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  1. Okay great, thanks a lot! 6.45 is fine
  2. 1.MildredM 2.NickDems 3.Jacko112 4.Junglebert 5. Filthynines 6.Cooffe 7.Jollybean 8. Rhys 9.MinesAbeer 10. HBLP (p.s. any chance of delivery to Germany? If not I will get my brother to send this on to me)
  3. If you're willing to go abroad: Five Elephant's Biftu Gudina is a wonderful espresso. Canned peachy sweetness with black tea undertones. Fjord in Berlin also have a bunch of washed and naturals.
  4. I'm not fully sure I understand your point, and I agree people can be dicks without it being about race or colour, but that doesn't mean that racism is any less of an issue. When there was the terrorist attack in London Bridge, I got looks and people moving down the carriage or even off the tube when I got on for days, this is a circular occurance. I get police following me down the street in their cars when I walk home at night. I get simultaneously told by some that I'm not really English and by others I'm 'not really foreign'/'basically english' cause I have a northern accent, or that I am 'one of the good ones' because I'm well educated and well spoken. . All of these things are incredibly offensive and hurtful even if they're seemingly opposite in nature. Sure I don't go into a pub and get 'you're not allowed in here', but if I walk through the town center of where I grew up in the north I get people staring at me all day, especially if I happen to be together with my brother. If I walk into certain locals in certain parts of London even, I get everyone hushing up and looking at me while whispering to each other. I hardly look particularly strange, just an arab guy in his 20s who dresses and talks like an ordinary english guy in their 20s. My point is you might think that from a handful of experiences to do with your height, or what area of bham you grew up or whatever else, that you've had problems too and problems due to race are just one example of problems that happen to everyone. But they don't happen to everyone on anywhere near the same frequency that they happen to people of colour. It's not just about the verbal and physical attacks (of which I've had a few as I mentioned before), but about the everyday hostility shown by people who wouldn't ever think of themselves as racist (and indeed they aren't maliciously so!). But everyone is racist to some extent and anyone who believes otherwise is kidding themselves. Fuck even I have to stop myself from getting a bit more 'uncomfortable' crossing an arab or black guy in the street at night than a white guy, these biases are ingrained in us by society. It's like how even black cops in the US are statistically racist against black people, searching them or shooting them a disproportionate number of times (compared to their frequency of committing crime etc). So yes it's a pity that we can't just say "let's treat everyone the same if they are the same and race makes no difference". We can't say that because people are not treated the same, they do not get the same opportunities and are not viewed in the same way even if on a subconscious level. Your example in your workplace is a very common one, the guardian conducted an investigation that showed that people with Middle Eastern or North African -sounding names have to send 90% more job applications (than people with white names) to be invited for interview, all else being exactly equal. As for the point about certain organisations, I didn't really get it and so I'd need a bit more detail to be able to respond properly.
  5. Yeah, just to add I am one of the (I'm assuming very few) non-white members here and, whilst not being Pakistani in any way and having been living in the UK for 90+% of my life, got called a paki numerous times as a kid, by the same people who then tried to beat me up or tell me to fuck off out of their country. That continued throughout my teenage years and into my first years of adulthood. I have met people actually from pakistan who've had the same levelled to them. My dad once even got told by a hotel receptionist 'don't go to this area of town, it's where all the pakis go' (he's arab). Whether it is descriptive or not, doesn't stop it being offensive if it has historically been used in an offensive way. And I have to say I'm pretty upset reading the people on this thread talking about 'reverse racism', I thought we had gotten past this ridiculous notion and come to a point of understanding of what racism is. It's not just differential treatment of people based on their race. Just like how a disabled parking spot is not reverse-ableism, help to those who are of a minority race is not reverse-racism. And acknowledging that many white people hold certain views because their upbringing and experience is neither reverse-racism. I'd really like to hear more detail of what some here might consider reverse racism so I can completely debunk it. A little article on the topic of 'reverse racism': https://www.businessinsider.de/heres-why-reverse-racism-doesnt-actually-exist-in-the-us-2016-4?r=US&IR=T
  6. Okay thanks! Not getting much other advice it seems so I'll go with those
  7. Hey, wanting to see if anyone has a strong preference for one brand of #4 filters over another. I am definitely going for bleached, I hear some people have issues with Melitta #4 and rate the Filtropa ones higher, and I saw some reference to a Kalita filter paper online but I'm not sure what it's size is called and whether it's affordable. Any other suggestions or should I just go with the Filtropa ones? Cheers
  8. On a 12 hour train ride back to Germany, drinking the lovely Biftu Gudina (Ethiopian washed, filter profile) by Five Elephant out of a paper cup. Ground on a Wilfa Svart several days ago (my brother brought his grinder to the parents and he left a little earlier than me) and brewed in a v60, 30g in, 45s 75g bloom and a long pour to 500g. Despite slight staleness and dullness I still get some lovely peachy tea notes. I'm a massive sucker for coffee with black tea and peach or apricot notes, so this is right up my street and roasted brilliantly as always from Five Elephant. Also getting some notes of paper but I'll blame that on the cup...
  9. Not at all. Pump machines were traditionally set at 9 bar, but lots of specialty cafes and home espresso enthusiasts will peak at a much lower pressure, around 6-7. I find this especially better with lighter roasts, where 9 bar (especially without proper preinfusion or ramp-up) can too often lead to channeling or just some unspecified harshness in taste. Spring lever machines often peak at 7 bar or so and many people with pressure-profiling machines seek to replicate lever profiles as they seem to more reliable create sweeter more balanced extractions.
  10. Fwiw guys I really don't think this guy's marketing, just a friendly french chap trying to pass on cheap deals. It's true that not everyone can afford specialty coffee and to get a roast date printed within a month or so on something that is £7 a kilo would be quite interesting to some
  11. It's 3pm on a saturday to be fair! But I think I'll be busy that weekend so I will also do it in my own time
  12. It's still likely just your puck prep. Do you stir grinds? Are you now weighing your grinds with a better scale? Maybe try a different basket too, the triple baskets that come with naked portafilter are often pretty rubbish quality.
  13. While I agree with everyone on the lack of importance of crema, it definitely is strange to not be getting crema out of Rave Fudge blend 9 days old when going 1;2 in 30s (so definitely fine enough). When you put the beans in the freezer, did you seal them completely? Including the air valve in the bag they come in? Did you let them defrost completely before opening them?
  14. Bit off-topic but why would you consider a pro over the regular DE? What features do you feel you're missing?
  15. This is the kind of setup I see here in Germany (p.s. I moved from London to Berlin and I have no idea about Melbourne but London has nothing on Berlin) at the lower end 'traditional' artisan roasters. They are half the price of the hipster places, have single origin offerings, but don't know the varietal/farm/elevation/process if you ask them, they don't store their beans in a way that keeps freshness so even ones I've had that were roasted 1 week ago seemed a little stale, and the fact of the matter is they just never taste as good as my favourite roasters. They just don't seem to be able to roast in a way that doesn't make every coffee taste the same. Even when their roasts are 'lighter' than ones i get from my local 3rd wave place, they still somehow taste more roasty. Which lends credence to the known fact that overall roast profile is just as if not more important than roast level. I really gave lots of these types of places a try, as for a few months i lived in Germany in a city without specialty coffee. Now I'm glad to be in Berlin with roasters like Five Elephant just 15 minute walk away. It costs more but this is my biggest hobby, I decided I deserve the treat.
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