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  1. Thanks for all the reply’s, I will have a look into the eureka grinders as another option for sure. With a eureka would this be good for once I have upgraded machine or would it need replacing to suit the better machine?
  2. Hi All Currently have a Cheap Krupps expert grinder that Im using with my Gaggia Classic which I’m looking to upgrade. This was purchased as a temporary grinder when I first got my machine to get me started as I wasn’t sure how much I would used the machine. I have been looking at a few options to upgrade too and am looking for some advice. There is quite a price difference between the 3 grinders I’m looking at and I will try and explain my reasoning for this below. To give some context I use the grinder daily for 1-2 double espressos and am looking for a grinder that grinds direct to PF with stepless adjustment and a timer if possible. It would also be nice to have be able to program in settings for single and double shots. Sage Smart Grinder Pro (£150) Pros: Looks to get good reviews, has quite a lot of features at the price point. Cons: Have seen a few comments saying it might not be the best grinder for espresso due to the grind settings but not sure if this is true? Second hand Mazzer Super Jolly (£200/£250) Pros: Seem to get great reviews especially when pairing with a Gaggia Classic. Cons: Worried about issues due to being second hand, Struggling to find one on eBay for the right price, it seems prices have gone up at lot recently? Size of the unit may cause issues. Rocket Faustino Apartmento (£500) Pros: Great reviews, Size is just about right for where I want to put it in the kitchen, looks great. Cons: Price, is this grinder overkill for a Gaggia Classic? I plan on upgrading to a rocket apartmento eventually but this wouldn’t be for at least another 12 months am I better off with a cheaper grinder and then swap when I upgrade the machine. Obviously the 3 grinders above range in price so you would expect as the price goes up the grind quality does too but I’m wondering what is best for my current setup. I don’t want to spend £500 on a rocket grinder to find it is wasted on my machine but also don’t want to spend £150 on a sage and it then need upgrading in another 6-12 months. Any help would be massively appreciated.
  3. Hi thanks for the reply so an auto can be modded to run like a manual But timer cannot?
  4. Looking at second hand SJ on ebay. Can someone explain the difference between Auto, Timer or manual. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Hasi im pretty open too anything at the moment that my budget will allow. im very new to all this so wouldn’t even know the benefit of doserless or not. I would say say I’m into modding for sure but obviously don’t want to spend £250 on a grinder then a further £250 on Mods to make it good enough to use if that makes sense. cheers
  6. Hi Looking to upgrade my Krups GVX321 grinder that I’m currently using with my 1300w 2011 Gaggia Classic after advice on a different thread on here. A few suggestions have been made of Mazzer Super Jolly or Mazzer Major but am interested in what other people’s thoughts are on a grinder to suit my machine before I make a decision and start looking at what I can pick up second hand. Don’t have a huge budget would say around £250. thanks
  7. Cheers for the reply’s, Iv managed to post the same thing twice. feel free to have a look at the other thread https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?45610-Newbie-with-a-Gaggia-Classic
  8. Hi Stu, thanks for such an in-depth guide Iv certainly learnt a few things for reading your post. Will try try out a few things mentioned above and get practicing. Iv booked on a local home Barista course so hopefully that’s also going to help me. Thanks
  9. Gordan did you go for the auto or timer version of the super jolly?
  10. Thanks for explaining PID will be looking into the Mrshades kit for sure. their is a local roster that offers it but I enquired a few weeks ago and still haven’t heard back. I think there is a shop near me (bury) that offers lessons too so maybe I’ll contact them too.
  11. Thanks for the reply’s glad I’m heading in the right direction and the advice is greatly appreciated. Gordan I’m not sure what you mean about the PID mod? It’s obvious from your reply’s that my grinder is the current draw back (as well as improving my skills) the only reason I didn’t go for a more expensive grinder at the time was I had no good advice on which grinder to buy and didn’t want to just buy expensive things then not have a clue what I’m doing with it and look like an “all the gear no idea” type of guy. Looks like there here is lots of knowledgeable people on the forum so will get reading and see what the budget will allow in regards to upgrading my grinder.
  12. Thanks for the reply, it’s good to get advice from someone who has been in the same position as I am now. will have a look into the grinders you suggest and see what my budget allows. What’s your thoughts on the classics steam wand?
  13. Hi All, New to the forum so apologies if all this has been asked before. Picked myself up a second hand Gaggia Classic around 6/7 weeks ago and have been running it with a Krups GVX231 Grinder. Gave the machine a full strip down and clean, back flush using cafiza and replaced the main seal. With this setup & using fresh local roasted beans I managed to get an ok espresso most of the time with some a lot better than others but could never get consistency even using the same settings. With the standard steam wand I found I could never get the milk to texturise properly. After doing some research I did the following mods to try and help get better consistency and an all round better espresso,latte or cappuccino: Edesia Espress Bottomless PF Rancillio Silvia Steam Wand OPV Tune to 9 bar I have been using the above mods for the last few weeks but am still struggling to get any good results. I found the bottomless PF to spit so after more research started using the WDT method with a cocktail stick which seems to have made this better but not perfect. Iv heard that a Bottomless PF will highlight any issues with technique which was part of the reason I upgrade to help improve my technique but find im struggling to get a good flow through the PF with caramel like coffee and a good Crema. I’m using the finest setting on my grinder but still seem to be a lot worse than the standard pressurised PF. After giving you the background info I guess my questions are: Would I be better going back to my pressurised PF or sticking it out with the bottomless. If so any tips for improvements using the bottomless PF? I’m guessing it is my skills that are letting me down? Could a better grinder help? With the new steam wand I have a lot more control over texturising the milk but and struggling to get the milk to properly texturise before it get very hot so am worried about burning the milk. Any tips would be great? Was the OVP Tune a mistake with the Bottomless PF? I’m guessing it just takes time to learn but am keen for any advice people can give. Thanks Paul
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