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  1. Could it be the sage filter inside the water tank?
  2. I live in Dewsbury. Might be the yorkshire water whats a cheap alternative to tap water
  3. Thanks ill have to give that a go when I have some time. I descale every few months, I probably will do it more frequently.
  4. Just made a coffee and it took over a minute for extraction and yet tasted better haha. how does the grinder number inside the grinder affect the grind setting on the outside? Im a littlE bit confused by this
  5. Airtight container is brand new. How do you clean grinder? I vac inside the grinder to get fid of excess grounds. How do you clean spouts i just run it under tap, is there something im missing?
  6. Just cleaned the shower head however it wasn’t that dirty.
  7. Backflush everytime the clean me light comes on. Never scrubbed the shower screen. I may try that do i have to unscrew?
  8. I have a sage barista express ive had it for longer than a year now. Lately it seems like any coffee I but and make is starting to taste the same. Have been using different beans from different roasters, uses after 7 days from roast date and then put in coffee gator canister. If i bulk buy Ill normally put it in an airtight container and in a freezer. Then open for use. Im measuring 18g of coffee, the extraction seems to be fine, making milk based drinks mainly. Grinder setting set on 6/7. Timing seems to be around 30-40secs depending. What am i missing? I used to get great flavours before from a few cups from roasters like northstar, foundry etc. I regularly descale the machine, I am from yorkshire so have been using tap water. I normally run 2 shots to warm up before i make a coffee. does the temp of the milk affect it that much? I normally stop when the pitcher gets too hot to touch. a bit frustrated atm. Help needed
  9. I have Sage barista express and use the built in grinder, i am looking at a separate grinder too for a budget, the iberital mc2 and sage grinder pro have been on my shortlist for a while. Wondering if it does make a big difference
  10. I use double walled by delonghi, they seem to be decent quality. Kind of hard to get latte art going though, might just be my lack of skills
  11. Is it of any use with an espresso machine like sage barista express or more so for v60s due to the accuracy
  12. This might be a stupid question to ask. But when I want to make 1 cup of coffee, is it normal to use the aingle wall filter with 8g of coffee and press the double cup button? Is this actually a double shot?
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