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  1. Now Sold sold on a local for sale site
  2. I wouldn't dismiss phoning bella barista, they will know what questions to ask you to decide upon what machines meet your meets best and why, and can recommend to you. Don't foget its their job to know the ins and outs of the machines and I wouldn't dismiss their imput, they are very knowledgable. Even if your not buying for several months its does no harm to talk to them if you are trying to get a rough idea of what you want. good luck anyway with whatever you get, hope you get what suits your needs and is all that you hoped for.
  3. Why not phone Bella Barista, or if the shop is near you call in and have a good look around and discuss your needs with the very knowledgeable staff.
  4. just over 1 week old, grinded maybe 300g coffee with, as new condition. £100. I wont post so collection only based in Belfast.
  5. I would appreciate is somebody sent me the discount code if possible, many thanks in advance.
  6. Anybody know where I could purchase a distributor tool and dosing funnel to fit my sage barista express? I can only seem to find 58mm which is too big, need like 53-54 mm. Thanks
  7. Can I ask sage duo temp pro owners, have any of you backflushed your machine? I know the machine comes with the blanking disc to do it, but as this machine has no 3 way solenoid valve I thought backflushing was a no no and would damage the pump, but then again I sure SAGE wouldn't include the accessories to backflush if it might damage the machine?
  8. no cost, just pm me address and I will post them to you.
  9. can anybody point me the right direction with this please?
  10. yes its possible the baskets could have rancid oil between the layers of the basket, given they are double walled. try soaking them in cafiza best thing to clean them but make sure you rinse it really well with clean water before using them again. Try also just putting the baskets in the portafilter with no coffee and run the hot water through the baskets as if you were making an espresso this really helps to clean out the baskets also.
  11. #dfk41 Can I ask a couple of questions? sorry if I sound like asking stupid questions, still learning............... if you don't weigh the exact the amount of grams of coffee how to you judge your final extraction, ie I know say if you put 18g of coffee in the portafilter you should aim for 36g weight total shot extraction, or do you measure by volume just fill the double basket in the portafilter and level it off tamp and then pour 60ml of coffee final extraction. Or do you just time say it pour a double in 30 seconds? sorry for asking annoying questions still trying to learn what is the right way to make espresso, see is I extract by volume rather weight it ends up a much watery shot like 14g coffee 60ml volume shot weighs about 70g and with the 1:2 ratio that shot should weigh about 28g so probably the volume of a single shot. which way is correct?
  12. which dedica do you have the ec680 or ec685? The ec685 the newer model that says hot milk/cappuccino on the steam arm it has newer baskets and has a little black rubber piece in the basket pull the rubber piece and the filter removes for better cleaning, stops the oils yout talking about getting trapped between the 2 layers. if it the older style baskets soak them in cafiza to remove the oils just wash well before use. Purchase seome 51mm unpresuurized baskets offe ebay, will help you get a better espresso as long as you have a grinder capable of grinding fine enough. don't install the racncillio arm it leaks and is very difficult to do, adapt the arm already on the dedica, use the inner rubber tube to froth with, to hold it on place cut the outer steel tube as short as you can but long enough to put back on the machine and lock the inner rubber tube in place. ultimately though you will want to updgrade machine .
  13. Just upgraded from a delonghi icona to a sage barista express. So some bits I had for the delonghi machine up for grabs if anybody wants them before they go to the bin. 1)Stainless steel 51mm tamper 2) unpressurized portafilter that's was designed for ec146,b but I was using it with the icona..It fits most delonghi machines except the dedica. 3) 1 single and 1 double unpressurized baskets designed only to fit the portafilter included its doesn't fit the springloaded pressurized poertafilters.
  14. It was a mella blend, I HATED it. However tried the nota blend it was ok. What blend are you currently drinking from bailies?
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