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  1. I have our 1998 Classic on a rollout caddy, which makes refilling convenient. I replaced the steam wand with a Silvia V1 and my next project is to install a PID in the near future. Interesting fact, when I first purchased the unit about a year ago from a couple that has used it about 3 times in the 19 years they had owned it, I quickly discovered something was not "right" with our unit, as there was a small current leak that would shock me every time I would touch the body of the machine, and then touch something else (often my forearm would touch the side of my stainless refrigerator). After some head scratching and some careful investigating, I discovered that the polarity of our unit had been reversed from the factory. I switched the pos and neg wires, and there is no longer a problem.
  2. Thank you for this great post. I have a Gaggia Classic, but one day, I plan to get a dual boiler unit. I will definitely look at the units you have listed in this post!
  3. I own a late 1990's Gaggia Classic and have been looking for a new forum after the Gaggia Users Group shut down at the beginning of the year. I am currently in the process of figuring out how / which PID setup I want to install, and I stumbled upon this forum. I am glad to join the community! Cheers, Dexter
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