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  1. I will return some day, wait for me brother
  2. The bellman also have a safety valve at the handle. So I highly doubt the pressure gets higher than necessary.
  3. I personally feel that it is as safe as things like the la pavoni, as long as the gaskets are good and you make sure you screw it on tight. Also, I jumped ship regarding robot. Found a vintage ZEROWATT Lever Espresso 707 to go with the bellman. Just couldnt resist it getting the collectable. No steamer, but electrical boiler, direct lever machine. Couldnt resist it. The robot will have to wait unfortunately. Had a look around reviews regarding the exploding part of bellman. I think I only came across 1. Most complaints are more regarding the steaming properties, but found a lot of people who also have success with it, so yea
  4. waiting on my delivery. I'm already used to steaming from sage DTP, which is good enough, but by no means powerful. So I thought the bellman wouldnt be too bad, will let you know once I've got it
  5. I am in the exact same boat as you. Been debating the lapavoni, as I do make milk based drinks. now sort of 80% settled on the robot, and bought a bellman steamer for milk steaming. Just waiting for the germany websites to have them back in stock now. Hopefully this will last me longer than my sage DTP before I get another upgrade
  6. we all know there is 3 types from just hario, with James Hoffmann making quite a comparison between them. First things first, anyone actually notice much difference between the 2 japanese factory ones. From what I gathered, seems like general consensus is that Kenya beans requires the original, and the other beans show little difference between the two. Second question, anyone had any experience with other cone shaped filters from other brands and how they compare to hario or other filters? There seems to be a lot of alternatives, although a lot of them are hard to source in the UK it seems Kinto - could be found in UK Origami - I found them in a european website kono - could be found from a japanese retailer cafec - could only find them in US websites - I have contacted them asking if they would be selling their product in UK, they were looking for, but have yet to find a distributor in the UK,
  7. I was afraid of that. Such a shame, it's an absolute masterpiece when compared to the robot in terms of looks. Was willing to spend more if it wouldn't have that issue.
  8. Just came across this beautiful piece of craft. anyone have any experience with it? https://www.newtonespresso.co.nz/ Looks amazing, but with such a thick slab of steel. I'm worried about preheating and maintaining a high temperature for lighter roasts Been thinking between this and the cafelat robot.
  9. I guess it comes down to how often I make it for other people then. From what you said, I guess both pavoni and robot would be great if I mostly make it for myself. It's a shame you didnt get your hands on the robot as well, otherwise I would've been able to steal all your insight to which to pick. Assuming I want to go for a big machine, any recommendations? Which e61 machine were you on previously?
  10. I've been wondering for a while. Here's the scenario I have found the perfect recipe for a v60, lets say grind setting at 45, 16g coffee, 1:15 ratio, and a consistent pour regime. This is a recipe for 1 person. But now, I want to make it for 2 people, and using double the amount of coffee and water, keeping ratio and pour regime the same. Would I need to change the grind size at all? Assuming the aim is to hit the same TDS and extraction. I've been hearing both no while some say you need to coarsen it. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. Normally have 3-5 cups a day, but that also includes pour-overs if espresso only, ranges from at least 1/day to 3/day on my own different story if I have friends over
  12. Title says it all, currently own a sage duo temp + niche zero grinder. Looking for an espresso machine upgrade. I normally do espresso but would reach for the steamer for a flat white every 2-3 drinks. I normally make my coffee in the morning before heading out as well, which leaves me limited time to wait for heating up of the machine, especially a big E61 machine, although I have heard of people getting round it with a smart timer socket extension. The robot does appeal to me as I would like to learn to use a lever machine as some point, and I find the hands on manual approach quite interesting. I already have a routine for v60, and I feel the routine for the robot is not that much more time consuming at all. the robot and bellman steamer combine comes just under a la pavoni machine in terms of price. I was considering getting a E61 machine at some point but am now rethinking my options, as better models are considerably more expensive and I would need to save up for it, was previously looking at machines that would cost 1.2k-1.9k brand new. I am also well aware that if i get a robot or la pavoni now, I may be itching to get a new machine later down the line anyway (hopefully 5 years later, instead of only 2 years like my sage DTP). So any suggestions or advise are welcome.
  13. A few things I've found with the DTP, 1 - i personally aim for a higher time than the quoted 20-30s. if you just run the machine without the portafilter, you will see that water doesnt start coming out until around 5-6 seconds, and if you listen in, the full brew pressure is applied around the 10s mark. Hence I normally add 8-10s to any recipe that comes with the beans, and work from there. 2 - have a look at this post, which talks about the temperature of DTP, I have yet to experiment with what's said there, but it would explain why I've personally have had much better quality espresso with darker roast than with lighter roasts.
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