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  1. Thanks for the advice all, I reckon I'm on the search for a SJ then! I'd be interested in your Fiorenzato coffeechap but I think it's probably a little far unfortunately, thanks tho!
  2. Cool, thanks for the heads up
  3. Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations for servicing in London on a dual fuel Contempo? It's the gas side of things I'm a bit worried about, ideally I'd be looking for someone who could do a combined service + gas safe cert, if such a person exists. Cheers! Cal
  4. ...posting again to get my post count over the 'for sale' entry limit (I'm a long-time lurker but only recently created an account). Apologies for bad etiquette...
  5. Cool, thanks. Part of my problem is not really knowing what's good and what's not, I've worked in cafe's and used the big-dog grinders that are out of my price range, but a bit clueless besides that. Aside from the Jolly, are there any others within my price range that are particularly good or bad? Waiting for some money to come in the next week or two and then will be looking to purchase so will poss give you's a shout about the fiorettato/mdx then, ta!
  6. Nice one, thanks all. Am I likely to hit a bit of a ceiling with the Jolly & want something better quickly, or is it going to handle decent coffee well? It's going to be used with a dual fuel machine and be outside so ultimately there'll be a limit to how good the shots can be, but I want to try and and get the best quality possible. Would be tempted to find some extra $$$ if it's worth the jump to something more expensive, but anything over 6-700 is probably unrealistic.
  7. Hi all, Apologies for digging up what's probably been answered many a time, but I need a decent espresso grinder for a take-away stall and I'm a bit confused as to what might be the best option - I've got around £150-400 to spend and am happy to buy used. It'll be for espresso only as I have one of those massive, ugly bunn filter grinders. The smaller form factor's of the Eureka & Vario would actually be quite useful, but It's going to be used on an outdoor cart and probably get bashed around quite a bit, so needs to be strong enough to cope. It will also be doing around 50-100 shots a day and I'm not sure if the prosumer grinders would really be up to that or not? Also I'm London based if any of you have any bargains for sale Cheers! Cal
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