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  1. Not really, he was saying if this happens it's a serious thing and you should speak to or report the roaster directly, because the generalised comments make it sound more common than it is which damages trust in roasters who are honest (the vast majority). You can disagree on that kind of biting your tongue, mind. I do think it's rubbish to say the proof is in the beans. Two beans roasted on the same date can be very differently aged if one is stored badly for a couple days before packing (or packed in a non-sealing bag) and one is immediately packed into well sealed bag.
  2. HBLP


    Welcome John! Lots of people are from the humble beginnings of Nescafe Spend some time round the site learning the ropes (lots of beginners asking for advice based on budget etc) and let us know if you have any questions
  3. Mustefa Abakeno (Ethiopia washed) from Gardelli. First shot - fuck me that's delicious. I do love love love an ethiopian washed and this is up there with some of the best I've had. Orange, lovely lime sweetness (not just acidity) and I think I can see their pomegranate note too. Smells like sweet fudge, not so much on the palate. I think I need to reign in the grind just a tad and then possibly pull a smidgen shorter, the pour was a bit of a mess at the start due to the looseness of the grind and I think I can taste that on the finish.
  4. Geshas are very variable on price. You can still easily find many at £10-15 per bag but they are not the most desirable ones. Personally most expensive was a pacamara natural from El Salvador (from Fjord Coffee here in Berlin), think it was like €18. It was really excellent and I'd buy it again if I could. I haven't yet tried to go above that, I'm not really financially in a position to try outrageously expensive coffee just for the fun of it right now but maybe later this year or next year I'll give one a go. I am consistently impressed by Gardelli's offerings in the high teens, that come out to nearly €20 a bag with delivery sometimes. I'm probably gonna place another order with them once the Mzungu is back in stock.
  5. I never claimed you said ±0.5g, I wrote ", say," meaning 'as a random example with no focus placed on the actual number', sorry for the confusion. I see regarding tamping etc. I always tamp to full compression, so using the same dose produces a very different headspace with different beans. I don't have issues with consistency, it takes me max 2 shots to figure out the perfect dose of a bean in my basket, but it does vary considerably from bean to bean (I do use a very wide range of roasters across Europe with different sourcing and different roasting practices). But anyway I understand your view and it makes sense especially considering your tamp style. I think it makes less sense when tamping to full compression as the important variable re dose there in my experience is having a headspace between X and y mm. On a semi-related note; do you have a strong feeling over one tamp style compared to another? I find full compression gives me most consistency and didn't have much luck using the grooming tool only in the past. On a purely theoretical, layman's basis, I had thought that perhaps the grooming tool being used would compress the top part of the puck most of all, with the middle/bottom being relatively uncompressed allowing greater variability in coffee's distribution (spatially, meaning more inconsistent air-gaps which could encourage channeling). I guessed this would be a problem generally in tamping to anything less than full compression (by full compression I rather mean 'somewhere close to the asymptotic full compression'). I'm no materials scientist, mind and I haven't tested the consistency argument with any rigor.
  6. So you'd say a 16g basket has a, say, 15.5-16.5g tolerance no matter the bean? Or do you mean rather that the weight tolerance is exactly from the appropriate weight of the least dense bean to the most dense (with therefore no 'range' of headspace allowed?)? If the latter, where do you draw the boundaries? I find 95% of beans to be within some relatively small range of density (17g-19g in my 18g basket), but with the odd outlier that I could get 20+g in for the best results (and similar headspace) or one I can't even get 16g in.
  7. Do you have a rough budget? Most expensive is Kinu, followed by Comandante and Helor then you have Lido, the made by Knock grinders and then some new entrants which are well received, 1zpresso. We're talking £300+ for the Kinu, £150-200 for high end Knock/Lido or £80-150 for 1zpresso and the lower end Knocks. If I were you buying a pourover only handgrinder, I'd get the 1zpresso. I don't like the look of how the knocks come with very variable finish and alignment (and can't be self aligned), and think the unibody design of the 1zpressos make them naturally have more consistent alignment.
  8. No-one's yet mentioned that crucially, beans have different densities. MWJB said that baskets have a small weight tolerance. I think it's more informative to say they have small volume tolerances, that is that when tamped you should have a roughly consistent amount of headspace (exactly how much headspace and how much give you have depends somewhat on the machine and basket). Because beans have different densities, sometimes you might need 18g to fill a 16g basket adequately, and other times you might not be able to fit more than 14g in. I do find it odd that someone who runs a cafe is telling you to do a single dose. Barely anyone uses singles and those who do are usually just home espresso enthusiasts. I've never heard of a café that does singles apart from proper Italian ones (i think, never been to Italy but I'll be there in a few months and I'll let you know ;)) that still have an old school 7-8g in to 25-30ml out approach
  9. Thought some people would be interested in this, thought it was a nice overview of their roasting facilities. Think they do some open days here and there for people in London who are interested in seeing it in person
  10. Look, I'm not trying to blame all old people or anything silly like that. Age is a strong predictor of EU in/out preference but it's certainly not the only predictor, I know lots of older folk who voted remain and lots of young people who voted leave (coming from a leave area). And as I said, I like this forum but you have to be pretty naive to create a post like this topic and think you're just making an innocent post and not trying to stir up shit. I don't think Dfk is that naive, I think he's trying to cause a bit of a fuss and then gets angry when he's successful at it. I was one who said long ago that despite my disagreement, we should do something down the middle and do a 'soft-brexit' as a compromise as 52/48 is very close indeed. Instead our democracy is a bit of a delicate one where the 'winner takes all', leaving society ever more divided as time goes on. You'd think people who got as they liked would at least have the grace to not wave it in others' faces, especially when they are all predicting quite unlikely outcomes (compared to what economists are predicting - yes I know we've had enough of experts blah-di-blah and while we're at it let's get amateurs to make our espresso machines so they blow up in our faces) and the process has barely begun. I'd like fighting and hostility to end in some perfect world. But the reality is if I don't fight and others don't fight, Boris will do as he has promised which is to follow in Thatcher's footsteps. The working class voted for Thatcher too and she trampled on them. People can make mistakes in their own interests, especially if they're worse off (that's a very well repeated scientific finding, which I know of being a researcher in decision making and cognitive neuroscience). People voted for Hitler for christ's sake. If every German who was anti-Hitler just said 'okay we lost let's just get on with it' where would we be now? Obviously Johnson is no Hitler but it's exaggeration to make the point clear.
  11. Lol, I'm male and from a working class background so try again. I have no contempt for people who voted leave. I do think that people who believe that Boris will deliver democracy are fools (given how obvious his blatant disregard for democracy is, which I highlighted above and you ignored in your quote, and the fact an undemocratically elected advisor appears to be implementing his vision from years ago, not one of a democratically elected government). I don't have contempt for fools either, it isn't their fault. I never made any comment on how people voted (other than older people being more likely to vote leave which is far beyond reasonable doubt, the margins for error in polling go nowhere near challenging that fact) nor about why people voted. You make lots of big claims about what I think and who I am whilst ironically claiming that I am doing exactly that about all leavers when I never did for one second.
  12. Urgh. I do enjoy this forum mostly but I do have to remind myself that an espresso hobbyist forum does lend itself to being patrolled by well off old men. Even if Brexit has some long term benefits, the people who swung the vote (the over 50s/60s) will likely not live to see the day. And of course the more likely reality is that in 20 years time or so when the demographic has changed, we will vote to rejoin the EU on worse terms than we were originally. I'm not the greatest fan of the EU, it is a bastion of neoliberalism. If we were leaving the EU to pursue a more fair society, with higher standards for work and living, I'd say it might work out (I'd still rather do that from within the EU on balance). As things are, we are led by a man without principles who seized an opportunity and is really a puppet for Dominic Cummings. People are so proud of their new found democracy they fail to recognise that the first thing Boris has done in power is appoint unelected individuals to the house of lords in order to serve in government cabinet. More funnily yet, this was hardly Boris's idea. Dominic Cummings 5 years ago said "if I ever get control of number 10, I'll wack who I want in the house of lords and appoint them to be cabinet ministers". There's a video on youtube if you don't believe me. You're frankly absolute fools if you think Boris Johnson and co will bring you freedom and democracy.
  13. Has anyone tried the tate coffee? It honestly looked quite good and smelt the part too; like quality specialty coffee with a cause (I think the ones I saw were all from women farmers or farms that do something specifically for women). I was too stocked at the time to buy any
  14. HBLP

    Vegan Milk

    Have to say I don't understand at all. As someone who isn't vegan, I take Oatly over cow's milk simply because it tastes better. Cow's milk covers up the flavours of espresso too much, and gives everything a distinct lactic quality that makes the drink heavy and unpleasant (I'm also not lactose intolerant fwiw, and prefer cow's milk for e.g. hot chocolate). I do stress that only the Oatly Barista Edition is any good. The other one is just as shit as the rest of the oat milks. Anyway, guess it's really a case of to each their own
  15. How are long time owners of this feeling about it? Any issues? Any annoyances? I'm considering buying this when it goes on the annual sale later this year, if they ever list it back on their website that is!
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