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  1. 3rd shot of the Craft House Coffee Colombia El Muro. Looked an absolute disaster in the naked portafilter, despite doing my usual (incredibly thorough) routine for distribution and tamping. Taste is quite nice; getting the berries/treacle for sure. I do think I'd like some more sweetness out of this; a little too tart still right now. Might try a smaller basket for a longer ratio but that might make this even more of a nightmare through the pf. Let's see!
  2. Welcome Nikola! Lots of us here based in mainland Europe too Looking forward to seeing you around the forum
  3. Very excited for these; will not get to pry them open until Thursday. Thanks all for your hard work!
  4. Thanks for the reply and all; just to make sense of this: maxicoffee is the roaster, and on the website you only sell coffee from your roastery, but then you have different brands that are separated based on quality? Or something else? I'll keep an eye out for that new ethiopian; I'll be sure to make another order with you guys in january sometime after I get through the outrageous amount of coffee I've ordered for the christmas period
  5. I think the thing is that theoretically they could take you to court, but in practical terms they would rarely bother (and just send 3-4 threatening letters before giving up). I don't want to give you bad advice, but in my family we've had like 4-5 of these between us (over the last 10+ years). On 2 of them we shouted them down as they were entirely the fault of the company and the others we just ignored and they sent 2 more letters doubling the fine until they gave up and we never heard from them again.
  6. HBLP

    Christmas blends

    It might just be me but I've pretty much never gotten a great cup out of a bean that has tasting notes of 'chocolate and raisin'. Not from Curve, Tim Wendelboe, anywhere no matter how good the roaster is meant to be. Just tastes 'meh' at absolute best once dialled in.
  7. HBLP

    Christmas blends

    Gardelli have done their first ever holiday coffee and like the trend is going the past 2 years, it's a single origin rather than a festive blend. Notes of Marzipan / Butter / Green Apple / Oolong Tea. I think I'm gonna pick up a few bags as Christmas treats and so might get this one plus an extra to gift a coffee roaster friend back home.
  8. Want to get a flat bed brewer with no restriction; looking primarily at something that will use Wave filters, ideally 155 but 185 would work too. Origami is the one in mind but if someone has a different one I haven't heard of that they want to get rid of because it just sits unused in a cupboard, shout me! Thanks
  9. Will get to the UK on the night of the 18th with this waiting for me and my brother, along with like 5 other bags of coffee including the gesha from craft house and some other great beans. I smell a cupping! Excited to try this bean, thanks a lot for all your work, Daren and Hairy Hogg, so far!
  10. Tbh i don't like them patronising explaining how production works in every update. We get it, why didn't you get it long ago. Make some kind of schedule then times all the timings by 3 because that's the reality with most complex things in life.
  11. Yeah I fully understand; on a relative level it's completely reasonable! Just on an absolute level with holidays coming up which empty the wallet etc, this lsol might not get as much love as it deserves from guests
  12. HBLP

    Cup or mug

    which machine are you looking at?
  13. Short guestlist this month; it is quite dear to be fair though I understand why that's the case..
  14. For me, taste notes including consideration of roast level/profile. Some dark roasts can taste chocolatey, but i wouldn't then say a light roast with chocolate notes (washed or natural) is similar. Often processing needs to come into this. I would very very rarely say a natural tastes like a washed coffee, even if I would describe their tasting notes quite similarly. But yeah a washed Ethiopian with black tea and peach notes, I'd recommend other washed Ethiopians with similar roast level with tea, bergamot, apricot, peach, jasmine etc notes.
  15. I have to say; though the original product is a bit full of itself and similar to minipresso etc while pretending to be new, the video 'busting' it is almost even worse. He's so full of himself for someone who doesn't seem to know very much about coffee. He says espresso machines have 'evolved' from a microcasa a leva to a delonghi full auto... Okay technologically it's more advanced but the coffee is certainly not better I also think he's completely wrong about the pressure thing; isn't the whole idea that they have used some system with a one-way pump that builds up pressure above the water to force it through the puck at pressure? He's basically ignored the whole point. I'm not gonna watch past that bit, this guy comes off as an arrogant dickhead and on top of that he has no reason to be so arrogant. I'm not interested in the product but we shouldn't give a platform to ignorant people looking to shit on other people's work without even understanding it. If he wants to provide a fair criticism with actually knowing how the product works, fine, but he clearly doesn't have a clue about espresso nor about the product.
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