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  1. marc1882

    49mm Tamper

    Hi,does anyone have a 49mm Tamper that they would be interested in selling,I'm just after something simple, cheers
  2. Argh was going to say I'll take it at £35,but @hummel89 has beat me too it,no worries, snooze you lose as they say
  3. Thanks @coffeechap, let me know when you decide to sell it, I've been after one for a while
  4. Thanks, it's a little bit more than I wanted to pay,will let you know if I decide to buy 👍
  5. I'd love to be involved in this ,and I live in Norwich,so would be great to help out a local coffee company,I use mainly Espresso and V60,with Aeropress on long walks,here's hoping
  6. Wonderful looking pieces of machinery,if ever you want to sell one of the Peppina's, please let me know
  7. Would you take a cheeky offer of £30 Inc postage,🤔
  8. Currently reading This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein, everyone should read a copy of this book if you care about the planet and future
  9. Great thanks for the info @mr-bean
  10. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement portafilter for my wife's gaggia viva espresso machine as the one she had has cracked,any help would be great
  11. Help I need a portafilter for my wife's gaggia viva as her one has cracked, Here's hoping someone has an old one hanging around somewhere
  12. I don't have a problem with the roasters,have been having some excellent beans from them,was asking about the decaff beans,as I've never tried them before, and if it was a specific problem with the grinding problem I have,I'm using a Baratza Encore coffee grinder, maybe like you say it maybe a static problem,have emailed Rave,but as you probably know it's a busy time for them at the moment with the sales so don't expect a fast reply which is fair enough,will keep trying until I get it right, hopefully before the end of the bag :coffee:
  13. Help,I've got some of Rave Coffee roasters Swiss Water decaff beans,but when I grind them for espresso it's grinding the coffee into clumps like it's damp,has anyone else had any similar problems,or is it just me doing something wrong,any help would be great
  14. Thanks @Beanedict,nice to know there's a good selection of different blends from different roasters to try for some Christmas brewing, hoping to put some Christmas cheer into my latte's
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