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  1. What bean? What is the problem? Have you tried making it with any other method than espresso, given you were recommended to (it seems?)?
  2. Sorry guys I think I'll step out of this after all. Not worth the postage nor bothering my brother with the faff to get it posted for 3-4 quid instead and I have quite a backlog to get through anyhow. Thanks as always @Hairy_Hogg & @Daren
  3. Okay well I'll put myself down anyway and if not it'll be through ZBK. Cheers! 1. ZBK 2. EricC 3.Mark 70 4.hhgclark 5.SDM 6. ratty 7. filthynines 8. Jackabb 9. AmandaH 10. Marcros 11. Salty 12. Sly 13. MinesAbeer 14. HBLP 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.
  4. I'll be my usual pain in the arse self and ask if there's any chance of shipping to Germany? If not might get ZBK to forward
  5. 55g!? How do you even fit that into your basket? Or do you pull like 4 shots in a row?
  6. HBLP

    Buying my first beans

    1: Either is fine! 2: depends on the bean and how you brew. Generally, lighter beans need more time to rest, and espresso needs more time to rest than filter. 3: depends on the bean again, but generally they should taste great until at least 4 weeks, and likely 6+ weeks (especially if we're talking about a lighter roast bean for espresso)
  7. Had a v60 yesterday, def getting the tea that others mentioned. Some fruit too, some kind of stone fruit, in between cherry and plum maybe right now. Still think this has lots of room to open up but very tasty already!
  8. It can be done, but it's not designed to really be an espresso grinder and lacks fine adjustment (41 steps altogether from espresso-fine to very coarse)
  9. ZBK and I (we're brothers) got this a few days ago, thanks a lot @Daren and @Hairy_Hogg! A bit unbalanced when first brewed, tried again today and it tastes a lot better, excited to seeing how it opens up over the next days! Got a feeling this is one that will taste best at 2 weeks+ (all brews v60)
  10. Hey, looking for some inspiration. What washed beans from the UK would people recommend at the moment, primarily for filter (v60). I like clean, sweet yet complex flavour profiles. Naturals and honey can work too if they're very clean and not funky/too boozy Cheers!
  11. Haven't posted on the forum in a few weeks I think, but I received this at the end of last week (the grinder!). Loving the flavour I get from this, it blows my previous grinder (Lido E, which I loved!) out of the water. Unfortunately don't have my favourite beans on hand, picked up the 'bonanza blend' from Bonanza coffee (well I picked it up from a nearby cafe that uses those beans) as my other beans are either resting or on their way via post. But even with these beans that I don't really like (they have always struck me as too dark roasted and not as nice as other beans I've had from Bonanza
  12. HBLP

    Espresso blend latte

    Hey so you can process coffee in different ways before it's roasted. You can take the beans out of the fruit then wash them then dry them, or just dry them with some amount of the fruit still on (less is honey process, more is 'natural', natural being more common). This all happens before roasting so all types of processing can come at all different roast levels. So really the local roaster is saying to have a 70% washed process, 30% natural process in a medium roast. This coffee from cartwheel has that combination and people in this forum really rate it: https://shop.c
  13. Quite close to El Salvador Yellow Honey Pacamara Best I've done so far This coffee was quite different in many ways to what I usually have, but I really enjoyed it as espresso. Thanks guys for your hard work, stay safe and caffeinated
  14. After flour is not findable even in my local hip organic shops or turkish supermarkets, nor any specialty online shops, I found myself on ebay. Found a guy in a small village here in Germany who sells his flour direct in 5kg bags, bought the two types of white flour i need and some wholegrain too (2.5kg pack). So tomorrow i will receive 12.5kg of flour. There was no coronavirus markup and he even part refunded me for overpaying on shipping! In a time where cowboys thrive, I'm really pleased to have found a really honest seller.
  15. HBLP


    Looking forward to see people, who today or yesterday said closing pubs and restaurants down was too extreme, call the latest decision by the government "brave" and "making the difficult decision".
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