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  1. Oh hey bud! I've been there a few times but each time I ask for a roast date of whichever coffee I want, I can never get a definitive answer. The girls that work there seem to think that it's not important? Each time they've been unhelpful so I've stopped going there. I'm not saying the coffee is bad, but the service is bad.
  2. As already stated in my original post, we buy from Redber regularly, so the coffee in the Taster Packs we have already tried.
  3. Thanks for the all suggestions everyone
  4. Yeh, I suppose I could, but I don't like freezing coffee now if I can avoid it.
  5. Just checked, they do a "sample pack", more sort of a 1-2 cups per pack. Sorry, I should have clarified, I was thinking more along the lines of something like 100-125g bags? Sort of half the normal size? That way each of us are able to have at least 1 full cup each from a bag.
  6. Around Christmas time I spend 2 weeks staying at my parents, and spend a lot of time with my sister also. During this time we like to try new foods, drinks etc. One of the things we like to try new is coffee. If we buy normal sized bags, we don't get through a lot of variety (obviously it takes time to get through 250g of coffee). For this reason, we are thinking of going for a few "taster packs" so that we are able to try a whole bunch of coffee more easily. I know Redber do Taster Packs, and so do Coffee Compass - both of which we buy from regularly. Are there any other online places that offer a few different choices, but in smaller bags?
  7. Due to sensitivity to caffeine, I had to drop from a LM 18g to LM 14g basket, which seemed to help somewhat.
  8. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! Envious, I am
  9. Though that might depend on the machine the OP is planning on pairing it with? If it's a £150 DeLonghi espresso machine (or worse), with a pressurised PF, then perhaps?
  10. You know him by now, he's just released a youtube video on what he thinks of the Niche.
  11. That's helped me out also, thank you.
  12. That's true, I have been offered a free trial, it's just a matter of trying it out. One of these days I might give it a go.
  13. Yeh, I've not had my own hair for a while now... Edit: I'm not using anyone else's hair either, just for clarification purposes.
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