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  1. No no you didn't. Sorry for making it go wayward. You mentioned the fracture and it just got me thinking. Apologies.
  2. When I knock the puck into the knock box, it fractures before it hits the bottom of the box.
  3. I use a bottomless portafilter. I watch as I pull the shot. Even when the shot comes together fairly quickly and appears to be pulling quite nicely, I have still had my puck fracture (not necessarily always though). Do I go by the appearance of the shot (that looks good) and say that was decent? Or do I go by the puck fracture and say that was not good?
  4. And that's a reliable indication?
  5. Sorry, what's the significance of a puck fracture, (if the shot seemed like it was pulling well/evenly)?
  6. From my point of view, with my Gaggia Classic, I assume lighter tamping will have to be compensated by finer grind then? Marginally finer? Sorry I'm just picking your brains, it's good to have more knowledge (in some cases..... 😊)
  7. With the lighter tamping, do you then have to compensate with a finer grind?
  8. Thanks for all your help guys. I think I definitely do want to try it
  9. I like to try different coffee beverages and I'm super intrigued by Turkish coffee. Before I buy the cezve, and buy/grind Turkish coffee, I'm trying to gauge if it'll be worth the effort. - Can someone give me an indication of what I can expect taste wise, when compared to an espresso, (given the same beans)? - Should I buy the Turkish coffee that seems to be most popular in Turkey (from what I have read - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mehmet-Efendi-Turkish-coffee-100g/dp/B004HPLI5U/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=turkish+coffee&qid=1558104111&s=gateway&sr=8-6) or can I pick any coffee beans? - I read the lighter/medium roasts are better than darker roasts for this, correct? - My only way of grinding coffee will be my Lido 3, should I attempt it, or is that just a silly idea?
  10. Oh my days, that looks so nice!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!
  11. After making the espresso in my Gaggia Classic, it always takes a good 2-3 times of solid knocks to get the puck out, and even then sometimes there is still some coffee remaining in the basket, the puck doesn't always come out fully and leave the basket clean. Is there something I should be concerned about?
  12. Sadly I did not experiment, too inexperienced with espresso making when I got those beans. Half the time I just used my bean to cup. But now I think I will try it again and experiment a little more, I do have some more experience now than I did then.
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