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  1. I'm just curious what is this set worth: MSJ or rather Astoria has burrs in really good shape and they should last for quite a bit. Silvia is after full restoration including all gaskets, paintjob, wires, decalc. etc. Thx for all opinions.
  2. So here it is, the end of the story. I've had lots of fun during the process of bringing it to life and learnt few new things. Last minutes of the project were also surprising. It appeared they the temp sensor is broken - the PID was showing weird values when mashine was on for few minutes. When I was switching it off it was showing 105C as set but after replacing the sensor it showed 147C! Anyway here is how my lil Silvia looks like now after reaching her destination point: Full set ready for action. Only msj needs some upgrades like a timer and motor cover
  3. It's been a while now. Had no time to even look at the silvia lately. She is getting her shape back again: and the first shot to check if everything is working fine. Have no scale, no tamper or any other equipment other than grinder and silvia but sill the result wasn't bad: p.s. why the damn tinypic flips my photos?
  4. Hi folks, Some have probably noticed that i was warking on some old clone of Mazzer SJ (astoria). I dont want to bother you showing all the process but wanted to share some before and after photos. Here they are: And new "hopper" with "inspection glass" Everyone knows that the hopper is the collapsible 3in1 lens cover. The lid is a jar lid from IKEA I happen to have for a long time. Upcomming works on this: 3D printed fork rest for the portafilter backplate motor cover timer relay - if I'll find something that would fit my needs. Let me have your thoughts and comments on this little project. cheers
  5. Lets call it work in progress. sorry for the poor photo quality and mess in the background.
  6. this would be an option if it was 220v not 125... https://spemco.com/3450-1-50-19412-solico-rectangular-125-volt-neon-red-amber-indicator-light/
  7. It's doable but have you found the spare part yet? The difference is that old style orange lamp has 2 pins when new one must have 3. Also power on button differs (old one has light new one doesn't and has 1 pin less) Se either you will leave old button with light that will not work or old button + new indicator light and add bridge wire to have both lights working OR replace both: switch and indicator. Honestly speaking I was trying to fund and upgrade (best for me would be aluminium one) but in vain.
  8. Ok. Another update. Since most probably after the weekend I will finally get all parts back I've decided to work on gaskets today. I can tell you those for sure have never been replaced ever before. Here you can see the difference between new and old ones: Boiler gasket is in let's say OK condition but grouphead gasket is a disaster. Took me quite some time to take it off. It's hard as rock and breaks like plastic instead of being flexible like rubber. Shame on those who doesn't maintain their machines properly.
  9. While waiting for goodies for my silvia i've decided to work a bit on this oldie. Here it is after 4 layers if primer and wet sanding with 400-2000 grit + 5th layer on it now Once its dry it will get 3 layers of a colour + clear varnish and some polishing. thinking about making it doserless as well and I guess it will be done as well.
  10. Simply the machine and what it produce doesn't really differ from a standard moka caffee maker. Big plus is that it has also the steam nozzle. Steam is not any strong but good enough to froth milk if you are patient enough ;-)
  11. That would mean that I would need to minimize expenses to earn money. When doing for myself I don't mind tossing some cash on it even if they will never pay back. Just my own pleasure of restoring it and using it afterwards.
  12. It was worth waiting. The frame after being sandblasted looks really nice. Next stop: electroplating
  13. So, recently bought this piece listed as Astoria Brevetto (brevetto means patent right? ) Maybe the logo will help to tell anything as there is no sticker or anything that would disclose any information. Bearings runs quietly without any problems and the burrs seem to be sharp: no idea why the tinypic flips my photos...
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