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  1. Not from Weymouth originally but been here for 2 years now
  2. I weigh the beans, coffee into the portafilter and then sit them on the sage dtp to weigh the espresso.
  3. Hi all, Looking for the best scales for up to £100. Brewista Smart Scale v2 at around £80 are at the top of my list. Can anyone recommend any better?
  4. Weymouth

    Sage Baskets

    That's why I bought from Lakeland - 3 years refund or replacement if i'm not happy for any reason. Lets hope it doesn't come to that and Sage sort out the spares I'm after
  5. Weymouth

    Sage Baskets

    Yes i'm trying to deal with Sage at the moment that's why i'm trying to find another supplier. I first off ordered some filters last Wednesday free postage as over £10. On Thursday I ordered the filter baskets but as under £10 it was £2.50 postage. I thought I would fire off an e-mail and phone call to try and put the 2 orders together and get the £2.50 refunfed (actually nothing is showing on my credit card from Sage but it does take a few days for anything to appear on my card). I did get responses eventually saying that this was not possible as the orders were shipped. I then phoned again and found out they had not shipped. Sage were then going to cancel both orders and I would reorder the 2 togther. I then went on the the site today and firstly the baskets are out of stock (well that's what it says!) and the link to the filters does not work now. You can see now why I was looking for an alternative supplier! Also I now have an email saying the filters have been sent!!!!
  6. Weymouth

    Sage Baskets

    Cheers guess I will have to wait for them to get them in stock. I thought ebay/amazon or a bella barista etc. would have them but no joy as yet.
  7. Weymouth

    Sage Baskets

    Does anyone know where I can buy Sage 54mm single wall two cup filter baskets from? Thanks
  8. I thought the consensus was 2:1 so 18g in and 36g out
  9. Maybe slightly bitter but I add sugar and milk so maybe I should test just drinking the espresso! I'm going to try again tomorrow with a higher grind setting say 15 stop after say 40 seconds. I remember someone saying they dont time from turning the dial they time after around 10 seconds or something like that.
  10. Just had my first coffee with my new pro grinder. Used 18g of ground coffee from setting 12. I timed from turning the dial and nothing came out for 20 seconds. I carried on to 50 seconds. I got around 32g of coffee that tasted ok but I'm guessing the grind is too fine with the fresh beans?
  11. Their website shows the old model for £210. I got an email today with the new model now available at £399. I do have a voucher code which may be a one use if anybody needs it they can PM me. It's for £100 off.
  12. I will have a go using the lavazza in the pressurised basket as this may work better than the illy. It's just the illy is so fine I think it may work with the un-pressurised basket. I guess I can try both and see.
  13. I used my new DTP for the first time yesterday. As I do not have a grinder yet and have some pre-ground I thought I would try it to see what it was like. I know 99%+ of people on the forum have a grinder but I was hoping some people would have experience with pre-ground. The DTP comes with pressurised and non pressurised baskets. I have some illy and some lavazza rosso and found the illy too fine for the french press but the lavazza worked well. I tried the illy with a pressurised basket and it was ok but has anyone tried pre-ground in an un-pressurised basket?
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