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  1. They look to be made of dragon fruit! Really different looking, sorely tempted but I can’t get on with half glazed cups for some reason.
  2. After finally getting thestainless ECM flow kit to fit my Mara by using a super chunky Viton o-ring, I decided to mod the adjuster as I just didn’t get on with the stock one as it kept loosening with use. Slightly annoying as you can’t buy the 20-tooth splined inserts and the supplied metal one is a tapered cone... 😢 Bought a chunk of African Blackwood from eBay, roughly shaped it, Forstner bit for the recess, brass insert for the m5 grub screw and a load of JB weld to hold it together along with a steel pin. I used a Stanley knife blade as a final scraper and Danish oil to finish it
  3. @ales - Thanks! I realised after I built it, that I had somehow created a slightly updated version of my Dad’s old Raleigh Royal without intending to... Just hope it lasts as long. 😅 I did sell my Specialized carbon forked modern road bike when I stopped riding with a club, just wanted something that could be flexible and take proper mudguards.
  4. @Baffo - It was this one but no longer available. Similar items from the suggested links though. Check this out: Outbit Espresso Dosing Funnel - P... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08DDC74YC/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdb_imm_QBDJFYHE6FF5HHA3R9AF?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  5. @BlackCatCoffee - I had forgotten how they priced them, the R24 is £3,080 + VAT. Actually a pet peeve of mine when b2c businesses don’t add it in by default. Well, obviously I do hope they sell well. But then quite nice to have options if you have room just in case? 😉
  6. @daveandmairi - A WDT tool from the Philippe-Stark school of OTT a design?
  7. @BlackCatCoffee - If you have convinced yourself that £2K is OK to spend on a coffee machine then stretching to get a Londinium isn't a big mental jump potentially which could give you all the pressure control bells and whistles.... They do look nice but I couldn't see why you would get one rather than a Profitec 800 which is smaller and has tank/plumb options for similar money. Has anyone ever gotten in touch with you to express interest, as they seem quite pricey for the level of tech?
  8. @Baffo - I bought a Decent espresso a-like matt anodised aluminium one which sits on the basket lip. No magnets or fancy logo but it was about £7 posted. Loads on e-bay or Amazon.
  9. @ForumCat What about a Santos Barista, says Turkish on the spec? Far cheaper than an EK43 Turkish, small still has a bean auger and vertical burrs. If it’s only 60 a week I wouldn’t really want to pay £2K+ on a punt, unless you wanted to use it for regular coffee at some point. £2,000 at 60 coffees a week at £1 profit takes 33 ish weeks to cover outlay £1,000 at 60 coffees a week at £1 profit takes 17 ish weeks to cover outlay https://www.nisbets.co.uk/santos-barista-coffee-grinder-01/cp769
  10. @Marocchino - Sure yours are a bit more fancy/calibrated if you are an engineer! 😉 Agree with them being handy though, such a simple idea but they “just work” which I really like.
  11. Used them for a lot of coffee things as well, so mostly on topic... A set of Vernier callipers from Wilkinson’s, cost me the princely sum of £2.50 as the case was cracked! Or acrylic disc/foam to make my rocket puffer more efficient.
  12. My other half is very similar. She knows ballpark how much I spent on my EK43S this year, i.e. it was North of ££££ but has never actually (thankfully! 😅) asked me to specify exactly how much it was. She does rib me about it now and again or threaten to use it as a spice grinder if she is slightly annoyed at me. Obviously it goes both ways with her hobbies as well, I can foresee a pretty coloured road bike this summer from the hints she has been dropping...
  13. Went out for a spin around Epping Forrest with some hill repeats on Mott Street and Lippits Hill so took a few pics. Road bike is a Surly Cross Check, maybe around 6-7 years old? Just before road discs were popular which might have been a mistake in hindsight 😂 Shimano 105 ten speed group, with a 9 speed xt rear derailleur. Trp CX-9 mini v-brakes are pretty good. Built the 32 spoke wheels myself with 105 hubs, DT Swiss RR465 rims and 25mm 4 seasons. Pretty nippy actually with the guards and saddle bag removed, lighter than you would think.
  14. @Baffo - Funnily enough, I was chatting to another forum member and he had a similar question. So I tried out both a big flat//conical this weekend with my other half as the blind taster. Results are in for the EK43 vs. Niche throw down. It was officially a tie! 😂 I prefer the EK, thinner shots with more distinct fruity acidity but less texture. Closer to what you would expect in a hipster 3rd wave coffee shop. My wife prefers the niche, more body or thickness, tastes marginally less fruity and slightly more “traditional”. Tiny bit more chaff but still can handle profiled shots
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