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  1. Hi, I just sort of want clarification regarding strength vs extraction. This is what I know, so correct me if I'm wrong. When using a v60 So extraction is the amount of soluble that is extracted from the coffee bean, and extraction can be increased by submerging the beans longer, which could be done if you use more water when brewing in a v60, e.g. using a 1:17 instead of a 1:15 ratio. However, the trade off is that you would get a coffee that is lower in strength. If this is correct, does this not contradict what the coffee compass says? For those that do not know, this is the brewed coffee compass https://baristahustle.com/blog/the-coffee-compass/
  2. I've been looking at home roasting, and have come across these 3 machines, anyone have anything to say about them? Gene Cafe BocaBoca Ottimo (also known as icoffee) The BocaBoca and Ottimo are korean made roasters, and I've been noticing the korean coffee scene seems to be quite big as well if anyone have any other suggestions as well, I'm keen to hear
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