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  1. @Carlo - Not all the time, used to tweak it for a better taste. Darker roasts can extract too much of the bad stuff as well. Brew guide below from black cat coffee twilight blend: Espresso - 18g in 36g out over 32 seconds. If you can adjust the temperature take it down to 90c. If you can pressure profile then start at 9bars and decline steadily.
  2. I haven’t had the chance to use it that much with no travelling recently! 😢 I think it was around 1.6-7 for the fine grind Rao single pour v60. Maybe try at 2.0 ish and work your way down passed on timings/taste?
  3. @Carlo -I quite like the option of using a lower flow/pressure with darker roasts, find the results can be a fair bit nicer using say 6-8 rather than 9bar. Not an essential but easier than adjusting the OPV etc., the paddles are easier. Maybe look at the coffee sensor one, the ECM version has a ball for the adjuster which is right hand threaded so comes undone a bit during use.
  4. @profesor_historia - Maybe a few seconds off the grind time and better mouth feel/flavour separation? I haven’t seen the extraction numbers, or a comparison of the particle distributions/sift results from a quick online search, not saying it hasn’t been done though. People do like them, but your mileage may vary.
  5. Hi, have a look at the pics in this thread and it should be clearer. It’s a pretty common design for a lot of both home and professional grinders. The upper burr is mounted onto a carrier which rests on the three springs, the adjustment collar presses the carrier down and this is resisted by the springs. Since the upper carrier can move around a bit in theory with the beans etc., people were questioning the cost/benefit of fitting super fancy precise burrs in a system which it is not fixed. I had a SJ and have a soft spot for the Mazzers, don’t think I would have gotten red speed bur
  6. I quite like the “Big-Endian vs. Little-Endian” comparison in this case! 🥚
  7. @Aidy - Some grinders have augers (EK and atom etc.) bean turbine (Kafatek) or weights added in the throat by people as a way of helping them be more uniform on single dosing. Cheapest solution was the bean flow control disc now shipped as standard with Niche grinders for that. Other grinders have more efficient sweeper mechanisms like the Niche Zero etc., or enough grunt in the motor to clear more effectively if single dosed like a modified Major or Atom 75e.
  8. Pretty accurate, maybe tighter clearance on the sweeper vanes and marginally less dead spots under the carrier. More plastic than the Mazzers, especially on the adjustment collar. With the floating three spring top burr carrier it also means it won’t ever be super aligned. People questioned the difference fancy burrs would make on a SJ. Not 100% convinced it adds a lot more than a SJ or Major with a Daniel Wong kit tbh. Cheaper mind, but arguably looks wise more divisive than the Niche, made me think of a metal bathroom pedal bin! 😂
  9. @Baffo - Fair point on the language differences. I might be being a bit hypocritical but for some reason I’m OK with the Numatic “Henry/Hetty” branding, but it seems a bit different somehow or more fun and balanced. Rather than trying to tie it to a glamorous or idealised film star.
  10. I would say the marketing for some products is far too old fashioned. The only thing I don’t like about Lelit is their branding for the machines, which I wasn’t fully aware of when I got my Mara. Much prefer an “EK43”, “Cherub” or “Europiccola”, “Guatemala” or “P700” or none gendered names. Slightly off topic but I am mildly annoyed by crossfit for the same reason. It makes me think of blokes naming their bike/gun otherwise...
  11. @dfk41 - Could it be simply that the new section has just not finished yet and has had a soft/technical go-live ahead of a bigger roll out? I do like Londinium, but they are known to push the dates back on stuff a bit...
  12. @haventadog - There are decent offers for forum users, as well as the nice beans that is definitely one of the reasons I’ve been using Black Cat coffee a lot recently. It would be a shame to create a “walled garden” so to speak, where it changes the dialogue on the forum or you can’t criticise a sponsor’s service/product offering. I had assumed LSOL acted as a bit of a gateway to get people trying a broader range, helps give smaller roasters a leg up. Then feeds back into the sponsors by buying more kit and beans off the back of it or seeing the discussions then picking similar varie
  13. @Hairy_Hogg - Never got round to joining in the LSOL subscription for some reason, but if it does go forwards I would be keen to give it a go. If you or anyone else does carry it on please drop me a message?
  14. I saw some pics ages ago of someone who had routed a hole in their kitchen cabinet bottom so the lever could stand in it with the door closed! 😅 Only being able to make coffee with the door open would drive me a bit mad though...
  15. @Nad I can get 5 out of mine in terms of water, but that is espresso only with either much cold tea cloth faffing or using a heat sink.
  16. @Nopapercup - I do love my Pavoni but it is an unforgiving hard machine! 😭🔥 A poster a while back wanted to get one for his work’s office to use by colleagues. It made me do a double take as in theory you could just unscrew the cap at full boiler pressure or grab the hot boiler body to move it if you didn’t know better. It would give my H&S person a conniption...
  17. @Rincewind - Unless you need the cash, maybe look at donating to a local inclusive cycling scheme if one exists? I read about a charity which does a lot of work with kids that have quite varied levels of physical difficulties. They had trikes and tandems to use with the volunteers and kids, looked quite fun.
  18. @hotmetal - The frame braze on specific to a certain type is a bit of a limitation, sure that is why V and canti brakes are still popular. I remember the Maguras from when I was a teenager quite common on trials bikes. They were great in the dry but you had to have special u-shaped stiffening plates to stop your frame being pushed out sideways via flex as the push was so powerful.
  19. @hotmetal - I do like a good retro bike. Rollercam brakes, never knew they existed though! Searched for them and they look like a weird cross between solid rod and cantilevers? 😅 Bet they must have been fun on wet trails, I can see the appeal of modern discs a bit more now...
  20. @Al Grandé - Not as bad as running! So pleased to have hit all my 1/2 & full running goals before Christmas so I could take a break from it... 😂 I’ve been a big fan of the Sufferfest bits for a while with the bad rock music and old race videos, also their training level assessments are handy in helping you improve bits of your bike fitness.
  21. Not got a pic of my Surly Crosscheck or flat bar tourer commuter to hand and a bit messy after the unboxing... But I think this counts since my wife and I are currently getting a lot more Zwift/Sufferfest rides in now I’m not doing my marathon training. Managed to nab one just before the Nov lockdown and so much better than my old fluid turbo! 😂
  22. Glad you did it properly! Can’t imagine it being the most fun job in the world.
  23. @StevenG91 - A great refurb project, hope the coffee is as good as it looks! How did you handle removing the asbestos out of interest, as it looked like the more dangerous sprayed on brown kind?
  24. @John Yossarian That is a heroic coffee to desert ratio! I need to up my game next time. 👍
  25. @Cuprajake - Nice to put a voice to the forum member! Looks like you do get a whole lot of machine for your money though. I could see why they chose a simple water container like that for cost/space saving, the open top does make it easier to get your hand in for cleaning as well. Definitely on my list in case my old style Mara meets an unfortunate end. Wish for an extra £60 they braced the metal drip tray from flexing and gave a steel waste tray though...
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