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  1. Thanks for the swift delivery! Installed and working nicely. Now to hit that 93.5°C temp that the coffee roasters say to hit on their espresso recipe, try and see if they're lying about their tasting notes
  2. If Gavin doesn't want it for £55, can I throw my hat in at that price please? Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  3. I already have the pesado 58.5mm tamper and so I'm just looking for the depth adjuster like this: If any of you kind people think it might be surplus to requirements for you then I'd love to have it!
  4. Those are just bean husks, nothing to fret about. You do need to get a 'fuller' tamper to fit your PF though. You'd probably get some channelling/uneven extractions with the way that puck has been pressed.
  5. Sweet bourbon from CoffeeFoundary or Milk Buster from BellaBarrista roastery are good blends to break through the milk barrier. Sweet bourbon works particularly well with milk, tastes sweet just like the label says without a drop of sugar in sight!
  6. Also, Sweet Bourbon is a good shout. The sweetness really does come through along with a nice jammy richness along the lines of bourbon. Quite tasty in a flat white.
  7. @Northern_Monkey, does the Hario Skerton hand grinder do well for espresso out of the Gaggia? Looking for a hand grinder that will do well for a delonghi dedica ec680 that's been modded to be bottomless.
  8. Tamper and PF received and road tested already! Loving them, much appreciated @Rtansley. Mods can now move this to sold.
  9. Thank you @Rtansley, moving to PM to sort out the details. @xpresso, have a dig in the archives or perhaps post in the wanted section. That's what was going to be my next move. Hope you managed to find what you're looking for.
  10. Yeah, I got a Lelit Mara PL62 with the wood accents and I've hunting down a descent tamper to match. I was also after a bottomless pf as the machine didn't come with one so this sale fits the bill. Spouted and bottomless, different strokes for different folks I guess
  11. Ooo, cheeky offer in there @xpresso It's not against the rules I don't think, just thought you were asking about the tamper in general lol. £5 difference in it, I'm not going to start bidding so up to OP what they'd want to do. Guess I'll go back to digging through the for sale archives if l lose out
  12. Thanks for the reply @Rtansley. I'd like to make an offer of £100 for both including postage.
  13. A bit late to the party here, but are these still available?
  14. I second @Inspector recommendation of Notes Cafe.
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