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  1. Ah that's what it was, thank you for replying.
  2. This must have been a fairly isolated incident that stood out in my head for some reason then.
  3. Ok, I'm obviously way out of date, some may say stale ? Apologies all.
  4. Perhaps I am thinking of some slightly older reference, where their coffee seemed to be inconsistent? My bad if that's not an issue any more.
  5. I'm due to make an order for some coffee soon, and I was planning on trying Coffee Compass . Last time I ordered from them was over a year ago and I was happy. Recently I have been reading here that some people have been having issues with their coffee? Is this still the case, or is everything "back to normal"?
  6. I keep hearing about it, but this will be my first time trying it - hope I'm not disappointed
  7. Smaller trial/sample bags for tasting during the Christmas holidays EDIT: Sorry images are not uploading, not sure what's happening.
  8. ITEM: Nikon Monarch 7 - 10x42 BinocularsCONDITION: Almost brand new, only been used for up to a couple of hours.PRICE: £350 (payment preferred by Bank Transfer). Item will be posted within a couple of days of the sale, using RMSD. I would prefer to sell it on here (or on another couple of forums I have it), but eBay will be my next stop if it doesn't sell on the forums. This is a saving of at least £70 at current prices, for binoculars that are as good as new & get regarded very highly. Almost brand new binoculars, I thought I would get on with 10x magnification, but now I realise I would probably much prefer 8x, so that's what I'm going for after these sell. Caps on both ends of the binos are present, as in new condition. PICTURES: As below. Please let me know if you would like to see something specific.
  9. LOVE IT!!! Thank you for sharing!
  10. From my understanding (based on discussions with other tech heads - and regular discussions on a guy who reviews these products on a frequent basis) is that the Huawei phones are almost a 1 trick pony. They offer zoom better than anyone else, and low light photo they excel at, but when it comes to video (and esp video in low light) they fall a fair bit below their competition. I would have though the Samsung offering would be better in this case, (unless zoom is your thing)? I have the OnePlus 7T, which is actually extremely impressive - you can find many many reviews on Youtube of reviewers comparing this to much more expensive phones - because it genuinely can compete at that level. It usually doesn't come out as a clean number 1, but really does most of the things so well that you can't really complain. When you factor in how much cheaper it is, for me it's a no brainer. Still, if you want the ultimate, then the Huawei is the wrong way to go, the iPhones this year are pretty much the king when it comes to all things photo/video related - they truly have excelled way past any competition this time round. As much as I hate Apple/iPhones, I cannot say anything negative about their cameras - mighty impressive indeed!!
  11. That does sound tasty, might grab a bag, thanks.
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