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  1. Just to update. I took the Delonghi Dedica apart. Damn, that thing is a PITA to undo. I found some posts on another forum that said Delonghi warranty techs didn't even both fixing the Dedica, it was simply replace - not worth the techs time. I ended up sacking it off and am now the proud owner of the Sage DTP. It pulls a beautiful Lavazza espresso, and I'll be even better off once I buy a decent grinder to use beans
  2. Goodness, I literally went to run another stronger descale through group head only, and I have two replies! Thank you both Yep, I have a friend with the DTP and he raves about it - I've just never tried it because he lives a long way from me. I have done some further tests and the wand is putting out plenty of power and can fill a cup in a couple of minutes (it's only a thin stream), so if the pump is attached to both, I don't think the pump is at fault. Shame, this is the 2nd Delonghi espresso machine that's packed up on us. We drink a lot of coffee (we have 4 kids), but have always descaled frequently and kept it clean and never abused either machine. Rather than fork out on replacement parts that might not fix it, I'll buy the DTP instead. EDIT: Bella Barista has some awesome kit. Maybe one day! Next time I buy I'll make sure I don't throw my receipt in the bin DOH
  3. Hello, did a search but can't find same issue. I have a 13 month old Delonghi Dedica EC.685. It has a fault whereby hardly any water leaves the group head when pulling coffee. I've run 3 descales through it to ensure it isn't a build up of limescale (we regularly descale anyway), have also reset to defaults but no change. Looking at a few youtube videos it 'looks' like it could be the pump... But interestingly the wand seems to put out full pressure and the usual amount of water. Not sure whether the pump feeds both of these - but it makes sense that it would, which then has me wondering whether there is a fault with the pump at all. So confession - we decluttered earlier this year and threw out loads of old boxes, including the box for this. And then my wife remembered we put the receipt inside it. So there is no receipt. Bought at John Lewis but they don't keep electronic receipts and my bank statement just shows a purchase amount from them, not what I bought. I'd like to try repairing this if I can. If I can't, I'll cut my losses and buy a replacement Sage DTP. Thanks Alex
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