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  1. Hello All, I would be really grateful for your advice on the following. I need a quieter, faster upgrade for my 2013 Gaggia MDF grinder. It’s been reliable but I find it very slow and noisy (especially if trying not to wake my wife when leaving early for work) Also messy - wasteful. And we both find it intrusive when we have guests in kitchen diner. In addition, because I alternate making a caffeinated cup for me and a decaf for my wife I measure the beans by volume and grind enough only for each port a filter load. Should I change to a doserless grinder? At first I thought that a Baratza 270w with quick swappable caf and decaf hoppers might be more efficient. But am put off by cost/noise and talk of unreliability. Is the Eureka Mignon a good way to go? Rancilio Rocky? Clear info on noise levels hard to come by. And of of course I hope to get a taste upgrade as well! Many thanks Keith Constraints: £375 max, under counter height 55cm General usage: 2 caffeinated and 2 decaffeinated punchy flat whites. Using Union beans. Used to use JB Johannes Bauer when I could get them 2013 Gaggia classic - seems to be the older solid build. Put on rancilio wand but I can’t use well and it’s slow so I use (dare I mention here????) Dualit frother!
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