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  1. Just got my first espresso machine, have had a play with supermarket beans and would now like to try this out. Would it be possible to get the discount code? Thanks in advance!
  2. Brilliant, thanks! Will PM you now.
  3. Very tempted by this. Would you recommend it for a complete beginner? Thanks! Also, does it come with the instructions? Edit: I have since found the instructions online and I'm sure there will be plenty of video tutorials online too. I'd like to make an offer of £300. Postage included would be excellent but I understand if that's not possible. Many thanks!
  4. Am I being too fussy wanting a machine with a PID (another reason why I was looking at the Sage)? Maybe I am, esp. with my budget. Tempted by that Tebe even though I'm not sure its look is to my taste. Something like that could work with a Eureka grinder possibly I may be more confused than ever. I'm watching some older Gaggia Classics on eBay in the meantime. Research continues... .
  5. This sounds promising, thanks! Also like that there's more of a guarantee that machines will have been well looked after by sellers on here.
  6. Thanks for replying! That's good to know about the sale and that people are going to be adding stuff...I may wait and see what's on offer there rather than rush into a decision. Older Gaggia Classics seem to be very popular here and I am very tempted now to get a 2nd hand one. I'm going to have another nosy around here for suggestions.
  7. Thanks! Up to £500 is what I'm prepared to pay.
  8. Hi fellow NI dweller! I posted a bit more detail here: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?46305-Advice-Welcome! My budget is up to £500 and my shortlist so far is: Sage Barista Express Older 2nd hand Gaggia Classic De'longhi Scultura (or similar)
  9. I updated my post regarding 2nd hand. I have been looking at 2nd hand but am not fully on board with it yet but not against it either. I'm going to do some more 2nd hand searches and see what I find! Thanks also for the grinder suggestions, will look into these too.
  10. Thanks very much for your input! Good to know about the KG79.
  11. So, I've been researching coffee machines and have narrowed the search down but some advice would be great! Firstly, I want a semi-automatic machine. I'm a beginner and my budget is up to £500. I want to make espresso and mainly long drinks and enough room underneath to do so, and a milk frother seems to come along with all that, so great. It came down to the Sage Barista Express OR something like the Gaggia Classic or De'longhi Scultura with a Baratza Encore grinder or De'Longhi KG79 grinder. The issue/question mark I have about the Sage is that it is a 54mm portafilter and from what I can tell, there aren't any bottomless portafilters that fit. I have learnt that a bottomless portafilter is really good for learning and, as a beginner, the pros of having one sound right up my street. That's my only issue with the Sage. I read that the Gaggia Classic was brilliant up to a certain year and that the more recent machines aren't as good, which puts me off. Also, it means having a separate grinder, which is fine, but it's another purchase to get right. As a beginner, I could go with something like the Scultura with the cheaper grinder but would I regret that in the long run? I also came across this machine but haven't researched it at all yet: https://amzn.to/2zmU3pY So, at the minute it is either go for the more expensive "all-in-one" Sage which I really like but is the 54mm portafilter a deal breaker, or something more "budget", or something in between the two - but what? Any suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance! Update: meant to say that I'm partially open to 2nd hand but would prefer new with warranty with the reason being you just never know with this kind of appliance and previous issues. But open to it if it's a trusted seller etc.
  12. I rarely sign up for any forums online and am usually very much a lurker. This is different as I really want to learn from others here and discuss things about the coffee making process so I signed up after a day!
  13. I was googling 54mm bottomless portafilters and a forum thread on this site came up.
  14. Hello, I'm a complete beginner and have been researching coffee machines recently to get started with my first proper set-up (I have a filter coffee machine and only experienced the "good" stuff in coffee shops). I wanted to get your opinions so that's why I've joined this site. After researching everything I've narrowed my search down and just need the final vote to make the purchase. I'll be posting soon. Looking forward to reading all the forums and your advice. Ginger Bean
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