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  1. Do Sage even do a repair service in Northern Ireland? I know they don't do the White Glove setup service here, and that's one of the things that put me off buying a DB as a matter of principle.
  2. Happily, for every coffee problem there is a coffee solution
  3. This month's Secret Stash from Has Bean.
  4. That's a great name for a cafe Welcome to the forums!
  5. Wildcat


    When I was there I stayed at the Metropolis Design Hotel, which was within easy walking distance of the square. It was a nice enough hotel, not too many amenities but not hard to pay.
  6. Welcome to the forums, Kyon. If you don't mind buying second-hand you might consider a pre-2015 Gaggia Classic and a Mazzer grinder such as a Super Jolly - these would be well within your budget.
  7. I only recently started branching out into blends from Hasbean, and I've been very impressed by the results I get through an Aeropress. I still prefer to have single origin at the moment, but it's made me more willing to branch out.
  8. Weirdly enough, they have it in 'Black Truffle' instead of 'Black Sesame' for £10 cheaper.
  9. Just out of interest, which distributor did you use for the Pit Barrel? I was looking at them myself over Christmas, but could only find the US site which would have made importing a bit too expensive for me.
  10. I successfully used a Sage SG (pre-Pro) with a GC for several years, so the Pro version should serve you very well. Don't be too hasty in dismissing the Super Jolly though - you can get a good second-hand version for around the £150 mark and, if you take the hopper off and replace it with a lens hood from a camera, it's actually only very slightly bulkier than the GC.
  11. Mods, could I ask this to be moved to 'sold' please?
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