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  1. Hi Guys. We are having a Black Friday sale for a few days. Just like last year, the prices are 100% real and lowest from the entire year. If you are interested in our E61 sensors or maybe in Lp products, please take a visit to www.coffee-sensor.com. BTW, all the Universal Sensors will be shipped with the new All Black Mask. I just started also to send only the mask to my users that have theirs wear or tear, or just want to change with the new mask model. So if you are interested also in this, please PM me. Thanks and God bless, Tudor P.
  2. CoffeeSensor

    Black Friday

    -30% off at coffee-sensor.com. The BF lasts for 3 days starting from today. Thank you guys.
  3. Hi Guys. We are having a Black Friday sale for a few days. If you are interested in our E61 sensors or in Lp products, please take a visit to www.coffee-sensor.com. Thanks and God bless, Tudor P.
  4. Although I already have a special topic regarding my sensors made for the E61 group head, i wanted to let you know that I started a totally different road in business, and that's manufacturing products for the LP machines. What I offer is: 1. Full installation kit + SS304 piston pressure profiling kit; 2. Tampers full stainless steel with professional base of 49.5 and 51.5; Heavy but great in day by day use, about 1.8 kg one 3. Naked portafilters with straight interior design that accept big baskets, both for pre and millenium models; 4. Funnel so no grind coffee is spilled; 5. Steam tip with only one hole; 6. Boiler pressure kit with manometer and special adapter. Photos: https://ibb.co/PG58MzL https://ibb.co/6nx1YS7 https://ibb.co/2tx2RX9 https://ibb.co/PmHHj05 https://ibb.co/yV1YjwX https://ibb.co/sQzzKB8 https://ibb.co/bNLR8tZ Just as i mentioned, all the products are made using CNC mill and only from stainless steel or brass, no chrome, aluminium or other products. For this forum, I can offer special prices, so please send me a PM if you are interested in any. All these products are on stock now and no problem with shipping them. We already shipped in UK with the help of a big FB enthusiasts group. Hope other new members from here will join also our big family of clients and friends worldwide.
  5. Hi guys. When speaking of a SS316 part, if it's a shower screen or anything else, trust me when i say, and that's the reason why we made it from this material, we cannot speak about corrosion. That's the point when we decided to offer lifetime warranty for this product. Also, we like the ideea of doint things different, not like everybody on the market. If anybody makes the shower screen from brass, some people cannot even answer why. Just because the other one is making it like this i guess We know why we used SS316. About corrosion, we just mentioned that it's out of discussion. About thermal stability and ,, increase the specific heat capacity of the group", the internals of the Gaggia Classic are used here in Romania by a very close friend, to build DIY awesome coffee machines, just because they are already great in generatig heat, and a lot of. That's something very specific to this type of coffee machine. The SS316 shower screen plate is an upgrade considering the stainless steel looks and not brass on a entirely made SS machine, gives great thermal stability on the down side of the extraction and does not overheat. About the heat up time, me and another friend from this forum will conduct some tests using thermal guns. The results will be posted here of course or on his special thread. IMO, things are great with this products and DO NOT EFFECT AT ALL stability and does not overheat when leaving the machine on, like Alu or Brass. Thanks.
  6. I hope you'll enjoy our first tutorial video : If you have any comments about the image / text, just send them using PM and i'll solve ASAP. Also I hope today to post the installation tutorial for the Universal Adapter 2019 Model. Thanks !
  7. Personally, after installing this Coffee Sensor Screen Holder on my Classic, the product really worth the higher manufacturing price, since it looks just like the OEM Stainless Steel case and is the most durable material out there. The four holes are the same diameter all the way through. Thanks and when you have time, respond to my Pm please
  8. And we just modified the installation instructions, for best safety for our clients. To be honest, yes, the CAPS we used could make the customer's attention way over there and not at the No 8 rule for example. So guys, please always use a fix key to tighten the adapter inside the grouphead and also the hex screw with the ferrule inside. We provide two ferrules, when you feel that the first one does not ensure good tighten, just change it. Again Steve, sorry about the situation and read my e-mail, you have there some offers, so everything is OK between us Thank you.
  9. Hi Steve. First, we are very sorry to hear that something like that happened. We are also thankful to God that you are OK. I would have preferred you talked to me first because there are some safety rules that need to be followed 100%, before the first use. I did not read a very important step, you did not mention anything about it. Please bare in mind that i am not blaming anyone here, but we are talking about a machine that produces high pressure and hot water, so our client needs to be 100% sure that he understands the rules and knows what he is doing. Or can ask for help to a service center, if it's best and suits him. Very important, is the no 8 step: Make the leak test, using a blind basket in the PF. For your safety, don’t stay in front of the coffee machine when making this test. Regarding the finger tight process, is for preserving the ferrule's factory form and proprieties, since it can and does ensure 100% anti water leak with only the fingers and NOT any screw driver or fix key usage. Of course, there is a problem with this thing. For me, finger tight can be one thing, for the clients totally another one. I have been testing the product for months and nothing like this happened. I tested about two or three Pro Version on my own machine and at work. And already sold it and no problems also. I remember another product of this kind from US, this situation happened to one of Eric customers. The problem was i think the installation and not the product or design. The ferrule I use is Made in US and tested for much bigger working pressure than 9 or 10 bar, but of course with certain installation procedures. This is also a single ferrule mechanism, not double as somebody else uses. I even used some samples ferules from China that were way cheaper and did not seem so good as quality and still nothing bad happened during a month or two of tests. I can assure, you CAN use the sensor easily and just tighten the first screw a little bit better. BTW, the universal adapter and sensor is very different to this one, with different design and different reading process. The mechanisms behind the two products, even the production, are very different. For safety, i will recommend everyone to use a fix key to close the screw with the ferrule and not the fingers and that's it. I think it's better for everyone. For your situation, please accept our deepest apologies. You can send back the sensor and we will reimburse the money. For me and my family, it's not about money, it's about respect, safety and good coffee. For everyone else, i will post the installation rules. Installation steps: Remove the M6 hex head screw located on the grouphead with the provided Allen key; Remove original copper or Teflon washer that was already inside the machine; Separate the thermometer + fitting from the M6 adapter that goes inside the machine’s grouphead; Screw the adapter into the grouphead using a new copper washer, on the thread that faces the grouphead. Insert using provided 12 mm fix key; Insert the thermometer with the stainless steel pin with one ferrule on it inside the M12 nut and all inside the adapter. Before the insertion process, if you hold the thermometer with your left hand, the order that you should see is from left to right: thermometer’s body (in your left hand), 12 mm nut, one Teflon ferrule and of course the body of the pin. The thinnest part of the ferrule should face towards the coffee machine group head. Please check product pictures 5 and 6 for your reference; When you are already inside the adapter with the pin, stop the probe at the desired insertion depth; Holding the thermometer’s body at the desired pin insertion depth and in the correct horizontal orientation, finger tighten the nut located on front of the fitting, applying just very little pressure. DON’T USE THE FIX KEY ! Make the leak test, using a blind basket in the PF. For your safety, don’t stay in front of the coffee machine when making this test. If there are no water leaks present, enjoy ! If there are any water leaks, see exactly from where. You could tighten more the 12 mm nut that has the ferrule inside with your finger or the adapter inside the grouphead with the fix 12 mm key, but only a little bit and retest the sensor using the blind basket again.
  10. Hi guys. We just launched the pro version and another part that's pretty looked for, the Gaggia Shower Screen Holder made entirely from stainless steel 316 Grade. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the update here also. We just moved all the gear to a new office, there we will make in a few weeks videos with the 2019, pro version and other new products. Keep in touch.
  12. Please send me your contact details using PM. We can solve this, if not at your location, will just send another sensor, maybe the new model J Cheers.
  13. Hi Guys. We already announced on a lot of forums that fact that 2019 will be an interesting year. We are working on our Pro Version of the sensor, trying to create also a lot of new products. We will keep you updated on the changes and will post as soon as possible, i hope, the new sensor live on our website. Thanks and keep in touch !
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