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  1. Turning it off seems to work for me. There is still enough pressure left to flush the shower screen.
  2. I turn it off for a couple of minutes, then carefully remove PF while lifting lever. Usually mess free. Takes very little time to warm up again.
  3. 1. Coffeechap 2. Stuartb27 3. Drewster 4. brabzzz 5. Nicknak 6. Inspector 7. Kitkat 8. Mrboots2u 9. Matt B 10. GeoffTucks 11. Robti 12. mcrmfc 13. jlarkin 14. Steveholt 15. Rob1 16. onthelathe
  4. 1. Coffeechap 2. Stuartb27 3. Drewster 4. brabzzz 5. Nicknak 6. Inspector 7. Kitkat 8. onthelathe
  5. I'm now using these with the Sage DTP, 20g in 40g out in 30s with a Niche grinder setting of 22. A sip of the straight espresso seems to be in the sweet spot to me but I like a longer milk drink so turn it into a cappuccino which is delicious. I'm getting better results with the DTP than with the La Pavoni. Probably my lever technique needs refining.
  6. I put a bit more pressure on at the start and let it tail off a bit. Nothing too scientific though.
  7. I did a few cups with 12 in with a full pull of the lever giving about 32 to 36 out. Later I used a scale to give 24 out. I think I prefer the former.
  8. I've just bought a couple of kilos of Mystery 10 and pulled a few cups on the La Pav. I thought it had a quite distinctive flavour, which I liked, but couldn't really place it. Then I read this and thought it very apt.
  9. Please add me to the list. Black Niche.
  10. I don't know if this helps but I'm grinding 17.5g on setting 23 (calibrated as per instructions) and tamped fairly firmly using Sage tamper to get a level bed which the Razor just grazes. I then get an extraction of 36g in about 38 seconds.
  11. I have found that the calibration on my Niche, as delivered, was 3 clicks of the black ring short of the calibration mark using the approved turning method. With the burrs being stationary I'm wondering if it is possible for the contact point to differ slightly each time depending on how the burrs align after they have finished rotating? If this was the case it would be difficult to get a uniform calibration across a number of different grinders.
  12. I got my Niche today and it looks great in black. It has the look of a mature product and feels solid and well engineered. I'm extremely pleased with it so far. The cosmetic finish is very good (I'm giving a bit of slack to the grind cup) and I'm currently putting some Liberon Hard Wax Oil on the wooden parts to keep it that way. My thanks also to Niche and Dave, and this forum for bringing it to my attention, long before I joined. It won't come as a surprise to anyone to hear that the grind is night and day better than my Hario and as I have no other experience of coffee grinders I'll leave it at that. I've only made two coffees with it so far (I'd already had two before it arrived) and I've not got it dialed in correctly. I checked the calibration and found it to be 3 clicks shy of the mark so I'll refine it tomorrow, but the coffee is already tasting wonderful!
  13. I'm in the middle of the current batch and also showing CONTRIBUTION LOCKED!!
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