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  1. Mine arrived yesterday. Had a flat white earlier and it was delicious. Quite funky with strong strawberry notes! Really happy for the price.
  2. https://www.djangocoffeeco.com/collections/special-offers Ugandan Ibanda 1KG £18.50 delivered Honduran San Rafael 1KG 21.50 delivered Went for the Ugandan myself. Enjoy!
  3. Hi there. I turned my Lelit Mara on this morning as usual and was greeted with a loud noise after a minute or so No water was being dispensed at all through steam wand/group head/hot water at all. However after leaving the machine off for an hour or so water is back now. Normal steam pressure, normal instant hot water however through the group head it comes through very slowly. Yesterday with my current beans I pulled an 18grm shot in 26 seconds but today this is taking 48 seconds with no change to the grind of course. I was wondering if anyone had an idea of w
  4. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. 😀
  5. Fair enough. Thank you for your kindness though! 😀
  6. Will take one if you're willing to split please? 😀
  7. Hi there. Will you sell one cup and saucer? Thank you!
  8. I have to say I tried these beans for the first time this morning and.. wow. I would say this is my favourite coffee I have had this year. Enjoyed in a flat white but will try an espresso shortly. Such a shame they are over my usual budget!
  9. Went for the same as above. Thank you for sharing!
  10. As above. I would also buy a couple if anyone has any spare flat white cups - any colour. Cheers!
  11. I'll take this please if still available. Cheers!
  12. Bold Street Coffee, currently operating from Santa Maluco.
  13. Hello again. I had a go trying to slow the grind down on the single cup (for an espresso) but have failed miserably. I already have the grinder notch on number one, the finest setting possible. As above, I weighed out 10g of beans and after the single espresso has dispensed the shot it weighed 12g the volume is roughly 30ml - I haven't got a small enough measuring jug right now to be 100% accurate but I used a Pyrex kitchen jug which has 50ml as it's smallest measurement. Beans are Brazil Presente Do Sol from Rave, roasted on 22/8 which are a Medium roast. I will only ever
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