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  1. It's always nice to wake up and sip hot coffee early in the morning, giving the body and mind the energy it needs to start the day. With a fast-paced lifestyle, people shouldn't worry about buying freshly harvested coffee beans roasted to perfection every time because a coffee subscription is now available. In this article, you'll learn the top reasons why you need to get a coffee subscription. What’s a Coffee Subscription? It's an innovative sale and marketing method that can benefit consumers, coffee farmers, and distributors or sellers. To get the best single-origin coffees from around the world, coffee drinkers can subscribe to recurrent weekly or monthly order service. Here's how a coffee subscription works: Visit the website of the coffee subscription service and sign up. Take note to read the terms and conditions before subscribing. Choose the best coffee subscription plan for you. Make sure to review the details, including the type of coffee, packaging size, grind size, and price. Select the frequency of delivery. Choose the payment option that works for you. Take note that a coffee subscription involves automatic payments unless auto-renewal is canceled. Reasons To Avail Coffee Subscription Service 1. Improve Your Life Home Grounds recommends getting a coffee subscription to improve your life, allowing you to choose the roast type, whole bean or grind size, shipment size, and order frequency. So, how can you improve your life with a coffee subscription? Here's how: Save Time and Effort: Signing up with a coffee subscription service can save you a lot of time and effort processing individual orders for your coffee products all year round. Enjoy Coffee Experience: According to your preference, you get to enjoy drinking different, freshly brewed coffee flavours every time. Save Money: With a coffee subscription that has different coffee vendors, you get to save money on shipping fees and take advantage of big discounts. Also, you avoid wasting money on old stocks of coffee beans in the supermarket or grocery that already lose their freshness. 2. Constant Supply of Your Favourite Coffees Coffee subscription plans provide you a steady supply of coffee in your table. You don't have to worry about the ordering process because you only have to sign up and subscribe. You'll get a weekly or monthly supply of coffee beans, and payments are debited in your preferred payment method (credit card, debit card, PayPal, checking, etc.). For a constant coffee supply, here are the good-to-know facts about coffee subscription plans: Choose Frequency: You can subscribe to a coffee subscription plan according to frequency, such as getting a weekly or monthly supply of different coffee products from a single supplier. Shipping Options: Get a steady supply of coffee products domestically or internationally. Coffee Products: Get to enjoy different coffee beans and coffee products, such as Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Liberica coffee beans, from all over the world. 3. Enjoy the Extras You might wonder what the things you'll get in a coffee subscription box. While some coffee subscription services only send the ordered coffee product itself, others include extras or freebies, such as the following: Coffee Filters: They’re basically paper made from filter paper, in which the side crimping enables the coffee to freely flow and filter coffee raw materials between the filter paper and the filtration funnel. Brewing Guides: A brewing guide is a handy reference for brewing different coffee beans using the right temperature settings, the best equipment, and techniques. Flavour Notes: Coffee tasting notes refer to quick guides on the different tastes and aromas when brewing and sipping coffees. It’s a helpful guide to the different complex coffee flavours you'll encounter that’s promised by the coffee roaster. Postcards: Get a free postcard from the country of coffee origin. Along with coffee bean bags or subscription boxes as gifts, you can use these postcards as bookmarks or giveaways on special occasions. 4. Avoid Homemade Coffee Frustration Homemade coffee can be disappointing. Fortunately, getting a coffee subscription plan takes your home coffee drinking to a whole new level. It's a fantastic way to bring delight to every morning cup of coffee, expanding your coffee palate. Get a new coffee bag and be guided on how to best brew your chosen coffee product for the best coffee experience ever. Here are some ways you can enjoy coffee subscription services at home: Give you access to different coffees you haven't tried before without having to go to a coffee shop and spend a lot of money on just one cup of coffee. Enjoy freshly brewed cups of coffee with your family and friends anytime at home without pressure on your wallet. Eliminate the frustration of dealing with poor quality DIY homemade coffee or coffee blend. 5. Great Gift Coffee subscriptions are perfect gifts for the coffee connoisseurs in your life. Subscription boxes come in beautiful, thoughtful, and elegant presentations that can make the recipient smile big. Some also come with informative cards on the suggested brewing method of the coffee beans and fun postcards. Here are the special occasions you can give coffee subscription boxes as great gifts: Father’s Day: Coffee subscription boxes would surely be appreciated by fathers and grandfathers. Christmas: Coffee boxes make thoughtful gifts during the holidays. Parties: Coffee subscription boxes are cool giveaways in any parties, such as bachelor parties and even weddings, as a symbol of strong and passionate love. 6. Support Local and Independent Coffee Farmers Whether you're looking for certified organic specialty high-grade coffee beans or coffee beans cultivated using sustainable methods, availing coffee subscription services is one way to help support local farmers in a particular region of your choice. For instance, Arabica coffee beans are grown mainly in eastern Africa, Asia, or Latin America, while Robusta coffee beans are cultivated in central Africa, Brazil, and throughout southeast Asia. You can support local coffee farmers in Thailand and in the Philippines growing Robusta and Liberica or “Barako” coffee beans. 7. Become a Coffee Enthusiast and Advocate With the help of a coffee subscription service, you become more aware of coffee, such as the origins or sources, types, and brewing methods. In short, you expand your knowledge about coffee. By doing so, you eventually become a coffee enthusiast. As time goes by, you learn the art and science of coffee making and coffee tasting. You could share them with your family members, relatives, and friends. Of course, you get to learn the therapeutic benefits of moderate coffee drinking, too. Also, you'll find it a meaningful bonding experience. 8. Stay Safe Because of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, your local coffee shop may be temporarily closed or on a “take-out only” basis. So, getting a coffee subscription service is a good idea to remain safe during this trying time. Tips When Choosing Coffee Subscription Service So, how do you choose a coffee subscription service? Check out the following tips below: 1. Consider the Type of Subscriptions The two types of coffee subscriptions include single roaster subscriptions and multi-roaster subscriptions. A single roaster subscription is provided by one coffee roaster, which is a good option if you have a specific coffee roaster preference based on your past experiences. On the other hand, a multi-roaster subscription is all about bringing you different types of coffee from different coffee roasters in a particular region. 2. Determine Customisation Options Coffee subscription services offer a wide array of options to choose from, including roasts, flavours, package size, grind size, and coffee beans for various brewing methods. Some offer fixed coffee subscription services to ship to all their customers based on expertly curated coffee boxes. Thus, if you haven't settled on a favourite coffee fix, opt-in fixed coffee subscription services so you can experiment and freely choose what coffee you like. 3. Inquire Delivery Timeframes Great coffee is always fresh. However, coffee beans will undergo oxidation as soon as they’re harvested and roasted. That's why you should inquire about the delivery timeframe of the coffee subscription service to ensure that you always have a rich and full coffee flavour. Choose a coffee subscription services that might say “roasted every Monday for delivery on Tuesday” or “roasted within 24 hours upon ordering.” 4. Make Comparison To ensure you're getting the best one for your needs, it's always a smart step to compare different coffee subscription services. Before committing yourself to any coffee service brand, take a look at the website and check if the company offers descriptions and pictures of sample boxes. By doing so, you can tell at a glance if the brand is something that genuinely interests you, allowing you to have the best coffee drinking experience. By watching this video, you get to know the best ways to compare coffee subscription providers. Getting coffee subscription services offers great convenience, saving you time and effort buying coffee in the supermarket. You can enjoy different coffee beans from different countries that you haven’t tried before. Also, it allows you to show your passion for coffee, become a coffee advocate, and a way to also support local farmers and vendors.
  2. Why Your Homemade Coffee is Always Disappointing (and What to Do About it) By no stretch of the imagination is the world’s love affair with coffee new. We’ve been drinking the stuff in one form or another since all the way back in the 15th century, which means we’ve had plenty of time to perfect things along the way. As an added bonus, we’ve also been gifted with a near-endless array of gadgets and technologies for creating barista-quality coffee at home. Most of which is now cheaper and more accessible than it’s ever been, leaving us free to experiment to our hearts’ content. All well and good, but if this is the case, why is it so darn hard to brew up a seriously good cup of coffee at home? You’ve all the gear you need to get the job done, so why are you never as happy with the coffee you brew as the coffee you buy? The Categories of Coffee Complaints Honestly - when was the last time you sipped a cup of coffee at home and made the same grunts and ‘oooohs’ and ‘ahhhhs’ of deep satisfaction you normally reserve for your favourite coffee shop? If you’re anything like most people, the answer is probably never. Boiled down to the basics (pun intended), brewing coffee isn’t what you’d call complicated. As a result, any dissatisfaction you have with your homemade coffee is guaranteed to be attributed to one of the following: Problems with your coffee beans Problems with water quality Problems with your equipment Now, in this instance we’ll be assuming that you already have a decent enough coffee maker at home and know how to use it. If not, the rest is irrelevant - you need to know your way around your gear (and have decent gear to start with) to make good coffee at home. But let’s say you’ve a quality coffee maker and you’ve taken the time to read the instruction carefully - why is your coffee still coming out less than great? Problem Category 1: Your Coffee Beans The importance of getting it right with the beans you choose in the first place cannot be overstated. If any of the following apply, you won’t get even close to barista-quality coffee with all the flashy gear in the world: 1. Coffee beans that are not fresh Coffee beans have a strictly limited shelf life, which often belies how could they look and how tasty they smell. The moment coffee beans are roasted, they begin losing all those precious oils and compounds that make for a fantastic cup of coffee. The longer ago the beans were roasted, the lower the quality of the resulting cup. It’s estimated that roasted coffee beans lose around 10% of their original quality and flavour for every 24 hours they’re exposed to air at room temperature. Hence, beans that were roasted any more than a couple of weeks ago are never going to deliver the required results. 2. Coffee beans of subpar quality Irrespective of the type of quality you prefer and your ideal roast, quality counts for a lot. The quality of the beans you choose will have a direct and significant impact on every characteristic of the resulting coffee you brew. From complexity to acidity to smoothness to mouthfeel to flavour, you cannot and will not produce premium coffee with subpar beans. If you’re out to pick up the best beans available, don’t be too drawn in by big brand names, flashy labels, creative names and so on. Head to a real gourmet coffee shop (or shop online) and ask them to set you up with something you’ll immediately taste the difference with. 3. Coffee beans ground incorrectly Not incorrectly as such, but perhaps not ideally for your preferred brewing method. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to coffee grounds - the size and consistency of those little grains can make a huge difference to the coffee you brew. For example, making good coffee with a French Press means keeping the beans quite course - perhaps coarser than you think you need to. A high-pressure espresso machine will need grounds of a much finer consistency, while brewing Turkish coffee calls for grounds that are practically as fine as castor sugar. One important note - a burr grinder will always produce more consistent grounds than any standard electric grinder, so it’s worth investing in if you take your coffee seriously. Problem Category 2: Your Water If you’ve nothing but complete confidence in the quality and consistency of your beans/grounds, there’s a chance your coffee tastes like garbage due to an issue with the water. Most likely, one of the following common problems: 1. Incorrect water temperature Getting things right on the money is a task in its own right, but hit the nail on the head with a water temperature of 96° C (or 205° F) and you’ll taste the difference. Boiling water scolds ground coffee, destroying some of its precious oils and aromatic compounds upon contact. The result of which can be anything from flat coffee with no real zing to a bitter and overly acidic brew that’s equally unpleasant. The good news being that if you don’t want to take a thermometer to your water each time you brew, you don’t have to. After boiling your water, simply give it a 30 seconds before brewing and you won’t be far off the sweet spot. 2. Issues with water quality Even if your water tastes just fine straight out of the tap, this doesn’t mean it won’t have a huge impact on the flavour and quality of your coffee. There are countless elements in tap water that can throw things completely out of whack when making coffee, which you’ll only find out about once you try things out with a filter. This is a simple and inexpensive way to seriously improve the quality and appeal of the coffee (and tea) you brew at home. Particularly if you live in a hard water area or the pipes in your building aren’t exactly new, a basic water filter is a cheap kitchen gadget you won’t want to be without. Problem Category 3: Your Equipment Assuming everything is up to scratch with your coffee beans and your water, there’s really only one thing left to scrutinise - your equipment. Or more likely, the way you’re using it. 1. Your equipment needs cleaning A periodic rinse isn’t enough to keep the vast majority of coffee makers and associated accessories in showroom condition. Instead, they need to be treated to a proper wash - perhaps regular descaling, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Even if it doesn’t make an immediate and noticeable difference to the quality of the coffee you brew, your immune system will thank you for keeping your equipment clean! 2. Your equipment isn’t working properly Have you considered the possibility that your once-shiny-new coffee maker simply isn’t up to the job like it used to be? Every single electronic and mechanical coffee maker ever brought into existence has a limited lifespan and eventually needs replacing. There’s not a great deal you can do if this is the issue, other than dispose of it in a responsible manner and upgrade to something new. 3. The right equipment used wrongly If you attempt to make real espresso without an actual espresso machine, the results aren’t going to be as good as you might expect. You might come up with something tasty using a French Press, but nothing close to what you’d get out of a high-quality, high-pressure espresso machine. The vast majority of coffee makers have purposes for which they were designed and strict limitations. Experimenting with coffee makers and associated gear is half the fun, but it’s worth bearing in mind what your hardware can and simply cannot do. 4. Your timings are off Last but not least, one of the most common mistakes when operating a manual coffee maker is failing to pay attention to timings. From French Press to AeroPress to Moka pots and so on, timing really is everything when cooking up the perfect brew. Under-extraction and over-extraction of coffee grounds can lead to equally disappointing results. There’s a fair amount of experimentation involved in finding the perfect time for your perfect brew, but you’ll want to avoid extremes at both ends of the scale. And just to round things off, the answer is yes - using too much or too little coffee in the first place will have equally disastrous results.
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    Sounds like an air blockage that a pump prime will resolve Turn the machine off and open the steam wand, then close again Follow the priming instructions. If no luck then I'm sure we will be able to assist. Unusual for a machine to die.
  15. Hi GlenW and welcome to Coffee Forums UK Supply and demand drives the Amazon Warehouse deals. They fluctuate between just over £100 to just under £170 on any given day
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