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  1. It has nothing to do with coffee. That came over night. So i think the machine get faulty.
  2. So, i have made a video. As you can see - the "result" isn't a puk. It's just wet grinded coffee falling apart. And the coffee tastes like that - just like as if somebody would have watered grinded beans with a watering can.
  3. it all tastes awful....how i said: it's not really a puk whats coming out...it's more like grounded coffee which had been watered ....a portafilter full of mud and i didn't change the beans
  4. Persistent Shot parameters doesn't change anything. tried from 1:1 output to 1:3...always the same bad taste
  5. Starting from today i was wondering why the puk was so wet and falling in 1000 peaces when dropped it. Coffee surly tasted awful. Changing grind didn't fixed it. Any idea? pressure problem? PS:
  6. Yeah, but i like 1:2 and if the output gives me 1:3 then i don't like the taste It's no problem of the tamping mechanism. I tested it with an external Sage Grinder and manual tamp and result was the same.
  7. It was never about bad taste, always about gram output. With this beans i get it mostly very constant (~40g) with very few exceptions (1:2 brew ratio). And important: Over several days without adjusting the grind.
  8. Here in the forum we have some guys telling that they get reproducible shots with the oracle while some are saying the opposite. I have tried a dozen of different beans during the last month and i think i can make a preliminary judgement: It's based on the beans! I had big problems with supermarket beans and much less problems with premium beans. But now i have found one sort of beans from a specific roast house (mid-rosted, 100% arabica, choclate-nuts taste): https://www.roesttrommel.de/de/espresso/12/roesttrommel?c=6 which produce very constant results. All other beans (even from that roast house) were not so constant. So it should not be a pardon for the not-so-good-grinder of the machine which seems to be very picky, but maybe it can help one or another. Maybe somebody has an explation?
  9. .... having stuff like this: - different tanks for different beans that can be selected without refilling the hopper - Dosing by grams (and not seconds) because the output changes with grind changing - maybe optional auto temp mechanism like at the oracle
  10. The interesting fact at nespresso is that - despit it never tastes really great - it also never tastes really bad. How do they do that? You can use the same capsule and let the machine run 20 seconds or a minute or even pause the extraction it for 15 seconds and then continue (in which the coffee stays in contact with the water and so tastes awful on a portafilter) - the taste never gets really sour or bitter.
  11. What means off? Is that posting too intellectual?
  12. you have to adjust the degree of grinding a bit
  13. The connection is simple: Most people in soceity think that if they act as silly little aligned and adjusted kids - they will be successfull But that is a lie. They will end up as lonely poor people in an almshouse pissing their own pants while the nurses are laughing at that
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