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  1. I must have the non-pressurised baskets, model is from 2006, were they supplied then? Anyway, some acceptable results with the MM grinder and supermarket quality beans, enough to keep me happy so far. No precision being applied by me just yet though. Did give it a good old backflush in Puly Caff and soaked the PF / shower head etc so they are nice and sparkly (they weren't too bad in the first place). I need to sort a knockbox and find out how to resolve the static from the MM grinder which propels grounds all over the place at the moment, so I think SWMBO is getting a little frustrated with my mess! One hardware thing I've noticed is that I'm missing a bolt under the boiler. There are four allen key bolts surrounding the group head (?), one is missing. Anyone know the spec of the bolt so that I can get one from ebay (i.e. pitch, depth etc etc)?
  2. Indeed, I like more espresso too - a single rarely feels enough! I'll take a snap tonight of the alternative basket that I've got just to confirm what type it is, even if I don't actually end up using it.
  3. You're right to post a picture as the pressurised basket there has lots of holes, not just one (at least, when someone says "single hole in the centre" I was picturing something very different!) So that is pressurised because it has a flat bottom but with far fewer holes in it. Am I right in that the tapered basket which probably has a similar number of holes to the one you've shown as presurised (broadly like this one https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Gaggia-7g-Standard-Single-Filter-Basket---NF08004/m-1983.aspx ) is therefore an unpressurised single basket? Still keen to learn more!
  4. btw, how do I know if the tapered basket is a pressurised one or not?
  5. The bike mechanic in me (very amateur) would suggest the old trick of clamping in place the bit you want to move (in this case the spout, in a bike's case it could be a crank) into a solid vice or similar and then rotate the bit you don't want to move (in this case the PF or in a bike's case it would be the frame of the bike) to get more leverage. And if you want to provide even more effort, if you can get a long hollow tube of something like scaffold pole safely onto the PF handle without causing aesthetic damage, the extra length will provide significantly more leverage. I'd normally suggest some lubricant of some sort, but I'd be loathe to suggest that in case any residue affects the long term taste.
  6. Didn't get down to the burrs when I took bits apart the other day, but I do mean to have a look there at some point. Need to get through this pre-ground Lavazza stuff first though ;-)
  7. Yep, already had it apart with a view to getting a better range of finer grinds. Apart from the review I linked to, I've read elsewhere that satisfactory results can be obtained with a little free modifying. The grinder came "free" with the Classic so I'm give it a go. I've got a cheap hand grinder but a) it's too much effort and b) doesn't grind finely.
  8. Sadly, no it doesn’t. It’s the Gaggia MM grinder - http://coffeegeek.com/reviews/grinders/gaggia_mm/yoconman Better than nothing, but not a patch on the stuff you guys and gals have!
  9. It's the "proper" mesh double basket. Agree about the comments ref grinder, and I do have an MM grinder now too but for the time being I've just stocked up on a few different flavours of lavazza to tide me over. Though there is a bag of beans I do have to hand and will be experimenting next weekend. As much as I love espresso, I can't handle it in the evenings *and* manage to get any sleep, and in the mornings at the moment I'll be waking the household if I use the MM first thing. But I will be experimenting!! (Again, I know the MM isn't a great grinder, but on a limited experience last weekend I did have nice tasting output, and that's what counts! I don't trust an aeropress to make the coffee sufficiently bitter for me, from the reviews I've read it sounds like I'd lose the very essence of the coffee that I actually like. But happy to learn / play. I've got a stove-top too which I enjoy, but that's different).
  10. Much appreciated Dylan, thanks! Just curious, what is it about the plastic one which is "junk"? Is it that it doesn't fit, or is it that you just can't get enough pressure etc. Thanks for the tip about the coin. Can't quite see me going down the scales route at the moment, but you never know. Perhaps I need to develop my sensitivity for what tastes good / better / worse first of all.
  11. Oops, just realised this may well be in completely the wrong place - if mods want to move it to the Gaggia specific forum, I think that would be helpful? Thanks!
  12. New here, but long time espresso fan. Look forward to learning more now I've got a Classic.
  13. A couple of weeks ago my Krups Novo 2300 died on me. I know its not the machine of choice, but when I got it 18 years ago I was very happy with it as a huge step up from just having a cafetiere and who fanatasied about being able to have a tasty espresso at home! After a very short period of research, a 2nd hand Gaggic Classic seemed a decent bet, and when one turned up on Ebay in my locality and including a MM grinder too I was keen to buy and now have it sitting in my kitchen. I've been using it for a week or so and (for me) am perfectly happy with what I'm getting out of it at the moment, though I will admit I'm just relying on pre-ground Lavazza stuff at the moment for convenience. I'm hopeful that I can get the MM to provide me with some passable fresh grinds, though I am well aware of its limitations and have relatively little cash-appetite for spending any more money on coffee at the moment! But I do have some queries in the meanwhile. The model I have is an August 2006 one, "made in Italy" on the label and quoted as 1300W. I've honestly no idea of how / if it's been serviced over the years, but it's lived in a soft water area. Cleaning materials - I've seen videos with PulyCaff online, I presume there's unlikely to be anything in my kitchen already that could replace the branded cleaning materials? Backflushing - there was no backflushing disc with the machine, are the silicone inserts that you can pick up from Ebay broadly as effective as the full on backflushing metal disk? They are a lot cheaper... Tamper - the plastic one that comes with the machine is a few MM short on the diameter, I presume the more expensive ones fit the PF basket accurately? Volume of grinds to use - I'm mostly using the double basket, but I've found if I fill that right up to the top and then tamp down I sometimes struggle to get the PF into the machine, and can see the screw head imprinted on the grinds. I'm guessing that implies I'm using too much or not tamping hard enough? Also it comes with a tapered single basket, but I'm conscious that apparently there are different types around. How would I go about identifying the basket that I've got? It seems a looser fit than the double (it has a tendency to come out of the PF when I'm emptying the puck) and I struggle even more to get what I would expect to be a sensible amount of grinds into that one and still have it fit into the machine. Temp lights - without getting too technical about temp surfing and other stuff that I've read a little about, am I right in thinking that providing the machine has had a decent warm up period, the light on the switch which starts to pull the espresso isn't a binary "do use" or "do not use"? On the Krups that I'm used to (which I suspect had a very small boiler, if it had one at all) the instructions were to only pull the espresso when the light was on. So it doesn't matter hugely whether the light is on or off? I'm sure I will have missed some questions here, hopefully you can help me with some useful answers! I have been trawling through the forum a little, but if I'm missed an obvious place that answers all these, please feel free to point me in the right direction - I won't be offended!!
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