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  1. Have been playing with a router and a home made template
  2. Well done , still getting to grips with mine .. Take it you will get the new in house burrs which will be interesting .. A nice addition to your growing collection ..
  3. @L&R Congratulations, which one did you go for/get ?
  4. Looking good , like the wood mix one .. What is going on with the middle two .
  5. Try @joey24dirt he does a very nice set
  6. The three tips after a little loving ... I have ordered some stainless steel bar to try on .
  7. The LMLM project complete and fitted to the machine . So here are the glamour shots ..
  8. I had to look that up .. not very common over here .. Got some African Padauk though , Apparently the same family . Might see if I can get some to see how it finishes ... Ta
  9. Now you’re talking .. need to see if I can get a piece big enough for the knobs ... £££££££ ..
  10. One of the next things on the list is. Wooden handles etc on my Profitec 700 . The threaded insert on the steam and water knobs is M14 x 2 .. Here is the prototype insert screwed onto the water tap which threaded on and off nicely .. Now to choose the wood ...🤔
  11. Three more V1 La Pavoni Nozzles for one person 🤯 .. Just some finishing to do and some polishing .
  12. Thanks ... Next possible project is a walnut PF / tamper/ distributor holder out of a solid piece of walnut .. Failing that a full set for my Profitec 700 or my La Pavoni ?.. Or new hand rail spindles on my staircase ... which is why I have been hiding in the workshop ..
  13. Thanks, I might have to get an LMLM so I can keep them 🥴
  14. So the LMLM project all buffed up and ready to fit
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