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  1. Looking good .. That is a lovely looking machine you have there.
  2. I am truly saddened by this .. Also by the way the other Mods who tried to make this place a nicer place for all , who now have left or have been forced out of the Mod Team .. I do find it unbelievable that the owner hasn’t seen how he has been manipulated. We are now left with the Foxes looking after the Hen coop ..
  3. I sort of guessed that , and that there had been some disagreement in the Mods department . The fact that certain threads had gone on far too long when they should have been removed . There seems to be a clear divide where some believe it is OK to behave and say whatever they like without any concern on how it effects others .. It would seem @Tait has taken side with them and can be seen clearly from the current Mods .. I do wonder if the current forum disruption is a sign of new forum rules to suit them .. As this happened on the last rule change ....Time will tell ?
  4. Unbelievable .. shows that @Tait hasn’t a clue what has gone on and doesn’t read or frequent the forum
  5. Thank you , it is very rewarding to work with . It totally suits simple shapes to allow the beauty of the wood to shine .
  6. A bronze tamper with a Thuya handle might be ready by Christmas 😬
  7. I have now finished two handles in Thuya Burr for a special little lever . As the threaded portion on the lever and the Portafilter are quite short I’ve inserted some Aluminium tube for 3/4 of the length of the handles . The aluminium was threaded to size , then knurled on the outside to be a push fit into the wood and glued . The handles have three coats of cellulose wood sealer and finished with multiple coats of Melamine lacquer.. Sanding to 2500 grit between each coat . Finished off with some buffing. Also included a picture of the finished tamper handle ..
  8. A little Tamper handle .. With a couple of coats of sanding sealer .. Will get a final sanding , finish coat and some buffing ..
  9. Glad you reminded me 😬 .... might have to sneak off to the workshop
  10. Wow that toggle switch looks amazing , so shiny 😂
  11. The B grade Thuya Burr came out ok .. Turned just to a cylinder with a little bit of sanding and one coat of oil ..
  12. No T55 is yours 😇 ... need to get some measurements from you .. I’ll PM you later .. I’m off to experiment with the cheap B grade stuff 😬
  13. Yes at least two PF handles plus one or two toggles if all goes well 😬 .. The shavings issue 😢 , is why I haven’t started playing with it yet .. Each cutting pass could equal £2 a time 😂 .
  14. For £45 plus postage you get 450mm long by about 40mm square for A grade .. The B grade where you get less or none of the Pippy and wild grain effect is £15 for 300mm long by 40 square ...
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