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  1. Fwiw the espresso was great. I did ask the head barista afterwards (tried to find the girl who served me but she had gone home by the time I went back inside to ask) and he seemed to say that he wasn't sure; sort of acknowledging it might be bollocks but said that often people will just do something that works and stick with it.
  2. Haha okay I'll take it that my initial thought that it was silly superstition was on the money.
  3. In Five Elephant, the barista asked me to wait 30 seconds before stirring my espresso, and she made it sound like it was specific to the Costa Rican natural I ordered. Thoughts on this? Any science behind why that would make any difference to stirring straight away then waiting 30 seconds, or just superstition?
  4. With the La Pav, no need to worry too much about routine with certain time and certain fill level; just get some way of measuring the temperature of the grouphead (I use an infrared thermometer with a little square of masking tape on the back/side of the grouphead) and keep the temperature constant once you're dialed in. Some people also use temp strips.
  5. HBLP

    Reccomend me a bean

    How are you brewing? You say you "like" a medium-coarse grind - does that mean you're doing pourover, using a filter coffee machine or a cafetiere or something?
  6. I mean I didn't say any of it flippantly, and was searching and checking my beliefs on google scholar before I made the claims, as I think should be the standard if looking to discuss something scientific like climate change.
  7. Hey, wondering if anyone knows if there's any way of going to World of Coffee festival in Berlin for less than 40 euro, as a non-SCA member? Assume there's no real alternative, but thought I'd check here in case someone has some insider tip
  8. Have to say you're either being deliberately misleading here or you're ignorant of the actual issues. Methane gas production is just one aspect of the environmental damage caused by dairy farming. There's all the emissions that go with the industrial production of dairy too, as well as the incredible amount of water used both to keep the cows going as well as to clean the equipment and areas of dairy production, as well as irrigation of the land. It's not made up that dairy is bad for the environment, it is a scientific fact with numerous studies and even reviews backing this up. It's not contestable that a large scale change in people's diet could have a massive effect on climate change, it is again a fact. Oat milk creates less emissions, uses less water and uses less land than dairy, even when accounting for all constituent parts of it. Again, this is backed up by science instead of just being a feeling you have with jokey commentary. As for climate change issues coming from development in other countries, yes that's an issue too. The reality however is that other countries are hardly going to see it as fair that the west destroyed the world for profit and now wants to stop the global south from doing the same as it's all gone a bit too far now. People in the west have to make some adjustments in return for their (our) privileged lives, but also western governments should essentially pay off other countries to not do further damage in the environment through development of industry.
  9. I bought this from Korea: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/50mm-Diameter-Baristar-Aluminum-Steel-Coffee-Tamper/281767502222?hash=item419aa6e18e:g:cYwAAOSwmLlX~tUt&frcectupt=true for £16 It fits the Strietman 18g (IMS) basket completely perfectly (which in turn fits inside pre-mil portafilters etc). It seems a touch (1-2mm) too wide for the stock baskets, not sure about La Pav IMS baskets etc
  10. HBLP

    Kopi Luwak

    Let us know how it goes hah
  11. @garethuk It's Gardelli https://shop.gardellicoffee.com/
  12. Yeah so difficult to compare but I'm doing a pretty long preinfusion (30 seconds faffing with filling up the grouphead and 7-8ish seconds at I'd guesstimate 3-4 bars of pressure) and currently going 2:1, the pull itself is approx 20 seconds. I tried going a bit longer but that seemed to just dull the taste a bit and the acidity was quite fine on 2:1. I might dose up a bit as this seems to be a very dense bean, potentially leaving a bit too much headspace with my usual 17g. Can't speak for how it lasts a few weeks after roasting; but generally square mile roasts hold up well weeks after roasting in my experience. Mine was just over 2 weeks old before I opened it.
  13. Had my first shot of the new Sweetshop, 1/3 Gitega Hills Rwanda washed (I guess the same as this from the Barn https://thebarn.de/products/gitega-hills) and 2/3 the natural Huye Mountain that I'm sure many are familiar with. Super super lovely shot, had a bit of a guess at the setting on my Lido E/La Pav combo and hit the sweetspot first time (though I'm sure I can get a bit more out of this bean). Cherry, blueberry sweetness but even more sweet than fruit notes can describe, almost like jelly babies. Would definitely recommend
  14. I'm definitely not getting rid of my La Pav when I get my dream setup in place, it's just too charming!
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