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  1. Hi I'd be interested in a copy of the film please. Is it on DVD? Cheers, Maxwell
  2. I have an Aeropress but no grinder yet. I can't decide whether I should get a hand grinder or an electric one.
  3. Maximus

    UK Based Roasters

    Ooh, I'm off to Porlock on holiday on Friday. I'll try to call in.
  4. Thanks, I didn't realise you just typed them. I was looking for some pre-sets to select on my profile. I get it now.
  5. Yep me too. Just browsing for a grinder.
  6. I joined yesterday,the same day I came across the site. I have recently been playing with an Aeropress and my old grinder has broken. I was searching for advice on grinders.
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