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  1. @dutchy101 The CC mahogany roasts in my experience are fine with less than a week as they are so dark. I have found lighter denser fruitier beans benefit from more resting. Personally I would put one bag in the freezer now and leave the other out, once the cherry cherry is finished swap over the hopper beans for room temp rested and take the one out the freezer for when it is finished. In for a treat with the Brighton Lanes, one of our house favourites with milk actually. 👍
  2. I know you only said grinder upgrade, but if you get a fancier one wouldn’t you want a machine that gets the most out of it? 1- Lower cost (it’s relative! 😅) - sell the Mazzer and Gaggia. Buy a flow paddle for the Isomac if it fits (would be a punt) and get a Niche Zero. 2 - Higher cost - sell the Mazzer, Gaggia and Isomac. Buy a Vesuvius, Lelit Bianca, Profitec/ECM dual boiler with a paddle. New grinder, Niche if space constrained, EK43S Turkish if single dosing and have the space for it, or a Eureka Atom 75 if using a hopper of beans. Keep the Pav for both options as they a
  3. @Gilly - How much cash are you looking to throw in the mix, if you could fit a paddle/brew gauge to the Isomac it would offer something different for less money?
  4. @Saltydog - Ah, that is a pricey one! Might be a bit much in case I get an “enforcing the patriarchy” reaction or wish that I had spent £80+ on books/Lush for her instead.🤔 This might be closer price wise, also avoids having an open comb double safety razor like the leaf which looked like a steep learning curve... https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08GP4VHQ2/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_btf_awdo_f3CKFbPQCC82C?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  5. @Tait Looks really good and a lot more modern. One bit though, for the stacked logo the fonts are different sizes so COFFEE is as wide as FORUMS in the bubble. Any chance it could be the same size, as it doesn’t look quite right? I am a bit finicky about stuff matching though, so please take it with a pinch of salt! 😉
  6. @Rumpelstiltskin - I think they do it really because they want to fit in with their mates, like how it feels and the way it looks. I gently ribbed one of my mates from the climbing club about it as you end up staring at the back of their legs for hours whilst you are belaying. He responded “well of course I shave them, I am obviously a member of a very serious cycling club!” 😂 Made me giggle a bit, road cyclists are a funny bunch. See Rule #33 for more detail. https://www.velominati.com/the-rules-cat/rule-33-and-the-summer-barbecue/
  7. Any suggestions on lady safety razors, assuming a longer handle and better blade corner cover? My wife quite liked the shaving cream/brush I got and is fed up of disposable pink plastic ones etc. as she is pretty keen on generating less plastic landfill. I was thinking about getting her one as a stocking filler (sorry I had to! 😅) for Christmas, only could see these from known brands etc. Merkur 24c - https://www.theenglishshavingcompany.com/merkur-24c-long-handle-lady-s-de-safety-razor.html Jagger Heather - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00K6Z1R60/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_btf_awdo
  8. @Rharrison - Dave is right, try loosening the grub screw and repositioning. It should sort it in most cases. If it doesn’t then it is likely the injector o-ring isn’t sealing properly with the group and letting water past it when at the fully closed position. Some brands of o-rings are a bit chunkier than others so it would be worth trying a couple out. @Lucian_Blue - The spare spring is only to overcome the e61 mechanical preinfusion, it doesn’t control the shut off really.
  9. @coffeechap - Happy birthday dude, hope they are making a fuss out of you! 🥳
  10. @Longmanh - You might be luckier than me. Sample never materialised, but they have succeeded in sending a lot of marketing stuff to me though...
  11. It was this one, maybe taken with a pinch of salt as the HB crowd seem to be “very positive” in comparison to CFUK.... 😅 https://www.home-barista.com/reviews/la-marzocco-swift-mini-review-t61148.html
  12. @MWJB - Closest I’ve seen to a flat vs. Conical test was on the Home Barista forum where they had a group of coffee shop regulars/staff do blind ish tasting on a Mythos vs. a LM home Swift small conical with espresso. Results were evenly split, I will try and dig out the link if I have time this morning.
  13. @El carajillo - Good point on placing it down after it stops. Reading some horror stories of people putting down grinders/saws that are still spinning then being chased/injured by them has made me very careful to make sure it has always stopped. Will take the same approach with the routers, a super sharp spinning blade in the base is not to be trifled with 😬
  14. @Skizz - Thanks for the pointers. Didn’t go for the Trend set as half the profiles look like I would never use them. Really liked the Axminster carbide 40mm Forstner bit that even my cheapo pillar drill could get through 50mm of hardwood ply. I decided to get their starter 1/4” four pack of under/over trimmers, 3/16” ovolo and 45 deg chamfer bits. Slightly more expensive, but hopefully with fewer in the set it means they are the same quality as their other stuff.
  15. @little_rob - Nice to support a UK business, you are more patient than me in that regard! 😂 I caved eventually and got a JX from Bella Barista instead and a bunch of beans as a bit of a compromise. Good luck with the website stakeout! 🤞
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