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  1. Would you consider second hand? This would increase the number and quality of the options available. Can't go wrong with a Mazzer SJ (second hand range between £100 and 180 depending on condition and mods) though it can be a little time consuming to brush the ground coffee from the shoot.
  2. I've ad my Cherub for a few years now and never have left the steam wand open. I just open up the steam wand for a few seconds before brewing any coffee/steaming any milk and never had issues. I feel like this is an over cautious recommendation from Fracino, perhaps because they have so many returns/repairs for milk getting sucked into the boiler from negative pressure build up. On machine heat up time, at least 30 mins. Quicker if you run the group after 15 mins or so. Temperature is impressively stable after this with reasonable recovery time between shots.
  3. I started with a Delonghi Dedica and had many years of fun with it before deciding to move on. I agree with what others have said, you will see the most improvement in your espresso with a grinder upgrade (of course with good beans too). I too went with the Smart Grinder Pro as my second grinder. It is very convenient and has a small footprint so would fit most kitchens. With hindsight, I would have opted for a better quality second hand grinder as after a few years the burrs on the SGP tend to wear down and the bottom burr can't be replaced. That said, I still use the SGP for filter/pour over coffee a couple of times a week. There are a lot of good second hand grinders around at the same price as a brand new SGP. I got a Mazzer Super Jolly for around £180. It is a bit of a beast but is bullet proof and will last a long time. It also has pretty good resale value if you ever wanted to upgrade again later on (something which a well used SGP would not). I don't have much experience with other smaller burr grinders but the Eureka Mignon tends to be popular for people in your position. I searched for a long time to get a non-pressurised basket for the Dedica without any luck. That said, paired with a good grinder you can get some lovely tasting espresso from it. You can even do a rancillo steam wand upgrade if you would like to do some latte art and be able to steam and texture milk more effectively. The stock steam wand tends to produce big bubbles and I could never get on with it. Whatever you decide, have fun with it. The rabbit hole is as deep as you allow it to be.
  4. I agree with the above. I mainly drink espresso now using a Mazzer SJ but have kept my SGP for pour over. The Niche sounds like it fits your requirements (single dosing, small, easily adjustable) but it may be overkill as it is relatively expensive. If you feel you want the upgrade anyway then you could buy the Niche and use your SGP until September. The bottom burrs on the SGP can't be replaced and therefore have a limited lifespan IMO.
  5. Condescending and rude comments that aren't needed. This forum is meant to be about encouraging those starting out on their coffee journey as well as "experts" trading knowledge and insights. The effort to post a snide remark could easily have been diverted into a constructive and helpful reply. This would not be acceptable if it were a new member doing the same.
  6. Agree with this. I have a Fracino Cherub and thought the boiler element had gone but just needed a to press the limit stat in.
  7. I've been impressed with beans from Electric Coffee Company since switching to them earlier this year. Good range of price points for beans and they have a 10% discount on until 15th June 2020. The tasting note descriptions are pretty accurate too.
  8. Ye, especially as it comes with the extended chaff collector and warranty included.
  9. Already £319 ... maybe mentioning it on here has bought some fresh bidders!
  10. Agree. The standard final flurry. Sound like it is in good condition though.
  11. There is one on eBay, currently at £250. Bid finished in around 4 hours. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=coffee+roaster&_sacat=0
  12. No. I have a 58mm leveler with a 58.4mm tamper in a 18g VST. The leveler improved my shot consistency no end. Also noticed an improvement when I went from a 58mm to a 58.4mm tamper.
  13. Hi Ceyhun. Try for a lower end temperature, maybe around 55 degrees C. Going beyond this will denature the proteins in the milk and will 1) affect the texture and 2) alter the taste of the milk negatively. I usually turn the steam off at around 50 degrees and it coasts to around 55 - 60 degrees.
  14. Welcome Grumble, I started out with a Dedica too. If you are into milk based drinks then you can easily change the steam wand for a Rancillio Silvia wand (there are a few you tube videos out there). I used to find the stock wand made overly foamy milk. The change certainly improved my attempts at latte art. Happy brewing!
  15. SGP is decent for the size/price. Couldn't you decant your espresso from standard espresso cups into your preferred taller mug?
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