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  1. Is my pricing a little off here? Happy to take some direction if I’m shooting a bit high.
  2. A brandy glass is a good example of this
  3. At last! I'm using a MacBook and the photos are from my iPhone X. I think they're too large to upload - I've edited this one down to about 2mb and it loaded up. I'll add some more pics now.
  4. I don’t seem to be able to upload images to add to my post. Can anyone help?
  5. Hi, due to a recent purchase of a Rocket R58, my Rancilio Silvia E is available for sale. This is the 2016 model and it was purchased from Bella Barista in May 2016. It's a standard model, I've made no modifications to it. The machine is in excellent working order and in very good cosmetic condition with some marks on the metal top where cups, etc, were stored and on the drip tray, again where cups and portafilters have made contact. I live in a very hard water area but the machine has had a mix of bottled (Tesco Ashbeck) and Brita-filtered water for all its life. It was back-flushed weekly with Cafiza and descaled monthly (at the same point in the month the Brita filter got changed) with Liquid Dezcal. In addition to the machine itself, there are various accessories - mostly the standard ones: a Rancilio two-spout portafilter, a Rancilio naked portafilter, 7g and 14g baskets, and a rubber 'blind' for back-flushing. The machine will come in its original Rancilio packaging. If I arrange the courier, the price to send is £30 (I will refund any difference if the actual courier cost is less). Local pickup is also possible - I'm between Colchester and Ipswich. I'm looking for £325 for the machine and accessories. Thanks for looking.
  6. What have you seen or heard which suggests that?
  7. Hi all, as a long time owner of a Eureka Mignon, I’m interested in the new range’s Blow Up system. There’s a YouTube video of it here: I chatted with Bella Barista but they knew very little about it, including my main question to them: will the new hoppers fit on my two year old Mignon? Anyone seen this up close or, even better, used it and have an opinion on its efficacy? I’m bored of the post-grind slapping sessions
  8. I’ve fitted the felt pads suggested earlier in this thread - much easier to move the machine now Thanks all
  9. That water level meter you linked to looks like something to try and for £3.70 it doesn't matter too much if it's junk
  10. These are the feet on the latest R58 I've taken the small spacer out leaving just the actual feet attached to the machine.
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