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  1. Used a handful of times but in good condition. Cleaned with a wire once so there are some cosmetic scratches on the rim, can be seen in photos. Otherwise very good condition. £13 posted
  2. @Mike B yes it is. Sure, send me a pm with your address and I will get a quote for postage.
  3. No sure how competitive the pricing is but condition looks great. https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-household-goods/mini-mazzer-coffee-grinder.-professionally-calibrated.-new-burrs.-one-owner.-immaculate.boxed.-£275./1376514176
  4. MrNik

    Espresso Grinder

    @fly3k I am planning to sell my eureka mignon, I will send more details later today with photos. I'm in North West London, occasionally in wood Green area so could meet there, or I could post.
  5. MrNik

    Hand grinder

    @Saltydog I think its yours. OP has not responded and I have rejected @Valkyrie88s offer. Will PM you.
  6. MrNik

    Hand grinder

    @Valkyrie88 I will post in the for sale section, won't be able to take £20 as postage alone will be £4. Thanks
  7. @MediumRoastSteam If @TomHughesdoesn't take for whatever reason I'll take the brass one or any of the steel ones, anything will be better than the 3 hole standard. Just need something while the single hole is made by Nick.
  8. Has anyone used a commandante with the La Pavoni? Any feedback? I'm thinking of moving from eureka mignon to commandante for use with La Pavoni... Thanks
  9. MrNik

    Hand grinder

    @Dr Blunderbrain If you are still looking I am selling my rhinowares small hand grinder. Had about 500g, bought about 2 months ago. Selling for £30 posted.
  10. V60 has to be the all round winner for me. Versatile, cheap and produces great coffee...
  11. if any of the above fall through I would take it! I can collect too, am based in NW London.
  12. Basket is included, shown in the photos shared in the link
  13. https://photos.app.goo.gl/67bY3F2P9JkLVRuw7 More photos
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