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  1. All sorted thanks all for the quick responses! 😀
  2. I think you're right. I need to put the postcode in the postcode box and also in the credit card line. Just a bit different from usual.
  3. Cheers will check it out
  4. I'm having issues buying. I've tried credit and debit card but it seems to be an issue with my post code as it's saying issue with post code (under the bank card box). My post code is only 6 digits. Any ideas?
  5. Just set the grinder to 25 and it took 33 seconds to get 36 grams. The pump definitely does not sound heathy. The coffee doesn't taste the best either. I will set it back to 22 and should get 36 grams in 40 seconds. Then call Lakeland on Monday when they are back answering phones.
  6. I have just removed the back and I can't see any issue so I'm guessing the pump is at fault. I ran it without a portafilter until it stopped after 60 seconds. I had exactly 400ml of water so the flow rate is 400ml per minute It would be really handy if anyone has time to run theirs for 60 seconds to see how much water comes out or run it to 400ml and time it.
  7. Just for future reference as I can't find sage parts: Pump: Ulka ep5 or ex5 Over Pressure Valve (OPV): ?????
  8. Also I do get your point but if your 4k telly is broke you can't watch anything so you have to get your telly working before you can watch 4k/hd or 480p
  9. I'm sure I will, now this has happened, look at changing my approach to water and grinder. My original thought as a newbie was to go for the DTP and SGP and learn from there and also see if having an espresso machine was the way I wanted to go. I think it worked out pretty well until yesterday. Also I got both from Lakeland so have the 3 year for any reason refund/replacement. Now there is an issue I realise that I need to relook at machine/water/grinder etc. My initial thought is to look at the machine situation as mine is faulty and the grinder is working. Once I have a machine that is working I can then look at grinders. Like I said before my main thought at the moment is getting a machine that will last.
  10. Options at the moment: Sage Dual Boiler Fracino Cherrub/Piccino Lelit Mara 62/X (Or replacement for DTP)
  11. I'm looking at upping the budget to a dual boiler or HX as I figure now I want a machine for many years. That's why I'm tempted to go for a refund.
  12. That's why I ran it for 30 seconds and then 45 seconds (two separate runs) so that means after pre infusion it is running at 100ml per 15 seconds which is too slow. I bought it from Lakeland so I can get a replacement or refund so I need to think if I want a refund towards a different machine. I'm guessing that if I went for a replacement now they wouldn't allow me to go for a refund a few months down the line.
  13. Ok nice round figures: 30 seconds = 200ml 45 seconds = 300ml I thought it would be less than 100ml/15 seconds in the first 30 seconds due to the slower rate but unless the rate slows with time it looks negligible So I would say there is an issue but not a complete failure which would concur to going from 35 seconds to 55 seconds to pull 36 grams So it's like it's running at 7.5 bar and is meant to be 15?
  14. I've had it for 18 months now. The reason I'm not too fussed about upgrading the grinder is that the coffee that I make is fine so I just want to get a machine that will last. I have sent a message regarding a dual boiler for sale so I will keep my eye out for options.
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