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  1. Yes I agree, I find the 250g bags are at least 3 to 4 weeks from roasting which I try to avoid. The 1 Kg bags have a pretty good turnover and are often roasted only a few days before. If you ever want to go halves on a 1 Kg bag give me a shout and I can drop it round.
  2. Fair enough. Any particular reason? That's the beauty of coffee I guess, it's all about personal preference. We must be pretty close as I am only in Hall Green.
  3. If you can't find parking on the shop front then there is a pay and display (free for up to 1 hour) behind Iceland, entrance is at the end of Solihull Road where it meets Stratford Road ? Enjoy!
  4. I'm from Birmingham and although I have never had scale issues I would suggest at least descaling every 6 to 12 months (depending on how often you use it). This is especially since you don't know if the previous owner lived in a hard water area/descaled regularly. It's a pretty simple job. Having just quickly googled the manual for your machine there is an automated descaling sequence programmed into the machine. Limescale can cause issues with transfer of heat to the brew water which would certainly impact on the taste of the espresso.
  5. Bora Coffee in Shirley serves excellent espresso and pour over. They sell their own beans too, their Bora Blend is my day to day hero (£25/Kg). I quite like that they are passionate about ethically sourcing their coffee too. It's the other side of Birmingham from Bournville but if you are ever near Solihull then definitely pop in. https://www.boracoffee.com/
  6. Drellis


    Hi Richard, I had a very similar issue recently with my Cherub. They are very simple and well built machines so I doubt there is anything seriously wrong. Is your boiler still heating or is it cutting out? I pressed the reset button for the heating element just inside the machine which did the trick. I have a spare water level probe which I can send you if you think it needs a replacement?
  7. Drellis

    VST 18g basket

    Hi all, I'm looking for a VST 18g basket. Not sure the merits of ridgeless vs ridged?
  8. I'll take the Motta 58.4mm tamper at asking if it's still available, please.
  9. Hi Nick, Just given you a follow on Insta (ellis_coffee_blog). Looking forward to see your progress over the years to come, you are already producing some good looking stuff! Paul
  10. Nice set up! SGP served me well for many years before the inevitable 'upgraditis' set in. Enjoy!
  11. Sorry about the delayed reply, didn't spot this. Just measured mine and it's 38cm including the tank lid (33cm from the top warming plate). My cupboards are 55cm from the work top. I'd say with a 500ml Pyrex jug you could fill it with 15cm clearance from the warming plate, given that you don't need to include the tank lid for filling the tank. (I've just tested it and measured with the height of a tilted Pyrex jug. So 33cm + 15 cm = 48cm needed.
  12. Did you have any success in installing a rotary pump for the Cherub? It's a fantastic but noisy beast and a rotary pump would be ideal.
  13. Hi all, A recent grinder upgrade has meant I can take my old one to work and step up my work coffee game (much to the pleasure/displeasure) of my colleagues. I thought this would be a good forum topic for people to discuss how their work set up differs to their home environment and to share any interesting stories/advice. I used to pre-grind my coffee in the morning and use an Aeropress. I now drink pour over using a Chemex with a SGP grinder and goose neck kettle. I really enjoy the mindful process of pour over. It's also good as I can share it with colleagues whereas at home I would end up wasting a fair bit. What set up do you have at work?
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