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  1. Yeah Scandinavian Embassy is quite nice, also when in Amsterdam do check out : white label, caffeination (imo best residential local spot) also lot sixty one.
  2. Yeah i noticed and was surprised you actually got a retail bag of those! Been stalking your instagram, i do follow you
  3. Thanks! I work with Caravan and Dark Arts.
  4. Hey, id be happy to help and share my experiences as i setup in January and was in a very similar situation to yourself, money is tight the competition is strong people have better equipment more money than you, i started off with a super small bit of kit, cheap however i still made great coffee, im always aware that it can be a pretentious industry so equipment named brands are what people look our for but its not a must. Feel free to get in touch I can try and help.
  5. if your volume of sales are over £8000 each month which is not a crazy amount, they can offer you a discounted rate. Do contact them, still won't be as competitive as the high street ingenico style devices but theres a compromise with the software side and ease of use vs charges.
  6. Just had a stalk on their instagram page, they have an awesome layout and some great kit! As said no expense spared.
  7. Hey all, have not been around this forum for long but i used to be really into them as a young man growing in front of a computer, 90's kid. I thought id introduce myself, I come from an engineering background, mostly been involved in family business. However this year i decided to break off from that and open my own coffee shop. Prior to opening i had no coffee experience i feel like ive learned a lot in the past 7 months and currently work with: LM Linea PB - F64E - K30 - EK43. Looking forward to learning a lot more over the years and sharing my thoughts and experiences as a Barista and cafe owner. Looking back 7 months ago i was only able to make onion shapes and now can actually pour some latte art. It was extremely daunting at first and thought id never get the hang of it. Moral of the story, cafe is still functioning and i have improved on a daily basis. Hello all again.
  8. Caravan do a very nice Guatemalan - Jalapa Collective, I wasn't sold on it previously when we used to get it ground for our cafe, but since ive been getting beans and dosing through the ek43 its actually really good, if not one of the best decafs i have tried.
  9. Darker roasts tend to not have much flavour in them anyway so what ever you do, you tend to get the same or similar notes. You wouldn't have a dark roasted filter as you've already killed the potential flavour whilst over roasting the beans. Beans that are correctly roasted, lightly and suited to the flavour profile you will have a lot more differences depending on your input, extraction time the fine or coarseness of the coffee, this you will have to experiment and play around with. See what works for you, make notes and use scales.
  10. Drinking Tambaya, Kenya from Caravan this morning. Love a Kenyan however not the juiciest ive had, even from them. Want it more juicier and crisp like apples.
  11. how much of a massive difference did it make ?
  12. Just purchased one too, great discount, seems like a better solution already compared to the little brush we usually use.
  13. Hey all, i have a k30 2014 that has no use in my cafe setup and may potentially sell it if its worth much, if not il iust put in storage as a spare. Ive not had it long taken from a friend who closed down their business. It has no service history, however ive stripped it down cleaned vacummed dialed in and all seems to be in order, burrs seem good and cosmetically looks great. Also if anyone does need one feel free to give me a shout. Whats it worth? *DC8926
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