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  1. It's always nice to wake up and sip hot coffee early in the morning, giving the body and mind the energy it needs to start the day. With a fast-paced lifestyle, people shouldn't worry about buying freshly harvested coffee beans roasted to perfection every time because a coffee subscription is now available. In this article, you'll learn the top reasons why you need to get a coffee subscription. What’s a Coffee Subscription? It's an innovative sale and marketing method that can benefit consumers, coffee farmers, and distributors or sellers. To get the best single-origin coffees
  2. Why Your Homemade Coffee is Always Disappointing (and What to Do About it) By no stretch of the imagination is the world’s love affair with coffee new. We’ve been drinking the stuff in one form or another since all the way back in the 15th century, which means we’ve had plenty of time to perfect things along the way. As an added bonus, we’ve also been gifted with a near-endless array of gadgets and technologies for creating barista-quality coffee at home. Most of which is now cheaper and more accessible than it’s ever been, leaving us free to experiment to our hearts’ content.
  3. Thank you to long time member Tiny tamper for your contimued support, it's a pleasure to assign you your badge.
  4. Thank you to RikA for swapping out for your support is very much appreciated.
  5. Congratulations @johnealey for joining the 2000 Club Badge assigned to wear with pride
  6. Thank you so much to louissegal for becoming a and Your support is much appreciated
  7. Welcome to Coffee Forums UK Ben For anyone concerned about Ben's age, I am pleased to confirm that this concern has been addressed and Ben has the full backing of dad (aka business partner) to participate in the forum. Great to see young talent getting involved
  8. Authenticity validated and Ben has full permission to post items for sale
  9. Authenticity validated and Ben has full permission to post items for sale
  10. Authenticity validated and Ben has full permission to post items for sale
  11. I have installed a new Thanks button which should now be showing beneath each post This is more advanced than previous installs and I would encourage you to try it out and use wisely We will easily be able to see who the most helpful members are as there is a leaderboard type of function - not that I endorse this, but it is bundled functionality At this point Dislikes are disabled and I will not turn them on without full consideration
  12. We're back and in the progress of running some diagnostics
  13. Hi Aaron With a few forum downtime issues we haven't been able to gather a list I will pop over and pledge a few units though Kind regards Glenn
  14. CFUK

    New user woes!

    Sounds like an air blockage that a pump prime will resolve Turn the machine off and open the steam wand, then close again Follow the priming instructions. If no luck then I'm sure we will be able to assist. Unusual for a machine to die.
  15. Hi GlenW and welcome to Coffee Forums UK Supply and demand drives the Amazon Warehouse deals. They fluctuate between just over £100 to just under £170 on any given day
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