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  1. Hi, I just sort of want clarification regarding strength vs extraction. This is what I know, so correct me if I'm wrong. When using a v60 So extraction is the amount of soluble that is extracted from the coffee bean, and extraction can be increased by submerging the beans longer, which could be done if you use more water when brewing in a v60, e.g. using a 1:17 instead of a 1:15 ratio. However, the trade off is that you would get a coffee that is lower in strength. If this is correct, does this not contradict what the coffee compass says? For those that do not know, this is the brewed coffee compass https://baristahustle.com/blog/the-coffee-compass/
  2. All 3 machines are in my budget (so under 500pounds), don't really mind pre-owned, looking for more manual to play around with (as in semi manual, not willing to stand there and spin the drum myself), I would say 250g batch size Did some reading and it seems the Ottawo is a automatic with little room for tweeking Also wondering if anyone knows if the temperature control of the gene is the temperature inside the drum, or is it like the temperature thing on the ovens, which is never what the oven temperature is
  3. I've been looking at home roasting, and have come across these 3 machines, anyone have anything to say about them? Gene Cafe BocaBoca Ottimo (also known as icoffee) The BocaBoca and Ottimo are korean made roasters, and I've been noticing the korean coffee scene seems to be quite big as well if anyone have any other suggestions as well, I'm keen to hear
  4. Just wondering if you found the silicone of the diguo filter giving off a chemical smell? Mine arrived today and I'm kinda afraid to use it because of it
  5. also, if you're dedicated to pourovers and v60s, it might be worth upgrading your gooseneck pour kettle, the control on your current one seems a bit rough. I've got one with the thermometer on the lid which helps a lot for consistency and experimentation
  6. Maybe try using a lower temperature as well? if you have a thermometer, 93c or even 91c?
  7. Just wondering which IMS shower screen fits the DTP, I've read that people use the IMS La Spaz shower screen, but the size is 48.4. Am I missing something here?
  8. Either a cold brew or a french press, both prepared beforehand at home
  9. E&B lab does one that is 35microns, they are quite pricy though https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/GB/IMS-Aeropress-35-Micron-Fine-Filter---D63UF35/m-2786.aspx?PartnerID=22&utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=UnitedKingdom&gclid=CjwKCAjw8-LnBRAyEiwA6eUMGuvb64QR-eE03AQ5w8GrYoL_n2IeycIY-gh8buta7g58f-BOE78bJxoCG6sQAvD_BwE found one by edesia for much cheaper https://www.amazon.co.uk/Permanent-Reusable-Replacement-Aerobie-Aeropress/dp/B07PV9CC8D/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=35+micron&qid=1559823611&s=gateway&sr=8-8 not sure how different they quality of the two would be, I just ordered one from edesia as it's just cheap, arriving on friday i've tried another one that's probably less dense, and am already pleased with the minimal silt that gets through, hopefully with this, it could eliminate it even more but still keep the oils and mouthful
  10. I never quite wrap my head around on how that would not end up overextracting the coffee, especially if it is a even finer grind. So would you recommend 10 mins for a 3cup glass french press, I normally use 20g:260ml ratio
  11. I find 30 to be already mocha pot or areopress range, and I've been wondering since reading the niche review, what's the idea behind a 40 min steep? I normally don't go beyond a 6 min, and that is with a 5+0 Feld2 grind, which I think will be a full rotation + 10/20 maybe?
  12. Yea, my typical brew is 20g:300ml, with the 4:6 method, 60ml pulse pours, 30seconds first pour for bloom, and then 60ml whenever the bed surface is dry. I'm probably going to aim for 3.15 - 3.30 draw time, I normally prefer my brews a bit stronger anyway, today's cup is much sweater, but a bit more acidic as well, so that's a trade off
  13. Found the information, most of the discussion about v60 is at page 81/82 of this post I used the secondary marking idea and did a v60 at niche 70 setting, which gave me a perfect 2.30 draw time, although the grinds of that is coarser to the 2+6 feld2 setting. I find 50-55 seems to give the closes to the 2+6 setting of Feld2, I'll have to test the brew of that tomorrow though
  14. I find the draw time on v60 too long if i use anything less than like a 2.2, even with 2.6, I'm just getting a 3.30 min draw
  15. Trying to read mark's part of the niche independent review, but can't seem to figure out what the niche setting is to get an 2+6 Feldgrind equivalent for v60. Anyone know? I gather the 1full rotation back to 0 is like the max most people would set for a cafetiere, from what he said
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