need to drive over one weekend...
  12. brighty


    I would dearly take it, but unfortunately I live in Germany and there's no way of getting it here. (I presume)
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