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  1. After around a year with a Niche/Synchronika pairing, we have been struggling to get what we wanted out of our coffee - so decided to change things up with a new grinder. I've had an eye out for a used Mythos for a while, opting for a change to some reputable large flats, but @coffeechap made me an offer I couldn't refuse on a new unit. Miss Mythos has only been here since Friday, so it's early days....but what a weekend of fun. With the Niche, drinks in milk were unwaveringly tasty....but we struggled to get unadulterated drinks that we could enjoy. Too often they would run towards ashy, muddy or unbalanced leaving me frustrated. With the risk of sounding new-purchase gushy - everything in the Mythos is amazing. Espresso is beautiful, deep and balanced....the clarity and flavour in the cup is there in ways that has me cursing not making this move earlier. Thanks to Dave for getting this to us in good order and for a great deal on the unit. I will post more elsewhere as I get to grips with this thing. Needless to say though, I am pretty stoked from the off.
  2. Endlessly annoying how ECM don't just supply the naked portafilter with the machine. I have a single which I use for blanking and a double that is decoration...just a waste.🤨 I went with the angled to match the ones that came with the machine....try not to confuse my brain. Less exercise too, which is always nice. ;)
  3. When you buy the ECM stock 'Gran Crema' bottomless pf, it comes with a treble basket....21g.
  4. Thanks Jony, looking forward to it! I love the white Mythos with the black Vesuvius....classy as hekk.
  5. Thanks man....fingers crossed there will be another Mythos this side of the border by the end of next week. I saw your fine looking machine on the "Done! (for now...)" thread you made....bit concerned about the dose time on that one! Look forward to canvassing some tips.
  6. ooglewoogle

    Dark Woods

    With the recently posted discount here, we had a shot with a couple of blends from these guys. Their very nice Under Milk Wood offered up the touted caramel in milk....but the star of our order was the beautiful Deer Hill, the roastery take on a more modern Italian blend. Much closer to medium than the usual Italian roasts, it appeared exceptionally well-sourced and blended. A real comfort cup offering up the roasty, chocolate and nuts that so many strive for. This will be a repeat order for us....beautiful.
  7. Thanks @coffeechap ....appreciate your contribution....useful info.🙏 I live quite remotely, so it obviously brings difficulty in checking out second hand gear before purchase...hence looking for one here first, where the majority of gear has been well-loved. I would spring for new if the price was right, but the ones I see are above my sensibilities.
  8. I hear you on the veracity of clima-pro redundancy in the home environs. I guess it doesn't really need to be the Clima-Pro...although not a fan of the Plus with the tamper mechanism, and I guess the asthetic of the CP's is more in keeping with my setup. :) There is of course the possibility of a small coffee enterprise at some point, so redundancy is no bad thing. Having said that, I have read from a few people very pleased with their Olympus 75E's with the Ti burrs, so would also consider one of these if around. Cheers.
  9. Thanks. I wasn't sure what I'd be looking at....there seems to be a bit of a dearth at the moment. Certainly I was anticipating going after a good used unit.... but I didn't realise they could be picked up that cheaply new. Any places to hunt besides here and ebay? . .
  10. I'm thinking of making the move to a grinder with big flat burrs and, having aspired for a while to the Mythos, thought I would see if there were any out there in good nick? Slàinte.
  11. Mercer Mercer knives are fantastic value....and this one in particular has served us well for years. Not only a splendid bread knife....but amazing for cutting/shredding lettuce and other associated jobs.
  12. Code is: FREEDELIVERY ...available until midnight Sunday.
  13. Sure Drewster, I know what you are saying. I really just wanted to try some more of CoffeeLink's offerings....and wondered if there were things people here were enjoying for espresso/wanted get some opinions and feedback. They have quite a big range...so people's highlights would be appreciated. Slàinte.
  14. Does anyone have any good recommendation for espresso beans from Coffee Link. I have enjoyed their espresso blend, but would like to try more of their offerings without the risk of pot luck! Cheers.
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