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  1. Thanks for the tips Dumronix. I will get a set of scales and see how I get on from there. Thanks once again.
  2. I recently got a Sage Barista Touch as a birthday present. I have wanted one on these machines for a while and was delighted in getting it. The instructions say that when you press the brew button it should not start to pour until 8-12 seconds and it should run like warm honey. I have been messing about with settings and double and single filters but don,t get anywhere near this. Mine start to drip at 3 seconds and runs for 25 seconds. this leaves about a centimeter of coffee on the cup (for a latte). I use fresh coffee beans and pre-heat the filter and cup. I think I may have a faulty machine but don't want to make a fool of myself and take it back to John Lewis if I am not doing something right. Please help.
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