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  1. I have to laugh - I realised in the middle of the night I have been using the wrong basket (pressurised) in my new Gaggia Classic for 2 weeks - no wonder it wasn't quite what I thought All that tamping and weighing... I should have realised immediately, I took the spout off the portafilter and the coffee was coming out in a tiny stream - not a chance of a tiger stripe!! Anyway I mention it for the illumination of any others in my position and a little weekend humour for the veterans All the best J
  2. Thanks for that - i found your posts earlier (having despaired that I couldn't adjust the OPV) and realise I am walking in your footsteps - albeit slowly!! - I have ordered an SPV up, so lets see appreciate the support All the best J
  3. Thanks guys - saw an interesting thread about allowing the boiler to heat the water as it flows controlled by a PID - I'll keep trying.. Im guessing by your comment Jon, that the puck or blind basket creates the pressure, or the gauge when you measure and of course not the pump..
  4. Good news, I see there is an OPV adjustment too - happy days
  5. Thanks Ashcroc.. delighted I managed to fit the Silvia V3 - have some pics if anyone needs - OPV next then
  6. All looks a bit neat and tidy in there - not a copper pipe to be seen.. I cant see an OPV either... need to compare with the earlier version I think
  7. Hi there have just bought a new Gaggia and then having joined the forum and found all the possible mods and upgrades, discovered they are all for pre- 2015 machines.. oops Anyone know what I can actually do with this thing - politely of course PID No I cant Silvia V3 ?? OPV ???? Brass Brew head and micro screen I think so.. Maybe I'll just leave it.. All the best J
  8. Thanks MildredM, I of course piled straight in the moment they arrived before spotting your post - the Ethiopian was super. I have so many to try now, I was planning to freeze them - is that accepted? All the best J
  9. There are clearly a lot of very knowledgeable people on this thread - I hope some of you are still tuned into it after the summer:) I have a new Gaggia (yes - I got the 2018 ) am a newb - I have been in touch with Mr Shades who doesn't do a PID for this machine, so Im trying to optimise my brew temp manually and I thought I would measure it with a thermocouple, but then I realised that at the top pf the puck under the screen, which is where Id like to measure the temp, its not practicable (easily anyway) to do so and if I measure the temp at the bottom of the puck, which I can, it does
  10. Perfect thanks all the best
  11. Hi Martin, do you still have it pls? J
  12. Thanks L&R - love your signoff - Looks like I'm stuck then!!!! J
  13. Jomider


    Thanks everyone - it's amazing how little you realise you know once you get started. Am about to fit (or try to) a Ranciolo Silva V3 and see if that helps with the milk - oh and a microscreen and a brass brew head And now wondering about a bottomless portafilter - is the coffee making me hyper?
  14. Thanks to both of you - my selection of beans should be here tomorrow from Rave - they have been very nice to deal with. Do you ever go for a subscription or do you tend to find a bean you like and stick with it - everything is amazing so far really appreciate your help
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