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  1. @Dsp82 - Maybe get an Aergrind (£120) to see if you like hand grinders? Definitely good enough for espresso in small numbers, see if you then want to save up for an electric one like the niche. Your call then on keeping it for travel or selling it on second hand as they don’t drop too dramatically.
  2. @AndyDClements - Also a potential problem with my current tap. I fitted a non-return valve on both the hot and cold supplies to try and avoid the hot being overwhelmed or drinking contaminated. The project has been parked for now, couldn’t justify potentially breaking the sink or having to get a plumber out with all the restrictions. Long term something I’m looking at but much more likely to be a small dedicated tap in the sink corner run off the cold.
  3. @joey24dirt - The plot thickens as my wife’s name is “Jo”, which has made me wonder if she’s somehow been leading a double life of skateboarding and making fancy turned coffee accessories... 😉
  4. Ah, I am torn! Before this I thought he was overrated and his kettlebell form sucks big time. Would be 100% punch. He is claiming all money from this will go to the NHS as donations. I’m going to say fair play to him though, my wife and her colleagues, plus all my mates and their kids are all joining in. If it helps them to be active during and maybe after this. Even if it makes him money. I may need to avert my eyes whenever he even thinks about showing a kettlebell strict press or swing though... 🙈
  5. Wife made banana bread as we had a couple of overripe bananas in the fruit bowl.
  6. @coffeechap - That’s the plan, it’s not like I don’t have some time on my hands now! 😉 Will be using the same walnut satin varnish to get a different finish on my Niche base and feet in the near future.
  7. Wanted a slightly darker version of the nice tamper I got off @coffeechap a bit ago. A few coats of walnut varnish with a cloth then 4 coats of 2k lacquer and it’s done. Was quite hard to photograph as it’s pretty glossy!
  8. @adam85 - Looks good, reckon less pollution is helping with clearer skies?
  9. @El carajillo Cheers, it is pretty hefty and I included inner pieces so it doesn't sound as embarrassingly thunderous as it did at first... Haven't heard of the Harvard step test before but looks like fun, however I might need a bigger stepper! 😂 Was looking to use as an alternative to skipping in the garden, plus a way to keep your jumps honest with burpees etc. Good spot on the rhubarb, almost ready for the first crop and Jo is looking to do a crumble next weekend to make the most of it 🤞
  10. A 10” tall exercise stepper/jumping bench from scrap wood I had knocking about. Really solid with the noggin/corner braces. Mainly for my wife to use and to see if I might fancy a full on plyo box if social distancing is going to stretch out a bit.
  11. @Jon_Foster That looks fab, making me wish my wife and I hadn’t turned pescatarian in Jan...
  12. Mystery 12 is coming along quite nicely in my house, a bit more acid and chocolate than the last one rather than nutty. Definitely on the “crowd pleaser” end of scale, nice in espresso, with milk or AeroPress. My wife noticed a pleasant but strange herby taste to her coffee today which I could get as well? 🤷‍♂️ Very odd. Need to report back if it was a one off, i.e. funny milk or something on the cups as it hasn’t happened before...
  13. @christos_geo Liking the home made rungs and pinch block, sure the instability actually makes it harder. Also balloons are an ingenious way to get assistance for harder holds, I normally just use a small pulley and a weight but each to their own! 😂
  14. Northern_Monkey

    Mara X

    @Badgerman - BB included a shot glass when I got my Mara deluxe the other year, not in the old style tank though or I might never have managed to get it out in one piece! Glad you are liking your new machine though.
  15. @MildredM Are they poo bag holders? If so, it did make my wife and I chuckle a bit.
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