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  1. Could I get the code by PM as I need to order some coffee Thanks in advance Dell
  2. Welcome Mr Latte I am New also and not to far away from you in Warwickshire.
  3. Dell


    I hate predictive text I had to 're read my post to make sure the thing hadn't changed rinsing to rising before I replied. Thanks Dell
  4. Dell


    Thanks for your prompt reply I have a delongi 4000s not sure where you got rising from I never said rising, anyway I have used the correct descailing stuff what I was asking was do I use the same process to rinse as with descailing but with clean water ? Dell
  5. Hi all New to this forum I am as title, I live in Warwickshire on edge of the Cotswolds and I like lawn bowls and going on holiday ( you know what they say a bad day on holiday is better than a good day at work) I work for a coach company repairing body damage we have 97 coaches so I will never be short of work I reach retirement age at Xmas although I will not be retiring yet. Two more posts to go to get to ten posts.(seems an odd rule to me) Dell
  6. Dell


    Hi all Descailed coffee maker this morning,instructions tell you about descailing but all it said about rinsing is now ready for rinsing I presume it is the same process as descailing. Anyone got any thoughts ? Dell
  7. Dell


    Hi all just renewed our passports today and lost 9 months. It seems the rules have changed without the government telling anyone you can no longer renew 9 months early and get 10 years and 9 months,another UK ripoff.
  8. Dell

    Tea bag

    Best tea for me is Tesco red label great cup of tea and the best thing is its cheap.
  9. Dell

    New but old

    That's fine when I get to 10 posts will have a look at Compass in mean time. Thanks
  10. Dell

    New but old

    Thanks for the reply's I get my coffee from Rave but normally not blends will give them a try. Never heard of Compass will have to Google.
  11. Found it by accident looking for something else.
  12. Hi all Just found this forum,I like most people love fresh coffee used to use pre ground but not the same as fresh ground, so last year purchased a dellongi bean to cup and keep trying different beans but not found that perfect one yet. So if anyone has any suggestions I will try them . Dell
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