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  1. Has anyone ordered anything interesting from Coffee Compass recently? What have you had and what did you enjoy? I have been through most of their standard espresso range, most of which were great. Curious about the Brazil Rei das Monanhas Mahogany and the Rancheros Mahogany if anyone has had them....or any nice single estates? Slàinte.
  2. ooglewoogle


    Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely give them a go.👍
  3. ooglewoogle


    Decided to try one of Pact's trial offers to see what I thought. Liked the sound of their Fruit and Nut espresso blend so gave it a go....and woah, really delicious and also quite forgiving. Definitely envisage getting some more in.
  4. ooglewoogle

    Malabar Gold

    Just a wee bump for this thread....seeing mention of Danny Mcnulty gave me fond nostalgia of alt.coffee days. Never got to meet the guy in person, but chatted a bit by email and was also a recipient of many bags of MG. Also loved the forementioned "Sitting in a Field" posts....regaling with mirthful tales of his (often very impressive) coffee trailer exploits. A funny and kind guy with a real passion for the old and the quirky. That Gaggia Visacrem though!😃
  5. Interested in trying these if anyone happens to have some surplus. Ideally 6oz and 8oz, but any of the range considered. Ta.
  6. Bumping this old thread. Have got some of the latest batch of Sweetshop and am not sure on dialing it in. I was wondering if anyone could share their preferred recipe. Cheers.
  7. I'm sure it's all anyone asks you - but where do you get all the broken skateboards!? I'm imagining you keeking out from behind the ramps at a local skate park.🤫 (Coincidentally, I was watching this the other night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXffPgX-s8E ....do you have that many? Oof.) Can you tell me how much the Niche kit runs to? Thx.
  8. I managed to catch a look at these on both your/Niche's insta....really inspiring stuff!
  9. "For the success of the press powder, sex is crucial".... FFS, *now* I finally see where I am going wrong with this espresso malarky. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stainless-Steel-Coffee-Tamper-Barista-Espresso-Machine-Handle-Pressure-58mm/302516384062?hash=item466f61b13e:g:ASEAAOSwz5Nb67ve
  10. I searched for quite a while to find something I was happy with for the cup warmer on our Synchronika. I tried the cookamesh, which while discreet and effective in stopping scratches, it was a bit too slidey for my danger-o-meter. Eventually I settled on what's apparently called (and eBay-able as) a "silicone thaw net". Advertised as being made from food grade silicone, £5.98 delivered. It comes in a faded pound-store type box, which didn't inspire the most confidence....but appears to be actually made from silicone...very grippy, no smell etc....easy to neatly custom cut to any machine. Just what I was after.
  11. I am a novice, very traditional dark roast espresso type of guy, but your rec. and the back story for this one really got me intrigued. I just pulled my first shot on your recipe - holy heck! I have never had anything like that before....pink grapefruit explosion for me, really like their description of a 'handful of starburst'. Look forward to trying more and experimenting with it....thanks for the rec.
  12. Ah, thanks....apologies dsc, I misunderstood.
  13. Ordered a kg this on the strength of your rec...seriously good...and very forgiving of my novice hand at the lever. Many thanks!
  14. Is it possible to crossthread it? I'm not sure it is (easily)....you would need some force and intent. See above for more detail on what I am referencing. Thx.
  15. Thanks....I have never seen the Mazzer units internally, but that is interesting to know. It was only when taking the macro shot of the thread damage on the hopper to send to Niche that I noticed that the chromed hopper threads ran quite rough. Cleaning out the threads revealed quite a bit of aluminum dust. I thought at first that this may either be graphite grease (it may have been this also?), but on regreasing with clear silicone grease, it dirtied up with aluminum straight away. I have no idea if it would be a problem long term or not, I just thought it a point of note. I guess even if they did wear down the line, the top part of the case could be replaced. As a side note, and being new to the forum, many thanks for the work you have done informing both here and on your blog. I particularly found the detailed Niche review and the E61 service info very helpful. Cheers.
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