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  1. Throughout 2010 we have been making improvements to Coffee Forums UK, breaking the 1000 member milestone and enhancing the interactive experience with Blogs, Gallery and Articles. This has all been made possible with the support of our site advertisers whose banners can be seen at the top and bottom of each page. Site Advertisers Happy Donkey are also onboard and their banner will be appearing soon Charity Banners We also display a number of banners for causes we support and that help generate interest and awareness of coffee in the community Bath Coffee Festival (we are awaiting the 2011 banner) We encourage you to click through the banners on the screen and review the products and services on offer. It's through the support of our site advertisers that we are able to manage the increasing bandwidth and offer more services than many other forums. Advertising Opportunities There are limited banner spaces and if you are interested in advertising our 2011 rates can be found here Spread The Word Coffee Forums UK also has a banner that we would like to place strategically around the internet Please email us with any suggestions of where we could be featured
  2. Due to popular request we have activated a new sub-forum Equipment Retailer reviews Please read the posting rules relating to this section before writing your review This forum is a trial for a few months and so long as the reviews are in the spirit intended this will become a permanent feature
  3. We're constantly striving to improve your browsing and interactive experience What new features would you like to see on Coffee Forums UK? Are there other forums that you visit that have something funky that keeps you returning time after time or a feature that adds to your enjoyment? We are open to all suggestions and will consider each option put forward. Please leave your suggestions below, or PM Glenn if you wish to remain anonymous We will not be introducing karma, betting or instant chat mods - but may look at holding scheduled chat sessions in the future, on specific topics - which can be recorded for later viewing.
  4. The Blog section of our site is your opportunity to express yourself, build a collection of links, share your thoughts or update us on your coffee journey. To get started, all you need to do is visit the Blog homepage by clicking Blogs in the navigation bar and click Create New Post button in the top right hand corner. You will need to give your blog a name (in the Title: box) Add content in the large box below Enter your Tags (keywords from within your blog so that members can visit your blog when searching for help or advice) Choose whether this is a Personal or Company blog Scroll to the bottom then click Post Now That's it - you're done! You can add links and images to your blog using the Manage Attachments and the tools directly above the box you enter the content into If you get stuck, start a thread on the forum and we will gladly help you out Happy blogging!
  5. Admin

    Your link here

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]277[/ATTACH] Your logo* or link could be featured here Link to Coffee Forums UK and send an email to [email protected] showing where the link appears on your website and we will reciprocate (Please note: This applies only to coffee related websites) Recommended text for your link: Coffee Forums UK - the UK's premier coffee forums A growing online community of coffee enthusiasts - register for free today at http://coffeeforums.co.uk * Please contact us for pricing details. Images within links start from £5 for 3 months - all proceeds go towards hosting costs
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    Media Enquiries

    Coffee Forums UK is a media-friendly organisation Our aim is to provide a plaform for open, unbiased discussion of coffee related topics in a friendly and welcoming environment All media enquiries should be emailed to [email protected]
  7. 5M Coffee Company Home Barista Training for coffee enthusiasts or anyone who has recently purchased a home espresso machine We train you in the luxury of your own home, using your espresso machine and grinder, so that you become familiar with the tools you use
  8. Admin

    Coffee Hit

    coffeehit.co.uk We supply equipment, parts, small wares & barista tools for the Speciality Coffee Industry.
  9. Admin

    Fairfax Coffee

    fairfaxcoffee.com For all your coffee and coffee machine requirements make Fairfax the place to buy coffee machines!
  10. Admin

    Coffee Forums Upgrade

    Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for their patience this morning whilst we upgraded to vBulletin 4.0.5 The upgrade took approx 2 hours, and we will be bug fixing over the weekend We have taken the opportunity to invest in the vBulletin Publishing Suite which gives us extra functionality to offer to you. You'll notice that there are a number of new tabs and links, which will be populated over the coming weeks. The main change is the addition of a CMS driven homepage that we will be populating and updating frequently, and we will be inviting submissions for article ideas, and also articles themselves. Earlier in the year we ran a poll asking which changes and extra functionality you would like to see on Coffee Forums. Blogging was on the list, and we are pleased to offer this functionality with this software upgrade. This blog space is yours to treat as you see fit. All that we ask is that the blogs are kept relatively on topic. A number of members have expressed an interest in a Classifieds sections and this will be introduced in the coming weeks too
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    CoffeeForum.com General coffee forum and review community. With forums and reviews on every coffee topic like equipment, beans, roasting, espresso, drip and more.
  12. Coffee Forums UK is undergoing an upgrade The forums are open and we will be introducing new features over the coming days The weekend of July 31 and 01 August will see a period of bug fixing and enhancements taking place Some links may not be navigable for the next 24 hours We look forward to hearing your feedback
  13. The first round of the UBF Click here for event details - UBF
  14. until
  15. Coffee Forums UK - Scheduled Release Date
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